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Gehenna is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It's based on demonic figures in the Abrahamic scriptures, as well as demons in related occult texts.

The World Representative of Gehenna is Mephistopheles.

The exiled soul of Gehenna is currently unknown.


Gehenna is a world with persistent System based upon majority rule. Some of its inhabitants have rankings, although it doesn't directly represent the capability of the individuals. The residents of Gehenna consist of natives and refugees who were chased out from their original world. It has an open Gate connected to Eden.


Transients of Gehenna

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【His companions

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  • The transients from this world are from various mythologies and legends that usually come from the underworld or its parallel in other cultures.
    • Mephistopheles is a demon from a German legend based on Johann Georg Faust.
    • There are two transients that hail from the Grand Grimoire, a book containing instructions to summon and make a deal with the devil.
    • Most of the transients in Gehenna are demons in the Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous grimoire on demonology.
      • Bael is a king of hell ranked 1st, though in-game he is the remnants of the Canaan god Baal after their world was destroyed.
      • Sitri is a prince of hell ranked 12th.
      • Bathym is a duke of hell ranked 18th.
      • Astaroth, though also in the Grand Grimoire, is a duke of hell ranked 29th in the Lesser Key of Solomon; has connections to the Canaan goddess Astarte from a now-forgotten world.
      • Marchosias is a marquis of hell ranked 35th, was an angel before he fell alongside the other angels that rebelled with Lucifer.
      • Ose is a president of hell ranked 57th.
    • Ziz and Behemoth (along with Leviathan) are creatures from Abrahamic religions noted to be gigantic primordial beasts of the sky, land, and sea, respectively.
    • Zabaniyya are Islamic angels of hell that torment sinners and are noted to be guardians of hell.
    • The Legion that attaches themselves to Gunzo doesn't seem to be from a specific source but rather just communal spirits that like to attach themselves to hosts.

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