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The World of the Old Ones is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It is based on H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

Its World Representative is Azathoth, though only his avatar is present in Tokyo.

Its exile is Cthulhu.



The World of the Old Ones is a world of stars ruled by eldritch beings of chaos. Notable locations within the world include the planet Earth as well as the Dreamlands.[1]12


In this world, having a dream is tantamount to creating a separate, smaller world. It can also be seen as sealing oneself away in a unique pocket world. Their faith dictates that their own world is itself a dream created by their creator, Azathoth. Because of this, it is absolutely forbidden to cross the boundary between someone's dream world and Azathoth's reality without the consent of the dreamer. Anyone who breaks that rule wouldn't necessarily receive punishment from Azathoth, but would instead be cut off from his protection.[2]

According to Azathoth, all possibilities in their world lead to dead ends with no final ending. The world of the Old Ones is destined towards the same single ending for eternity: the world falls to madness, Azathoth will awaken from his dream, and the world ceases to be.[1]15[3]9 In other words, the world of the Old Ones has already ended but continues to repeat its one ending for all eternity.

Dagon ponders that the world was broken from the start and that its destruction was preordained from the very beginning.[4]14

Representative and Exile

The World Representative of the Old Ones is Azathoth, though only a portion of him is present in Tokyo. He split his mind from his body in order to prevent a contradiction upon entering the city. After having seen the same ending for eons, he has never been of sound mind since and his interest has long waned.[3]8 9 Azathoth's Role is to observe and record all the endings in the world.

According to Unknown icon.pngMichael, the Old Ones's System is frail because it represents a broken world, leading to Azathoth almost always being one of the first Representatives eliminated from the Game.[5]27

The exile of the world of the Old Ones is Cu Little Little, more widely known as Cthulhu. He held the power to divide and separate dreams from reality and communicate with others telepathically.[1]12 Contrary to other exiles, Cthulhu exiled himself from the world. Dagon describes him as being sealed away in a castle beyond time to slumber in the depths of the ocean, a castle in an abyss so deep as to be beyond comprehension.[4]14

Special Privilege

Unlike all other App users in Tokyo, transients from the Old Ones have the exclusive right to use their Rules outside Battle Zones. While this normally entails free use of the power to teleport between locations without restriction, this can apply to their other Rules as well. Even if the App were to be closed, the effects of their powers remain. This isn't only limited to those coming from the Old Ones, but their Sacred Artifacts as well. Shiro is able to use his Book to summon his Unknown icon.pngDevils outside Battle Zones because his Sacred Artifact originates from the world of the Old Ones.[6]13

Ophion speculates that this privilege either comes from the Old Ones hailing from the ends of the universe or a cheat given to them by the Game Masters.[6]13


Transients of the World of the Old Ones



【Reserve Representative】




  • The world is named after the collective term for the various beings that reside on Earth or the system it is located in, known as the Great Old Ones.
  • Though the world is based on the mythos revolving around H.P. Lovecraft's creations; it is composed of multiple authors that incorporate their stories into the said mythos.
    • Created by H.P. Lovecraft:
      • Azathoth is described as a sentient black hole at the center of the universe where he kept asleep by the sound of flutes. Depending on the source, Azathoth initially spawned three beings; Nyarlathotep, the Nameless Mist, and the Darkness.
      • Nyarlathotep, the spawn of Azathoth, acts as a messenger for his masters though he spreads madness far more proficiently than death as most of his kin do.
      • Yog-Sothoth, the spawn of the Nameless Mist, is known as the gatekeeper.
      • Dagon is a great deity worshipped by fish-like humanoids known as the Deep Ones.
      • Nodens is described as a benevolent and powerful entity, master of the night-gaunts, and one of the beings that oppose Nyarlathotep.
    • The author August Derleth created Cthugha, a giant mass of living flame that lives in the star Formalhaut.
    • Tsathoggua was created by H.P. Lovecraft in name but it was the author Clark Ashton Smith that gave it flesh; an incredible lazy being that lives in Saturn.
    • Tindalos, named Hounds of Tindalos, were created by the author Frank Belknap Long and were properly codified into the Cthulhu mythos by August Derleth; described as beings of unimaginable form that lurk in the angles of time, hunting those that dare try to trespass it.
    • Hastur was created by Ambrose Bierce; a vaguely octopoid figure that takes many forms and half-brother of Cthulhu.
  • Dagon originated from a deity in Canaan of the same name.
  • Nodens has connections to the world Tír na nÓg through his basis in Irish folklore, Nuada.

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Anonymous user: c8406a8b
No. 18775
one month ago
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Zhurong and "Color Out of Space" share similar roles/rules thus fused/possessed.
Anonymous user: b349da80
No. 15492
18 months ago
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Why are the horrors calling the mc "babygirl"?
Anonymous user: be0fa779
No. 15442
18 months ago
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they’re horrors to YOU, however i’m turned on by them
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No daddy squid Cthul is a disappointment but if we get big tiddy squid sister Kass I will not be disappointed
Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 15436
18 months ago
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the participation of Idh-yaa, the mighty mother and Cthulhu's sister, Kassogtha in the game would be awesome...

both would be great playing as the villain or an ally to the protagonist
Anonymous user: 22521fca
No. 14912
19 months ago
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no, no. these are horrors beyond your comprehension. i understand them, though. i desire them carnally.
Anonymous user: 626578be
No. 13226
25 months ago
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How come Azathoth can plant memories into others when Dagon is the Pillar? Is this another perks from the Game Masters othen than able to teleport outside Battle Zone?
Anonymous user: adafea25
No. 10484
36 months ago
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Spoilers: Cthulhu and the Nameless Mist are threaten as the same being, confirmed on the nightglows eveng
Anonymous user: d2341561
No. 10106
38 months ago
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Shitpost cult
Anonymous user: 9878d415
No. 8842
42 months ago
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Do you think there will be Cthulhu in this game?
Anonymous user: 1fb57ee0
No. 7175
47 months ago
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By trapping it in a dungeon apparently. At least according to the Cannan event.
Anonymous user: 54d5879b
No. 6675
49 months ago
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how do you exile fucking mist?????????????????????????????
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