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Collisions of worlds, or simply collisions, is a recurring phenomenon where worlds of different gates overlap in space and/or time.

Formation and termination

Collisions can occur around Transients bound to places. Transients are bound when the place directly binds their soul, preventing them from leaving, or when they have some other strong attachment to the place. If the bound Transient leaves the collided area, the place should also return to normal. This includes when the Transient is desummoned.

Collisions are likelier to occur when the worlds have similar features, names, or legends.

Geography and time

Collisions take the traits of both the foreign and host place: specific features of the foreign place are imposed on a geography overall more akin to the host place. The collision has its own boundaries, although the boundaries from the inside of the collision may be distorted from the external boundaries in the host world enclosing the collision. Thus, leaving the collision by direct traveling is possible.

When leaving a collided area, typically little-to-no time will have passed in the host world, regardless of how much time passes in the collision.


The events where one world collides with another (usually Tokyo) include the following:


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