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Olympus is one of the worlds participating in The Game. It is based on Greek mythology and named after Mount Olympus.

Its World Representative of Olympus is Zeus. However, as Zeus cannot be summoned to Tokyo due to sharing his Role and Rule with Perun, Shinya has been chosen as the Reserve Representative.

Its exile was Eurynome.



Olympus is very reminiscent of ancient Greece, complete with marble temples.


The System of Olympus places the utmost importance on one's bond, or lack thereof, with beings of high rank. These bonds were fast, described to be similar to bolts of lightning. To create these bonds, love has become a commodity within the world. Many desire to bond with those of a higher rank simply because of their lineage at the cost of respect for the individual themselves. The bonds people make care nothing about true love or how they feel about the person, but simply about where they came from and how high they rank. In other words, Olympian love is an impulsive search for pleasure, born on a lightning wave of passion. Someone being snatched away for their beauty is a common occurrence.[1]6 13

Hera, partner to the one who held the highest rank, was not a fan of this system. She would regularly curse those who sought to bond with Zeus.[1]6 13

At the very top of the world's hierarchy are the 12 Olympians, with Zeus at the top of them all. As such, everyone holds some sort of bond of fate towards him. However, this vast web of connections can lead to inconsistencies and contradictions and other complications that might tarnish the image of the highest ranks. To deal with these undesirables, Hermes is tasked to handle the dirty work that comes from his fellow Olympians. Whether it means being a negotiator, messenger, scammer, thief, or even murderer, he works to bring prosperity to the Cronos bloodline.[2]9B

Representative and Exile

The World Representative of Olympus is Zeus, one of the 12 Olympians and the highest ranking person in the world. he is foreordained to be the one who establishes bonds of love with all of creation in Olympus. Anyone and everyone with power and influence is made to become Zeus's companion, his descendant, his relative, that of which the number of these unwitting offspring continues to rise. However, because Perun and the Protagonist, both of whom resemble Zeus, exist in Tokyo, he is unable to enter. Thus, Shinya acts as his proxy Reserve Representative, though Perun notes that Cronos' lineage can act as Olympus' Representative.[3]8 24[4]10

The exile of Olympus is Eurynome who has the power to rend bloodlines.


Transients of Olympus


【Reserve Representative】
【His familiar Cupid】


  • The transients of Olympus are derived from various figures in Greek/Roman Mythology:
    • Arachne is based on the maiden of the same name who challenged the goddess of craft Athena to prove her superiority in art of weaving and was transformed into a spider after Athena's destruction of her tapestry depicting various adulteries of the Gods prompted her to commit suicide.
    • Asterius is based on the bull-headed monster more famously known as Minotaur who was trapped in a maze and forced to feed on humans due to his hybrid status. Asterius would eventually be killed by the hero Theseus.
    • Typhon is based on a sea monster who sired many deadly beasts, including Nemean Lion.
      • Oz's partner Zo is based on said lion. Oz himself may be a reference to another mythical beast, Lion of Cithaeron.
    • Echo is based on a nymph who was cursed by the queen of gods Hera to only be able to repeat the words of others as a punishment for lying to her.
    • Heracles is based on the demigod son of Zeus who had to carry out 12 labors as a penance for killing his wife and children in a fit of madness.
    • Pollux is based on the demigod son of Zeus who was a talented boxer and was born as an immortal unlike his twin brother who had a different father.
    • Ophion is based on the Titan who, along with his creator Eurynome, gave birth to the universe from an egg.
    • Triton is based on the god of sea who ruled over the depths of the ocean.
    • Hephaestus is based on the god of blacksmiths, sculpture and volcanoes. Talos is based on a giant automaton created by him.
    • Hecate is based on the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads.
    • Hermes is based on the god of messengers, thieves and travelers who acted as the herald of gods.
    • Prometheus is based on the Titan who stole the fire from the gods for humans.
    • Hippolytus is based on a hunter who was punished by gods for being repulsed by sex and marriage.
    • Unknown icon.pngCupid or Eros is based on the God of Love of the same name and son of Aphrodite/Venus and Ares/Mars. Cupid would later went on to fall in love a human princess Psyche, who was later elevated to become a god herself after she had overcome various obstacles from his mother.
  • Originally, Olympus was named Elysium, determined via datamining. Why this was changed is currently unknown.

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imagine the reactions of Heracles and Echo if they would really meet Hera again in the game
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If Zeus can’t be the world representative because of Perun then maybe it’ll be Hera. It says they’re from the bloodline of Cronus and she’s his daughter. Plus she’s queen of the gods so she should have the power to back it up. Honestly I hoped it’d be Heracles to see more of him in the story but oh well.
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