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A guild of ninjas, spies, and other espionage specialists. Has numerous bases of operations, each used for varied and disparate purposes, and its members are very good at preventing their true nature from ever being exposed.
—Affiliation Description

The Agents, known in full as the Akasaka Agents, was a "guild" whose namesake refers to Akasaka, Minato Ward. While they did hold a Portal in Akasaka, the guild had no true central location.

Their guild icon shows a shuriken, pistol, and ninja scroll, weapons heavily associated with characters of espionage and secrecy.

Their Guild Master is unknown.


During Chapter 8, the Agents "disbanded", though with the members' loose affiliation with the guild in general, this makes little to no difference to their activities. Many of their members continue to take espionage and information gathering assignments.



The Agents were a guild that existed solely for the convenience of having all the rights and privileges in the App that came with being in one—a guild in name only. Their members weren't interested in acquiring more Portals or winning the Game. Rather, each member worked for their own rewards and gains, whether it be financial or intelligence-based. Depending on their clientele, members of the Agents could be allies one moment and enemies the next.[1]15

Based on wherever the Agents were stationed, their clientele changed. Agents stationed in Minato Ward would get missions from the rich in Roppongi, while Agents in Nerima Ward would get requests from the Warmongers in the area.[2]16


The Agents were a neutral guild, favoring no one. Some members may have held their own personal affiliations and end goals, but this would be independent of the guild itself.


They possessed a large number of Portals throughout Tokyo, establishing an extensive intelligence network poised to infiltrate any organization.[1]15 After the events of Chapter 8, the Akasaka Portal has been abandoned. They also hold a Portal in Nerima Ward.[2]16

Known Members

【エージェンツ】 Agents


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Question. How the hell has none of these guys been killed yet. Their loyalty begins and ends with money, you think they be targeted by everyone because they are essentially loose ends.
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