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Regarded as the largest guild in Tokyo, its members abide by strict doctrines of love and compassion, accepting the meek and those in search of asylum with open arms. Its Portals are not limited to above-ground locations, but include cemeteries that stretch deep beneath the earth as well.
—Affiliation Description

The Missionaries, known in full as the Aoyama Missionaries, is a guild primarily located in Daikanyama, Shibuya Ward.

Their Guild Master was Jacob and the acting Guild Master was Maria, who secretly gave her identity and position before her death to an unnamed orphan who would continue on in her stead as Maria.[1]9 As of Chapter 13, Jacob transferred his title over to Maria, making her the current Missionaries Guild Master.[2]3


The Missionaries believe in love above all else. Their members strive to spread the message of love to other people and to pursue what love means to them personally. Gabriel and Arsalan are seen as the spiritual core of the guild, with Gabriel acting as a way to release the guild's stagnation as many of its Unknown icon.pngAngel members are afraid of those different to them. Arsalan is the one who reins in the Angels with his power and authority due to his Decorative Sword Sacred Artifact, the Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar, an artifact which had belonged to Unknown icon.pngKing Solomon.[3]23

Before they became a guild, the Missionaries was originally a non-profit organization that provided aid and charity to Stray Transients. Once they became a guild, they retained the same organizational structure as before. The Missionaries still continue their charity work, going to public parks in Shibuya Ward to hand out free food to the local Stray Transients.[1]2 They also hold idol shows and concerts with their main star being Gabriel.[1]5

Despite primarily being in Shibuya Ward, the Missionaries' decided to name themselves after Aoyama in respect to Aoyama Cemetery, a location that many Angels hold as sacred. The cemetery holds the bodies of Transients who had died alongside their families soon after their summoning to Tokyo, including many fellow Angels themselves.[1]8

They frequently fight against the Tycoons, seeing them as their opposite and rival guild. Conflicts typically take place in the area from Aoyama Cemetery, Minato Ward to Nogizaka, Minato Ward as the two guilds' borders cross there. A Portal in this area is the Nokizaka Tunnel located between Roppongi Station and Aoyama-itchrome Station. According to Maria, the greatest concentration of App battles among the 23 wards happens in this border with not a day going by without a battle breaking out,[1]8 though that information may only be true before the Three True Guilds begin to act.

The Missionaries see themselves as the biggest guild in Tokyo in terms of members. With the help of Maria, they were able to expand the guild by accepting fans of Gabriel into their ranks to the objection of many Angels, who believe that they have no sense of duty to the guild.[1]5 This likely still holds true to some extent as it is said again by Maria during Valentine Snow Fight, though it is likely a temporary achievement before the Three True Guilds dismantles their ranks and spreads their members amongst themselves.[4]2

Their guild icon depicts a nun praying over scripture in front of a chapel.

Story of the Original Maria

There once was a woman named Maria who had earned a huge inheritance. One day, she had converted, and so began to heavily devote everything about her life to her newfound belief. The scriptures taught her not to doubt the words of others, to love thy neighbor, and to devote one's life to others. With blind belief, she gave everything she had to live a life of modesty and chastity, burning through her vast inheritance in acts of charity that would never amount to any sort of profit. She believed that the world would become a better place if the poor and unfortunate were cared for and taught to look after one another. Others began to call her Maria ironically because they saw her as crazed, believing in the scriptures and so-called words of her lord.

One day, she met an orphan girl who was dying in a dark corner of Tokyo. Maria took the girl in, feeding her and taking her to live with other orphans. After that, this girl would continue to stay by her side.

The only things Maria had was her inheritance and faith. She lacked power, wisdom, and beauty to truly make a difference in the world. She would soon use up all of her inheritance and take on debt, losing everything. Everyone abandoned Maria, no one offering even a helping hand. In the end, she would die a miserable death on a hospital bed, accompanied only by the girl.

Azazel informs the girl that Maria had one last thing to give away—her identity. Despite the teachings forbidding deception, she still wished to give this to her. With false birth certificates in hand and a handwritten letter from Maria saying that she loves her, the girl would accept this new identity of Maria.[1]9

Known Members

【ミッショネルズ】 Missionaries

【Founding Guild Master】
【Former Guild Master】

【Current Guild Master】
(as of Chapter 13)



【Previous NPO Director】


【Event Variant】

【Event Variant】

【Past Loop】

【Past Loop】


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Cause he fucks dogggy style
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could someone explain why Kimun Kamui is not listed on Missionaries guild?
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the missionaries and i were playing our favorite game "say something beautiful" and it was going great until azazel accidentally described the face of god in perfect glorious detail and all of us were killed by exposure to holy radiance in our brains as we imagined it
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>>4620 Jacob was the original Guild Master, but he left without passing the position so the app still considered him as such. Maria had to act as his proxy for the guild for this, but if Roureem's translation is accurate (SPOILER ALERT, KEEP READING AT YOUR OWN RISK),

during Chapter 13, Jacob uses de app to transfer his position of Guild Master to Maria before continuing his fight with Israfil. So we can say that Maria is the legitimate Guild Master of the Missionaries now.
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dream blunt rotation
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>>4603 Jacob is Former Guild Master. And Maria is Acting Guild Master.

Current Guild Master is unknown.
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Why it Guild Master was unknown?? It was Jacob who made Aoyama
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