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A guild of outlaws and outcasts alike, all coexisting within the privacy of the red light district. Its members include vampires, nocturnal ogres and demons, and other assorted Transients of less reputable origin.
—Affiliation Description

The Outlaws, known in full as the Kabukicho Outlaws, is a guild located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku Ward.

Their Guild Master is Ellie with Tsukuyomi taking the role of acting Guild Master if Ellie is unavailable at the moment.[1]8


The Outlaws practice a policy of isolationism, avoiding involvement with other guilds and the Game while punishing anyone who intrudes on their territory uninvited. While they may act very territorial, they are also very accepting of anyone who seeks asylum after being outcast from wherever they had come from, no matter what their past or history might have been. As long as they follow the ways of the Outlaws, they will be accepted into the guild.

Their isolationist policies originate from the guild already possessing knowledge of loops and that the Game was rigged against them from the start.[2]27 The Outlaws likely found out about the loops from Tsukuyomi, who possesses a world pillar of his own—Onbashira, the Trickling Pillar. Participation in the Game is further complicated when their own Guild master, Ellie, is never able to help them defend their own territory because her full strength only comes out during nighttime, long after the period of when App battles over Portals take place.[3]

The Outlaws run host clubs in the Kabukicho area. One club they run is called Night Emperor.[1]8

Their guild icon shows a star-spangled wine glass silhouetted in front of a waning crescent moon.

Known Members

【アウトローズ】 Outlaws

【Guild Master】


  • Due to Kengo's past with Tetsuya, he avoids entering the Kabukicho area.

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The guild with the most dads in it.
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The main 10 has confirmed Suzuka as Guild Master
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