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Babilim is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It is based on Babylonian and Mesopotamian mythology and is named after the Hebrew name of the city of Babylon.

The World Representative of Babilim is Marduk.

The exiled soul of Babilim is Tiamat.


According to Marduk, the world of Babilim was formed from the remain of the dragoness Tiamat, a culmination of many dragons representing the force of destruction and chaos and was also his ancestor, following her defeat at his hands. Marduk used Tiamat's body to create heavens, earth, and all manner of things, including his aide Mushussu, and used the flesh and blood of Tiamat's child Kingu to create what would later become humanity of the world.

The world of Babilim also once had a structure called "Hanging Gardens of Babylon", a mystical paradise among the clouds that became the basis for many other worlds' hierarchical concept of heavens that exist above earth. However, the Gardens vanished without a trace one day, with nothing being recorded regarding its disappearance.


Transients of Babilim



  • The world was discovered in the game's files with the name "Enuma Elish" which is the name of the Babylonian creation myth (Enūma Eliš).
  • Shuichi's Sacred Artifact is a stone tablet from the Library of Ashurbanipal, an ancient library where texts of the Enūma Eliš and the Epic of Gilgamesh were discovered, and who's original owner might have hailed from this world.
  • The transients of Babilim are derived from various figures in Mesopotamian mythology:
    • Marduk is based on the patron deity of Babylon.
      • His companion Mushussu is based on Marduk's sacred animal.
    • Pazuzu is based on the Mesopotamian god of the southwestern wind.
    • Shamash is the Akkadian name of the Mesopotamian god of sun.
    • Tiamat is based on the primordial creatrix goddess of seas in Babylonian creation myth.

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Anonymous user: 926cd353
No. 16286
13 months ago
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Nah bish, it's Tiamat
Anonymous user: c87403e3
No. 15583
17 months ago
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I bet the exile will be Enkidu
Anonymous user: b073720d
No. 14085
22 months ago
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>>14033 That's actually very interesting. Although, "Calf of the Sun" isn't a nickname totally made up by LW, it's actually based on the translation of the origin of his name "amar-utu" (Bull Calf of the Sun God Utu). He's associated with the Sun God in some way. That's why he's strongest during the day and is afraid of the dark.
Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 14033
22 months ago
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If my theory is correct, Marduk and The Bull of Heaven is somehow a single being in this game considering his appearance and his nickname being the " Calf of the Sun".
Anonymous user: b073d2b8
No. 13889
23 months ago
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I hope we get a Babilim event, there are so many potential characters that can be added. Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Inanna, Dumuzi, Ereshkigal, Nergal, Bull of Heaven, Anu etc.
Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 13663
23 months ago
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If by chance or some twist of faith within the game, Is there a possibility that either Gilgamesh or Enkidu be the other representative and/or other exile of this world?

Introducing a 24th representative or perhaps another substitute/extra representative would be both exciting and somewhat predictable. I mean if the exiles from Eden and Gehenna are one and/or connected, the possibility of having two or more exiles and representatives from the same world wouldn't be impossible. Another thing is that I think the position of being a powerful being in a world can be shared between two or more individuals. Like in Olympus for example, Shinya might be the substitute representative but Hera, being the queen of gods is also suitable for the position. Yet in the end, these are just my ideas hoping to become a reality.
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