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Exiles are those who have been banished, or exiled, from their world by either their own hand or by the World Representative to ensure the continued existence of the world.


Exiles typically represent the minority belief that exists within a world, directly opposing the majority belief. To protect the world, the World Representative would banish them, exiling them permanently to ensure that the world continues to run unopposed. These exiles were given the Role of Wanderer, someone who is not tied to a specific place. While most were banished from their respective worlds by someone associated with or by the Representative, in some cases the exile happened by themselves willingly, as was the case with El Dorado's Quetzalcoatl.

The story often describes the souls as resembling dragons and that of a lizard that had severed its own tail, the self-defense mechanism known as autotomy where a lizard amputates part of its own tail in order to flee from a predator, though the Exile themselves do not necessary have to physically be a dragon or draconic in nature, as stated in Jamurkha's case where he is the sole human in the World of Xanadu.

Connection to the Protagonist

The souls of the exiles were coalesced by unknown means into the Protagonist. Though not readily apparent, those people such as Taurus Mask who have special abilities to sense more are able to vaguely feel that there are multiple souls in the Protagonist. In general, while many Transients may recognize the familiar soul within them, most characters are able to distinguish the differences between the exile and the Protagonist. The Representatives, on the other hand, heavily struggle to differentiate the two. Former World Representatives such as Okuninushi however, are capable of seeing the Protagonist as themselves and not the Exile they're connected to.

All of the exile's Rules have been placed into the Protagonist's Boundless Tail Sacred Artifact, giving them access to one Rule at a time.[1]17 After Chapter 9, they are able to summon Lil' Salomon into battle as a second sword and wield a second of the exiles' Rules, even creating an Exception within themselves by clashing the right Rules together known as their Double Dragon technique.

List of Exiles


Takamahara Exile

Exile: Susanoo
Rule: To cut authority

  • A god in Japanese mythology, Susanoo-no-Mikoto is associated with the seas and storms. He is the brother of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi.
  • Amaterasu often describes the protagonist as her brother and, in a way, Tsukuyomi too but he sees that the Protagonist isn't his brother, rather they merely house his soul.
  • Tadikarao identified Susanoo inside the Protagonist via scent and describes him as being a delinquent that terrorized their village so much that their elder sister could no longer leave the house. Also, in the Summer River Adventure Quest, he called the Protagonist "that shameless brother" as the one who caused Amaterasu to hide inside the cave.
    • This mirrors the Japanese tale where Susanoo, in a fit of rage after being defeated, caused Amaterasu to flee the heavens and hid inside a cave refusing to get out, plunging the world into darkness and chaos. Tajikarao was one of the gods to get her out, where his job was to open up the cave Amaterasu hid in.
  • In the Paradise Hot Spring Village of Hell event, Ōkuninushi instantly recognized the Protagonist as Susanoo.
  • Susanoo was described to have disappeared into the ends of the far-off plateau.

Land of Wa

Land of Wa Exile

Exile: Yoshitsune
Rule: To cut distance

  • A legendary figure in Japanese history, Minamoto no Yoshitsune was a military commander of the Minamoto clan of Japan in the late Heian and early Kamakura periods.
  • Multiple characters in-game have noticed Yoshitsune inside protagonist but the more prominent is Oniwaka, also called Benkei, a loyal and strong retainer of Yoshitsune.
    • Shino mentions that the Protagonist's ability to cut through distance was similar to his beloved, which is Fusehime from the Japanese epic novel Nansō Satomi Hakkenden, but closer to the "source". This is due to speculation that Fusehime may have descended from Yoshitsune's bloodline. This is also why most of the Hakkenshi feel a strong sense of duty towards the Protagonist as it is in their blood to carry out the job their family was tasked with.

Kamui Kotan

Kamui Kotan Exile

Exile: Aynurakkur
Rule: To cut stasis

  • A legendary culture hero in Ainu mythology, Aynurakkur (meaning "Father of the Ainu") is attributed to teaching the Ainu people how to hunt, fish, gather, and many more domestic skills. Described as a man wreathed in smoke and covered in flames, the hero was a virtuous character that would fight for the sake of humanity. He would eventually leave the people after being disappointed in the decline of the Ainu.
    • He was also attributed as a Kamuy (spirit or god) named Oyna-Kamui meaning God of Oina (Oina meaning "ancient" in Ainu language).
    • Another name the hero had was Okikurumi which was likely the Ainu name of the Japanese hero Minamoto no Yoshitsune who fled from Japan to Hokkaido to avoid his brother's sword. There, along with his retainer Benkei, would teach the Ainu people how to hunt, fish, and other useful skills. Yoshitsune would then be called Okikurumi.
  • Being bestowed a sacred sword on him from the god of parenting, Aynurakkur would call upon his father's thunder through the sword, annihilating the evil deities in the realm of darkness. However, getting disappointed with the corruption among the people of Kamui Kotan, aged Aynurakkur eventually disappears from there, leaving the people in regret.
  • There are number of stories that speak about the origin of Aynurakkur. He is said to be the son of, variously, the elm tree, thunder, the sun, or Pakor-kamuy, the god of plague.
    • Korpokkur calls the Protagonist as a child of the dragon, to which he explains that those were attributed to thunder in his world of Kamuy Kotan. A thunder god in Ainu mythology, Kanna Kamui was also depicted as a dragon and together with the spirit of an elm tree, bore Oyna-kamui.
  • Outside of Korpokkur, Kimun Kamui tells the Protagonist how they smell similar to a hero from his world that had set off on a journey with a sacred sword in hand along with a helmet and armor. Kimun Kamui says that his pelt if made into armor, would be kept as a precious and noble item, and asks again if the Protagonist knew nothing of what he was talking about but still suggest they might have been a famous hero.
  • Horkeu Kamui, a trainer for heroes in his world, was adamant about the Protagonist being the one that would wield a sacred sword that would cut Kamuy Kotan's stagnation held only by the heroes of his world.


Penglai Exile

Exile: Nuwa
Rule: To cut the heavens/skies

  • A mother goddess in Chinese mythology, Nüwa is credited to have created humanity with her brother Fuxi, as well as repairing the Pillar of Heaven.
  • Fuxi senses in the Protagonist the spirit of Nüwa. He calls the Protagonist both his sister and wife.
  • Hakumen notes that she came from Hourai to Wa no Kuni possibly as the Thousand-Year Vixen whom later became Daji whom was one of the subordinates Nuwa summoned to wreak havoc in the Shang Dynasty and eventually it's fall.
    • Hakumen oftentimes calls the Protagonist as her "lord" and revealed in Chapter 10 that it was Nuwa, who she describes as a wicked woman who bent the world to her will which Hakumen loved and respected.
  • Shennong carries with him a Sacred Artifact that previously belonged to Nuwa, and in Chapter 10, he describes the light coming from the Protagonist's sword as belonging to the hero who disappeared from Hourai, the Great Mother Nuwa.


Midearth Exile

Exile: Ahriman
Rule: To cut reality/fiction(?)

  • The embodiment of chaos and destruction in Zoroastrianism , Ahriman was an evil god who opposed Ahura Mazda by deceiving humans and trying to turn them away from good with the help of his army. He's said to be destined to be defeated by Ahura Mazda.
  • Ahriman is said to be something that "has never been amd will never be," which cannot stand against the ultimate reality of Ahura Mazda.


Devaloka Exile

Exile: Kamadeva/Varuna
Rule: To cut reincarnation

  • A combination the Vedic deity Varuna: a god of the skies later including the seas and also a god of moral law, one who punishes those who sin without remorse, and who forgives those who err with remorse. As a god of the oceans, they are often depicted riding a crocodile called Makara; and Kamadeva, Hindu God of Love and Desire.
    • Makara mentions in the Golden Treasure Ship event that the protagonist reminds him of his former master Varuna, but they possess different Rule and Role, and that he feels that the protagonist disappeared into the sky instead of the ocean's depth. In mythology, Makara is sometime depicted to be the mount of both Varuna and Kamadeva.
    • In the event Fortune Festival's Happy Illusion epilogue, Tvastar notes that Varuna was the first naga (dragon) that wielded the powers of the primordial waters. They were the ones to rule over Deva Loka, gave everyone blessings and faith but eventually gave up their passion and disappeared from their world.
    • Varuna gave away all of his authority all of his authority except Love and Desire and became known as Kamadeva.
    • In the mythology, Kamadeva was burnt to ash by Shiva after he was requested by Parvati to shoot arrow of love at him for him to notice her, and only live in disembodied form called Ananga, spreading his love throughout the universe. Some mythologies also had Kamadeva eventually reincarnated Pradyumna, son of Vishnu's avatar Krishna and his wife Rukmini. In game, Parvati mentions during the Gendarme event that she and Shiva did not married out of love, but for the sake of the people. Taromaiti also reveals in Valentine Panic event that Kalki and the residents from the World of Devaloka had long forgotten the concept of love due to it being deemed "unnecessary".
    • Aizen has unnatural amount of animosity toward the protagonist and calls them "Romantic Singularity".

Nirai Kanai

Nirai Kanai Exile

Exile: Kinmamon
Rule: -

  • An unnamed priestess based on Goddess of Pyahzu, a figure from the tale of "the Sun God's Bride" from Irabu Island, Okinawa, and Kinmamon, the Goddess of the Sea.
    • Teda's profile mentions about his power to bestow a child through his light. In the story, the Sun God fell in love with the girl at first sight and bestowed her a child. Though the girl was chased away from her house by her eldest brother for being pregnant out of wedlock without even knowing who's the father, her second eldest brother supported her and built a house for her and her unborn child to live in. After the child was born, gifts were bestowed to the mother and son for a year until the child's first birthday, which a beautiful horse was sent instead. The horse took the child to the heaven to meet the Sun God for a year, before the child was returned to the mother. By this time, the second eldest brother who supported her had passed away, leaving the mother with grief as she had no other family member left, so she rode the horse with her son to the heaven to meet the Sun God, who revealed to her that he's the father of her child. The Sun God then granted the Irabu Island to the mother and son, who became the patron gods that protected the island.

Oceanic Realm

Oceanic Realm Exile

Exile: Rainbow Snake
Rule: -

  • Possibly Kāne, God of Creation, Life, Dawn, Sun, and Sky.
    • Tangaroa Infinity, who has elements of Sea God Kanaloa, is shown to hate civilization and prosperity and desires to defile, destroy, and sink them to the bottom of the sea. In mythology, Kanaloa is sometimes portrayed as god of death and underworld in opposed Kāne who rules over life, as he's incapable of breathing life into a status like him, and instead claimed to Kāne that once the time of the man created by him is up the man will die and he will belong to him. Other legends however, portrayed Kanaloa as Kāne's counterpart and close friend with each of them has power that complements other and keeps nature in balance.


Xanadu Exile

Exile: Jamukha
Rule: -

  • A Mongolian political and military leader, Jamukha was a childhood friend (anda), blood brother, and chief rival to Temujin (later named Genghis Khan). Jamukha was elected Gur Khan, universal ruler, by the remaining tribes, the assumption of this title was the final breach between Temujin and Jamukha, leading Temujin to form a coalition of tribes to oppose him. This eventually led to Jamukha's death due to his followers betraying him and refusing to join Temujin in his group as there could only be one Mongol lord and asking to die a noble death without blood being spilled.
  • Temujin sees his blood brother in the Protagonist and asserts that he will not let him get away again, that the Protagonist either join his ordu or choose death.

Shangri La

Shangri La Exile

Exile: Asura
Rule: -

  • A race of demons who reside in the desire realm according to Buddhism.
  • During the battle against Shiva-Makahala, it is heavily implied that Asura's extra hands were able to provide the back-up necessary to block Shiva-Makahala's Trinity attack.
  • The Smoky God calls the Protagonist his friend, the exiled Asura. He refused to fight the Protagonist but instead, wishes him to be freed from the countless loops of the game.


Yggdrasil Exile

Exile: Freyr
Rule: to cut branch

  • A ruler of peace and prosperity, rain, sunshine, virility, harvest, and battle in Norse mythology, Freyr was a Vanir that ruled over the world of Alfheim, the land of Elves. He rides a golden boar made by dwarves named Gullinbursti. He is eventually defeated and killed by the fire jötunn Surtr during Ragnarök due to the lack of his sword during the ensuing battle.
  • Surtr exclaims that the Protagonist has Freyr's soul and that no matter what happens, they could not defeat Surtr due to their original battle having Surtr as the victor and the Protagonist was still without his sword.
  • Gullinbursti feels the soul inside the Protagonist as Freyr in the 2019 New Year event and explains that he was modeled after his owner. He is also carrying Freyr's sword which held the Rule to cut through defeat.
  • Due to the nature of a tree, the world of Yggdrasil perpetually forks into parallel subworlds, ensuring some of the ends' survival at the cost of other ends' annihilation. Freyr's sword was capable of deliberately choosing(選定:sentei, choice) and cutting away(剪定:sentei, pruning) the losing end, resulting in guaranteed victories. In Tokyo, the sword assumingly does not function properly even in the hands of rightful wielder(as it did not in the loop of The Wild Hunt) , as diverse possibility is based on rolling back rather than forking, and no victory can be possibly chosen between guaranteed diverse defeats.


Kitezh Exile

Exile: Veles
Rule: To cut death and songs

  • A god of the underworld, earth, waters, and cattle in Slavic mythology, Veles (also called Volos) was the opponent of the supreme thunder god Perun. The two were in constant battle due to some accounts stating that Veles stole Perun's cattle or his wife away from him. Perun would punish Veles with death, though this was not permanent and Veles would again return. Due to this, Veles was often considered as a shepherd for souls to the underworld.
  • Veles is often described as a serpent or a dragon. Veles is also known as Volos which is the Russian or Ukrainian word for "hair" and as such, Veles was also described as having the appearance of a bear or a wolf.
    • Veles and Volos are sometimes separated into two different deities, Veles retaining the god of the underworld and death aspect while Volos became a god of pasturelands, cattle, and harvest.
  • Volos notes that the Protagonist is similar to his old friend in Kitezh who was always nice to him.
  • Perun declares that the soul of Veles resides inside the Protagonist.
  • Chernobog greets Volos as the Eastern Devil Veles but was corrected to Good Harvest Volos; he also notes about the promise Perun and Veles made when an attack by Alberich was split into two before disappearing as they were attacked.

Tír na nÓg

Tír na nÓg Exile

Exile: Lugh
Rule: To cut gap

  • The exile from this world is Lugh, God of Sun and Light, and Balor's grandson. Lugh was fated to be killed by his grandfather but was incidentally thrown into the ocean, where in some accounts a Leanan Sidhe familiar of his father saved him. He was then raised by Manannán. He joins the Tuatha Dé Danann and after many battles, he eventually slays Balor using a sling-stone that pierces through his eye.
    • Balor describes Tír na nÓg as a realm that the old perish at the hand of the young in order for the world to remain full of youth and life. This is a nod to how Balor, the king of the Fomorians was slain by Lugh, his grandson, who then became the king of the Tuatha Dé Danann in real-life mythology.
    • The rule to cut the "gap" might be closer to being able to hit at something's weakness or "gap" in their defense as Balor's weakness was his eye which was pierced by a shot made by Lugh with his sling.


Eden Exile

Exile: Shaytan
Rule: To cut gravity

  • An evil spirit in Abrahamic religions, Shaytan, also known as the Devil, is an entity that entices humanity into sin and falsehood. Though he is usually depicted as a fallen angel who possessed great piety and beauty but was fell from Heaven due to his rebellion against God.
    • The fallen angel is often attributed to the angel Lucifer, whose name means "Lightbearer" in Latin, due to the translation of the name Helel, meaning "morning star", who tried to dethrone the high god in Canaan mythology, El.
    • In the Book of Revelation, the angel Michael defeated the Devil, appearing as a great red dragon, and casting it down from Heaven.
    • In the 1667 epic poem "Paradise Lost" written by English poet John Milton, it tells the story of how Lucifer, who has now taken the moniker of Satan after falling from Heaven, and his plans to organize the other fallen angels in Hell and corrupt the Earth and mankind by allowing Adam and Eve to eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
  • Multiple denizens of Gehenna have noted or seen the soul of Shaytan inside the protagonist; namely Zabaniyya, Marchosias, and Lucifuge, who calls the Protagonist "Lightbearer".
    • In the Valentine Festival event, Ziz was able to recognize Shaytan's ability when the Protagonist used it.
  • Michael also knows of the soul in Protagonist and calls him his brother.


Gehenna Exile

Exile: Lucifer?
Rule: -

  • Not much is known about the exile from Gehenna. Though Mephistopheles thinks of himself as a faithful follower of Shaytan, he says in Chapter 11 that within the Protagonist is another soul that is connected to him. He calls them their master who traded his soul for Mephistopheles to become a faithful butler but at the end, eluded him and ascended to heaven.
    • Though this, it is assumed that the exile is the human Faust from German legends. Faust was an erudite that was dissatisfied with life and made a deal with the devil to gain further knowledge and magic powers. The devil sent his representative, Mephistopheles, to act as Faust's servant for a set number of years where at the end, his soul will be claimed by the devil. In some versions of the story, Faust gains access to heaven after constant striving and through the plea of a woman who Faust had met.
      • In Valentine Snow Fight, Mephistopheles addresses the Protagonist as "My Faust", but that could just be a pleasantry that refers to their general status as someone he looks after


Olympus Exile

Exile: Eurynome
Rule: To cut bloodlines

  • A titan creatrix in Greek mythology, Eurynome created the universe with her husband Ophion and proceeded to create the other Titans to oversee the different planets of the solar system in the Pelasgian creation myth. Eurynome created Ophion and mated with him; in the form of a dove, she laid an egg on the waves where Ophion coiled around it seven times before it hatched and spilled out the universe. Both she and Ophion lived in Mount Olympus before they were overthrown by Cronus and Rhea.
    • Eurynome is also the name of an Oceanid who, along with the Nereid Thetis, raised the blacksmith god Hephaestus after he was thrown from Mount Olympus by his birth parents Zeus and Hera.
  • Ophion recognizes the soul of his wife inside the Protagonist, often calling them his wife and other saccharine words. He notes that her Sacred Artifact is a scythe that used to belong to her grandmother Gaia, confirming the fact that the Eurynome in the game is both the titan creatrix Eurynome and the oceanid Eurynome.
  • Hephaestus calls the Protagonist his mother and often becomes really shy when within their presence.


Babilim Exile

Exile: Tiamat
Rule: To cut dragon veins

  • Tiamat is a Mesopotamian sea goddess associated with primordial chaos
  • Marduk describes Tiamat as the "manifold dragon", a fusion of all the dragons in the world, but the specifics are unclear
  • Fafnir is described as having a similar rule in that they can both split a single vein of dragon energy in the land, as well as merge two together

Great Spirit

World of the Great Spirit Exile

Exile: Heyoka
Rule: -

  • A sacred clown in Lakotan culture, Heyoka is a contrarian jester who speaks, moves, and reacts in an opposite manner in relation to the people around them. They are regarded as mirrors and teachers. They will try to cause laughter during distressing situations or try to evoke fear in prosperous times to prevent people from being too complacent and overly secure.
  • Wakan Tanka notes that he, as a pillar that collects memories of happiness, is stricken with sadness whenever they see the Protagonist, as they see in them his friend he had to banish long ago in their world.
  • In Thunderbird's special quest in the Summer River Adventure event, he reveals that the soul within the Protagonist from Great Spirit was a hero of his, the one that taught him hunting, someone he idolized and tried to take the mantle of after his exile, named Heyoka.

El Dorado

El Dorado Exile

Exile: Quetzalcoatl
Rule: To cut the ground

  • A god of wind and wisdom in Mesoamerican culture, Quetzalcaotl is one of the four Tezcatlipoca, specifically the White Tezcatlipoca, created by Ōmeteōtl, the first god. In the story of the Five Suns, Quetzalcoatl was the second sun to ascend to the heavens after bringing down his brother Tezcatlipoca, also known as the Black Tezcatlipoca, the first sun due to a sibling rivalry. Tezcatlipoca took revenge by turning the people at the time, whom Quetzalcoatl was fond of, into monkeys which caused Quetzalcoatl to blow them away. He then stepped down from being the sun to create new people. The third sun was Tlāloc and the fourth sun being Chalchiuhtlicue, Tlalocs second wife; both of them stepped down from being the sun due to the machinations of Tezcatlipoca. After the fourth sun, Quetzalcoatl would not accept the constant destruction of his people and traveled into the underworld and stole their bones from Mictlāntēcutli. The fifth and current sun is Huītzilōpōchtli, also known as the Blue Tezcatlipoca.
    • Quetzalcoatl is also written to have a twin brother, the psychopomp Xolotl associated with lightning and death.
  • Tezcatlipoca and Xolotl (after receiving new eyes) both refer to the Protagonist as their brother Quetzalcoatl.
    • Tezcatlipoca notes that both he and Quetzalcoatl were exiled and banishers to each other, with the two always going into war.
    • Xolotl, according to Tezcatlipoca, was allowed to flee El Dorado given Quetzalcoatl's permission after he was supposed to be sacrificed.
  • Quetzalcoatl had a lover named Mayahuel from when he had descended upon the land as a human avatar
  • Quetzalcoatl's power was the incarnation of the flame that would raze the earth, or else it was the incarnation of the drought, that would parch the land
  • Just before Quetzalcoatl was cast away, he took up his artifact and used it to erase every trace of himself from El Dorado


Aaru Exile

Exile: Seth
Rule: -

  • God of storms, chaos, and the desert, Seth was an important deity in ancient Egyptian religion. One of his most notable appearance was in the myth of how he had killed and dismembered his own brother Osiris which eventually led to the birth of Horus after Osiris' wife Isis reassembled her husband. Horus would then come to defeat Set and become the ruler of the desert.
    • Another notable story of Set is his journey with Ra on his journey through the Duat where Set would defend Ra's boat from the embodiment of chaos Apep (Greek name is Apophis) in the form of a giant serpent.
      • During the Valentine Colosseum event, it is recalled that a prevalent rumor in Aaru held that Seth himself was Apophis in disguise, although this was untrue.
  • Ash took on his brother's name after Seth was exiled from their world of Aaru. He has stated multiple times that the protagonist reminds him so much of his brother; whether it be mannerisms, personality, or even scent.
    • In Seth's Character Quest, it is revealed that his brother, the real Seth, was both the protector of the desert that he had admired and aspired to become but also the one who brought death to those that stray too far away from the order of their world known as Apophis.
  • Horus's research file talks about an uncle he had admired but was brought down by the machinations of his elders during a power struggle in their family and used him as the figurehead for his uncle's defeat.

Old Ones

World of the Old Ones Exile

Exile: Cthulhu
Rule: To cut dreams and reality

  • One of the more well known Lovecraftian beings, Cthulhu is a Great Old One that is said to slumber beneath the Pacific Ocean in the sunken city of R'lyeh. Benevolent beings known as the Elder Gods headed by Nodens, whom created the likes of Azathoth, waged war with the Great Old Ones and imprisoned them beneath the oceans. Cthulhu would then await for the opportune time to be the first to awaken from their death-like slumber and awaken the other Great Old Ones.
  • During the Canaan event, Dagon will mention a being that was trapped in an interdimentional castle in a sleep like state and only through the brief severances of dreams and reality were they able to contact the outside world.
  • In-game, Cthulhu's exile was something that not even Azathoth nor Nodens knew of clearly. According to Azathoth, Cthulhu had done it on his own.


Exile: -
Rule: -


Exile: -
Rule: -

Unknown 24th World

Unknown 24th World Exile

Exile: Player (?)
Rule: -

  • During Chapter 12, the World Representatives discover the existence of an unrecognizable 24th soul, one that is not bound to the Protagonist like the others and has apparently chosen them as their vessel, manipulating their actions during the current Game loop. This causes immense concern among the Representatives, as an unranked soul could allow the Protagonist to become a threat to the System of each world.
    • Though not directly stated, it is heavily implied that this unknown soul is the player.


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Uninstalling the game without generating a transfer code beforehand be like
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Maybe the 24th exile (All RL players)` rule is Cut the game, I guess
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I thought it was an ff8 references, since the GF Diablos was basically Satan and used Gravity
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So are the protagonist and is two different or our we just the protagonist
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Is the exile in Utopia possibly the time traveler from the sci-fi book the time machine by H. G. Wells. Well since i found this:

The Time Traveller disappears and never comes back. We don't know where he went or why. The unnamed narrator makes some guesses to show the range of possibilities: maybe he's with our primitive ancestors or dinosaurs (not at the same time, of course), or maybe he's in the nearer future.
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Shaytan's rule to cut gravity is kinda meh.

To cut Restrictions (reason for the MC's ability to fly), to cut Heirarchy or TO CUT FAITH itself would be better...

Considering Lucifer's aim was for mankind to loose faith in the Creator and also it was Lucifer who was the orchestrator of the Heavenly rebellion. The Anarchist of Eden himself.
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If connecting the Abrahamic lore into Gehenna, a possible Exile would be Shamyaza. Considering that he is the leader of the Watchers who disobeyed the Almighty and responsible for the corruption of mankind creating the Nephilims causing the Great Flood.
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who is the exile of utopia? is the exile a reincarnated soul or data that possess the MC? why did i say data? well i just watch dead by dead light and i saw the singularity, and i use my imagination where probably some scientist in utopia who invented something but it goes wrong because it become more sentient, more intelligent to other A.I., and more powerful that it nearly endanger human race and that invention is destroyed but it not because it acts as Contagious A.I where it continue possess technological material and because it's sentient it tried to possess organic such as human and it possess the MC until become as a soul, it just my imagination tho

I'm curious who is who
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Small note regarding other exiles that i know

- Garothman's exile is implied to be Angra Mainyu/Ahriman - Utopia's exile is likely H.G. Wells

- Isn't Gehenna's exile supposed to be Faust? Is that retconned?
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The 24th soul is heavily implied to be us (the player), a soul from another world outside of the system and capable of interacting with the world (Tokyo) through protagonist and reigns over the other exiles.
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Its for my theory, my game theory
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What are you on about?
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i wish the game creator add a new world that related to Arthurian Legends where king Arthur is the representative and Morgan le fay is the exile.
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still a bit confused, if Gehenna and Eden have the same exile then wouldn't that mean they only have one soul for the two worlds? Whose the other one of 24 souls then?
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mephistopheles explain to bathym that his master and shaytan they are 2 different people
Anonymous user: dc68f0a5
No. 14695
20 months ago
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>>12159 omg this! i actually want a enkidu character, but this would be a perfect love story!

gilgamesh: this time im going to save you enkidu! no matter what!
Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 14189
22 months ago
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There's a possibility considering the fact that their origin religions are connected. At the same time, both of them might have connections or similarities with the Exile of Gehenna... or the three of them is a just singular being. Basing from the belief of the Trinity (Three Personas One Being).
Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 14188
22 months ago
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>>7310 I also think Shamyaza to be one of the them... if Shaytan and the other Exiles from Gehenna and Garothman is one being.

Also considering the fact that the banishment of both Shaytan and Shamyaza is done by Michael; and Mephistopheles being a representative might just be a title since he has nothing to do with the banishment of the exile of Gehenna. In addition, many of the residents of Gehenna are exiles from Eden.

If that is the case the presence of another Exile and Representative from the same world is possible. But since the identity of the other reps and exiles is yet to be revealed, this theory is still pointless.
Anonymous user: 926ce828
No. 13967
23 months ago
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So it's basically the ability of "The Hand" from Jojo
Anonymous user: 926ce828
No. 13966
23 months ago
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>>12360 that character is definitely based from Homestuck
Anonymous user: 926ce828
No. 13965
23 months ago
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Iblis and Shaytan the same transients?
Anonymous user: 420ebe6e
No. 13439
24 months ago
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We have been revealed there is a 24th exile/soul inside MC
Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 12565
27 months ago
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>>6643 There might be a possibility that exile from Gehenna, Eden and Garothman are only one and the same being. Considering the fact that Judaism, Christianity and Islam that the three worlds are based from are related or somewhat connected to each other.

This might also support the possibility that another world have two or more exiles just to complete the number or souls the MC have. Might there also be two or more representatives and pillars within a world if this theory is correct.

Unless the present representative is powerful enough to banish more than one exile, which is possible considering their reputation in their home world.
Anonymous user: 5c4f3673
No. 12360
28 months ago
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Didn't Nightglows mention the Rule for the Utopia Exile? Like wasn't that what they eventually cut Nodens down with? I think it was something along the ways of cutting through time, which isn't farfetched, since we already have two time manipulators from there as well.
Anonymous user: a54ec854
No. 12174
29 months ago
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The Nameless Mist and Cthulhu are considered like the same entity.
Anonymous user: 36d79f6a
No. 12159
29 months ago
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I am still an amatuer on mythologies but I really wish for Gilgamesh and Enkidu to be included in the game as representative and exile of Garo Demana or Garothman. They really have an awesome story together.
Anonymous user: 116a07fa
No. 11893
30 months ago
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So who's the exile from the Old Ones actually? Before it was put as the Nameless Mist, now it's Cthulhu? So which one was it lmao
Anonymous user: d74475c4
No. 11796
31 months ago
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Who put Lucifer's name in the exile of Gehenna?
Anonymous user: 6b8a8a45
No. 11710
31 months ago
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It’s so badass we’re the reincarnation of them like Seth of Shaytan. Excited to know the rest.
Anonymous user: e26ae47b
No. 8858
42 months ago
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Mostly, if the Exile from Gehenna is Satan.. then he, with those Exiles from Eden and Garothman, is the same person to appear so..

The fire angel is Exiled definitely for the same exact reason and in the same exact story of Iblis.
Anonymous user: 47e12203
No. 8538
43 months ago
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Tiamat confirmed Exile of Babel
Anonymous user: fa2a34a8
No. 8236
43 months ago
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If Marduk is the Rep of Enuma Elish, wouldn't that make the Exile Tiamat? I mean, it fits the general MO of most of the Exiles being dragons or dragon-related.
Anonymous user: 444ad396
No. 7903
44 months ago
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seems like the name will use for the Old Ones exile will be Nyog'Sothep or Magnum Innominandum
Anonymous user: f97efa5e
No. 7645
46 months ago
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Tir Na Nog's Exile seems to be Sun God Lugh given Balor's origin and that his profile suspiciously mentions his love for his grandchildren in contrast to the original myth.

Deva Loka's Exile might be Kamadeva due to Aizen calling us Romantic Singularity (well, he was the God of Love), Makara sensing familarity similar to Varuna (Makara is sometimes depicted with Kamadeva), Parvati's backstory suspiciously mentioned that she didn't get married out of love (Kamadeva took away all the love from the world when he was exiled?), and since Daikoku's original myth all calls back to Shiva, him exiling Kamadeva seems to fit the entire picutre.
Anonymous user: 20e28660
No. 7318
47 months ago
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nvm just read in Lucifages little thingy : "Successor to the prime minister of Gehenna, he bears the title of He Who Flees the Light, to contrast that of the fallen Lightbringer who descended from Eden to Gehenna, once the Angel of Light." So it's canon that Shaytan did fall to Gehenna and is gonna be portrayed as Shaytan/Lucifer , I know a lot of people have been asking about like Babolons baby actually being one of the souls in MC and whether r not her kid was actually the exile to Gehenna and to answer that I'm honestly not to sure I mean it's always possible the baby was just another sacrifice like Behemoth ,Ziz and Leviathan and I feel like if they were this woulda probs already been confirmed since Babolons been, yah know , dead for like a whole chapter but I'm sure well get more info on the Exiles later on
Anonymous user: 20e28660
No. 7317
47 months ago
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i literally can NOY believe my dumbass didn't realize this like WTF , so I literally remember when the game talked about Shaytan's rule to be able to rend /cut gravity r whatever and I literally remember first being like " wow protag can fly" but then i just started thinking about how dumb it was like isn't Shaytan supposed to have like twelve wings what would they even need this for but then It came to me like someone had splashed 12 buckets of icecold water in the middle of a hot summers night... A BITCH CAN FLY LIKE WHAT , OF LIKE ALL THE RULES ( that we know so far) THIS IS LIKE THE ONE PROTAG CAN JUST USE DAY TO DAY LITERALLY JUST FOR KICKS like to me ( other than being able to cut distance though i dunno if they could just use it to like get to places faster or whatevs) like im sure they wont just be like "ah yes let me rend the world real quick or reality like its just another monday sis NO sis can FUCKN FLY SIIIIRRR" and we've been show that MC can just use this rule in any battle zone or whatevs like their reg rule of rending ( as show in Valetine Extravaganza) like i know it probably doesnt like allow you to just fly left and right and is most likely just like a straight shot up ( i mean if you aim at the ground ig) like if you wanna go left gotta swing that boi right r whatever and its just a WOOOSH, im sure player 'll become better using it with practice r whatevs but just the straight up fact that they can fly?? we liVE FOR
Anonymous user: 9ffc05cb
No. 7310
47 months ago
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Okay guys here me out, I know the odds of this being true is bs but what if another one of the protagonist souls was a high ranking watcher angel whom was responsible for mating with humans. I know we already have Shatan/Lucifer but he's Eden so their has to be a Gehenna soul as well and I have no idea whose that's going to be.
Anonymous user: 20e28660
No. 7266
47 months ago
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LMAO YALL can yall imagine Shiro's reaction to the Protagonist literally having SATANS soul in them ??? Like can u imagine his reaction to knowing his friend houses the soul of the ruler to hell (though im not sure how Shaytan will be portrayed in the game maybe he'll be the ruler or maybe not who knows)( also in chapter 9 protagonist claims that they're going to take on all their memories so can you even imagine when the protagonist remembers all of Shaytans/Satans memories??) this man is literally on his hands and knees for all things occult this man would exPLODE , i dunno ig we'll have to wait and see how the game portrays Shaytan i suppose
Anonymous user: c3528166
No. 6652
49 months ago
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>>6643 I'm the same guy.

Michael explained in his first appearance that Shaytan refused leading Eden and that is now the position occupied by himself. Behemoth is a bit complicated. It's said that he doesn't absorb offerings so that they all are to be given to Eden and all else is to fuel him, making that all food or things that aren't "dedicated to someone" are turned into fuel. Ebisu and Choji failed to feed him because to them it a matter of professionalism but Ziz, Shino, Surtr, and the Protagonist were able as they dedicated it to others.

Babalon seems to clearly be a case of designed sacrifice and the fact that she got pregnant in Eden and seems to speak from experience of how Eden defiles and then punishes women. And then at the peak of the genociders arc refers to the protagonist as their child that was killed in her womb meaning that they are indeed among the exiled.
Anonymous user: 65878457
No. 6643
49 months ago
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The game stablishes multiple times that Shaytan is originally from Eden, but was banished to Gehena, probably as a sacrifice in a similar way than Behemoth, Leviathan and Ziz, as that would explain why the cake made by the Protagonist was not converted into pure energy when Behemoth ate it during one of the last chapters of Valentine Extravaganza (apparently Behemoth's rule doesn't apply to sacrifices or food made by sacrifices). Then, he started a revolution against Eden that eventually led him to exile. Which raises an interesting question: Is there an exile from Eden and an exile from Gehena? Or are they the same person?
Anonymous user: 240d702d
No. 6472
49 months ago
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It's missing one. Babalon's child. Shaytan actually corresponds to Gehenna(he even died as commander of Gehenna). The child is the true exile of Eden that forms the protagonist(Babalon also states that Eden is a world that makes men defile women then spurns and blames said women and she seems to have been conditioned in role and rule(in a similar way to Behemoth, Leviathan and Ziz) to be a specific type of sacrifice as a "filthy" pregnant woman whose child should not even be allowed birth and that should be forever rejected with how angels kept persuing and destroying everything around her and with how Michael made easy work of her claiming with surprising certainty that she sees herself as impure). My guess the rule the child was meant to have would be something Eden despised but created in order to control how it'd inevitably appear.
Anonymous user: 75a97ba2
No. 6312
49 months ago
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Nice job!
Anonymous user: 1fb5c399
No. 6291
49 months ago
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Can't wait to see who the other exiles are. Anyone have any guesses to who the rest are?
Anonymous user: 55df64f7
No. 6262
50 months ago
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