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Utopia is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It's based on modern fictions.

The World Representative of Utopia is unknown.

The exiled soul of Utopia is unknown.


Utopia is described by Algernon as a world where everything is accelerating. Computer networks have expanded so much that you can send info anywhere in the world in an instant. Things can be freely exchanged there, including energy, gravity waves, even genetic resources. Gold and silver can be easily produced, whereas things like beauty and even life spans can be manipulated. The societal system in Utopia revolves around efficiency in decision-making and action-taking.

Otohime describes the world of Utopia as "a paradise that exists nowhere", and where ideals and reality become the opposite.


Transients of Utopia



  • Originally, Utopia was named Atlantis, determined via datamining. Why this was changed is currently unknown.
  • Many of the transients of Utopia are all based on characters of science fiction.

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Anonymous user
No. 15259
11 months ago
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Wasn't Utopia's WR revealed to be something named Mother? She's probably a giant supercomputer like the one in I have no mouth and i must scream
Anonymous user
No. 14643
14 months ago
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I'm sure if LW will crossovers Live a Hero and Housamo Akashi Ryekie or Barrel will be 5* unit
Anonymous user
No. 14194
15 months ago
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Hopefully... I would love it if some of the Live-A-Hero characters got accidentally lost in space and ended up being summoned to Tokyo hahaha
Anonymous user
No. 13963
16 months ago
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Does this mean Housamo can do Crossovers through this world
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