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Land of Wa or Wa no Kuni is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It's based on Japanese legends, folktales, history and literature. It is named after the ancient name of Japan.

The World Representative of Land of Wa is Yoritomo.

The exiled soul of Land of Wa was Yoshitsune.


The Land of Wa is populated by people of various races such as humans, beastmen , and oni . In this world, non-human beings are feared by the majority of humans. Festering prejudice has lead to countless skirmishes and wars between the two factions. Love and marriage between different races is met with disdain, and any children born from such a union are despised.

Eventually, Toji's ancestors, born of human and oni, fled through the Land of Wa's Gate to the world of Tokyo. Therein, they reached an agreement with the locals: in exchange for staying in Tokyo, they were to dispose of any oni and other non-human beings that had followed them there.


Transients of Land of Wa

【Originated from
Deva Loka】

【Possessed by Ōkuninushi】

【Originated from

【Originated from

【His familiar

【His familiar

【His companions
Zenki and Goki】






  • The transients of Land of Wa are derived from various Japanese historic figures, deities, and characters from folktales and novels:
    • Benten, Ebisu, Hotei, and Daikoku are members of Seven Lucky Gods. Benten also name drops two more members: Bishamon(ten) and Fukurokuju, during Treasure Hunting event. Ebisu recalls the experience of all they seven gods, including Bishamon, Fukurokuju and Jurojin, during Halloween Police Corps event.
    • Moritaka, Tadatomo, Yasuyori, Tanetomo, Masanori, Yoshito, Nobumichi and are Masashi members of the Hakkenshi (Eight Canine Warriors), which feature prominently in the epic novel Nansō Satomi Hakkenden. Shino is their spiritual father whose soul was shattered into eight virtues to be separately embodied by each Hakkenshi.
    • Zao and Akiha Gongen are gongen, the protectors or essences of a particular place in Japan, most commonly a mountain. They are fierce figures, martially attired, and are called upon in times of war and trouble.
    • Yoshitsune, Yoritomo, Oniwaka (Benkei), Musashi, and Yukimura are based on historical figures of the same name.
    • Suzuka and Takemaru are figures from Japanese folklore of Suzuka Gozen and Sakanoue Takamuramaro.
    • Hakumen is based on Tamamo no Mae, the legendary kitsune consort of Emperor Toba. Tamamo no Mae is also associated with other two figures: Daji/Dakki of China and Lady Kayo of India, the latter appears in the game as Hakumen's shadow.

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Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 15567
16 months ago
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>>11713 This is just a personal theory and concept... so no hard proof whatsoever...

IF we incorporate the game idea itself, tokyoites (people in Tokyo of the game) might have the most belief in their own faith (obviously the Land of Wa) hence the more number of transients from that realm.

  • sorry for my bad grammar :)
Anonymous user: f29fa73b
No. 13554
22 months ago
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how is masakado not a transient like he's literally perfect to be made into one
Anonymous user: 926c1a36
No. 12560
25 months ago
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Heliopolis is practically non existent
Anonymous user: 4f35916a
No. 12156
28 months ago
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>>11713 Gotta prioritize glorious nippon culture I guess. Many other japanese games centered around world mythologies tend to have a little bias toward their own mythology, likely because that's what they're the most familiar with.

Nothing special though; if LW were Western European, you could bet that they would prioritize Greek/Roman and Christian myths.
Anonymous user: 6b8af52b
No. 11713
30 months ago
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Wow there's so many transients from Land of Wa when we compare the other worlds
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