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A guild of artisans and engineers. Has its own independently managed workshop, and its members tend to be in great physical shape, operating under the motto that healthy technology comes from a healthy body.
—Affiliation Description

The Crafters, known in full as the Kamata Crafters, is a guild located in Kamata, Ota Ward.

Their Guild Master is Kurogane.


The Crafters are a group of inventors and engineers with a deep understanding about the nature of Sacred Artifacts. They specialize in the upgrade, modification, and repair of artifacts, opening their services to any group as long as they pay. If anybody has any trouble with their Artifacts, they're the guild to go to.[1]9 They're able to modify a Sacred Artifact into a completely new form,[1]9 enlarge one's Artifact if it exceeding its capacity for memories,[1]17 and implied to be the guild that installed the limiter on Zhurong's Camera to prevent its powers from going out of control again.[2]10

They also do general engineering commissions, such as inventing the Portable Easy-Fold Deluxe Hot Tub 2.0—a fully functioning hot tub that is able to fold down into the shape of a large backpack with a press of a button.[3]8

Because of the valuable services they provide, the Crafters maintain a neutral standing in the App war. If they were to be attacked, they would no longer be able to work on Sacred Artifacts, inconveniencing all guilds, including the intruders themselves. Musashi warns them however that when a war gets bad, neutral territories are the first targets.[1]9

All members of the guild have modified their Sacred Artifacts into some sort of prosthetic, whether it be an arm, an eye, or both legs.[1]9

The Crafters operate from a workshop attatched to Kamata Technical Academy.

Their guild icon is a hand firmly grasping the handle of a mallet in front of a gear.

Known Members

【クラフターズ】 Crafters

【Guild Master】



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