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Hourai, also known as Penglai is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It's based on Chinese legends, folktales, and literature and is named after the fantasy land where Mount Penglai resides.

The World Representative of Hourai is Fuxi.

The exiled soul of Hourai was Nuwa.


The world of Hourai was once drowned in a great flood, with only a pair of sibling gods Fuxi and Nuwa had survived. Through the two's effort, the world was rebuilt, with Nuwa molding life into shape, mending the skies that was once broken by an Aurora, and saving many lives by her wisdom.

While the residents of the world enjoyed peace and prosperity for a time following Nuwa's exile, wars and famine eventually broke out, turning the world into an endless battlefield with everyone slowly dying out, despite Shennong's effort to find a way to save everyone through medicines and agriculture.


Transients of Hourai


【Traveled to
Land of Wa】


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Anonymous user: c84073ea
No. 13784
23 months ago
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Snow is from Hourai and Deva Loka?????
No. 13453
24 months ago
Score 0++

>>13452 Would be nice if LW can maintain some sort of consistency. Like Gyuumaou (Gyumao) would be Niu Mowang, Tetsugyuu would be Tie Niu (why the heck did LW "translate" his name into half-Japanese, half-English?)

Also Ri Chou would be Li Zheng, but then again, Licho seems like a Chinese-Japanese hybrid name.
Anonymous user: 2b4792f1
No. 13452
24 months ago
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This is not normal and should stop.
No. 13441
24 months ago
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>>13436 >>13436 First of all, one loving smooch for your pfp.

Hourai is Japanese pronounciation, Peng Lai is Chinese.

Just like how Gouryou, Shinnou, Nata and Shukuyuu in Japanese are Gang Lie, Shen Nong, Ne Zha and Zhu Rong in Chinese.

Lastly, another kiss for you, you cutie lewd boar.
No. 13440
24 months ago
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First of all, one loving smooch for your pfp.
Anonymous user: 420ebe6e
No. 13436
24 months ago
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It's called Hourai and yet in the game it's called Penglai, I'm confused
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