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Olympus is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It is based on Greek mythology and named after Mount Olympus.

The World Representative of Olympus is Zeus. However, as Zeus cannot be summoned to Tokyo due to sharing his Role and Rule with Perun, Shinya has been chosen as the Substitute Representative for the world of Olympus and received Zeus' Rule, which flows into his body.

The exiled soul of Olympus was Eurynome.


The System of Olympus is predicated upon the idea of perfect hierarchy where the ones at the top, the Twelve Olympians descended from Cronus' bloodline, are infallible and their very existence was held as supreme and the top of the rank of the System. To that end, Hermes has been assigned to find and resolve any issues that may contradict this notion.

Zeus currently stands at the top of the hierarchy, presiding over the Twelve. The Twelve decide what is right and how transgressions are to be punished, and those of a lower rank cannot resist the demands of those higher than them. The System places great importance on forming bonds with those of a higher rank through such methods as being a child of a higher-ranked being or through love, although said bonds tend to be very superficial as many do not care about the person themselves but rather their rank and the blood they have within them.

Faith in the Supreme is the mechanism that perpetuates the System. All faith must be directed to the Supreme at the top of the hierarchy by forging bonds, which has lead to the assimilation of different cultures from across many defeated worlds into the System of Olympus. As such, Zeus is destined to forge bonds of love with all things, in ever-increasing numbers.


Transients of Olympus


【Substitute Representative】
【His familiar Cupid】


  • The transients of Olympus are derived from various figures in Greek/Roman Mythology:
    • Arachne is based on the maiden of the same name who challenged Athena to prove her superiority in art of weaving and was transformed into a spider after Athena's destruction of her tapestry depicting various adulteries of the Gods prompted her to commit suicide.
    • Unknown icon.pngCupid or Eros is based on the God of Love of the same name and son of Aphrodite/Venus and Ares/Mars. Cupid would later went on to fall in love a human princess Psyche, who was later elevated to become a god herself after she had overcome various obstacles from his mother.
  • Originally, Olympus was named Elysium, determined via datamining. Why this was changed is currently unknown.

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imagine the reactions of Heracles and Echo if they would really meet Hera again in the game
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If Zeus can’t be the world representative because of Perun then maybe it’ll be Hera. It says they’re from the bloodline of Cronus and she’s his daughter. Plus she’s queen of the gods so she should have the power to back it up. Honestly I hoped it’d be Heracles to see more of him in the story but oh well.
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