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Shangri La is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It is based on Tibetan lore, Buddhism, and East Asian Mythologies and is named after the fabled valley where time flows slowly.

The World Representative of Shangri La is Smoky God.

The exiled soul of Shangri La is Asura.


According to Macan, Shangri La is a distorted world where time flows slower, with its skies reach beneath the land and the sun never sets, and where the golden city of Hiranyapura resides. The land of Shangri La believes in cutting away one's attachment and desire in order to achieve enlightenment, and those who cannot give up said feeling will be banished to the realm of strife and forever trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth.


Transients of Shangri La


Smoky God


  • The Transients of this world are derived from various Buddhist beliefs and folklores in different countries:
    • Smoky God is based on Gautama Buddha Siddhartha, founder of Buddhism whose teachings sought a path to freedom from ignorance, craving, rebirth and suffering.
    • Snow is based on a snow lion, celestial animals who serves as the symbol of snowy mountains in Tibetan mythology.
    • Macan is based on a macan gadungan, were-tigers who transforms from men into tigers during night in Javanese mythology.
    • Barong is based the king of the spirits and the force of goodness who opposes the Rangda the demon queen in the Balinese mythology.
    • Girimekra is based on the elephant steed of the evil god Mara in Theravada Buddhism.
    • Mahakala is based on deity of the same name and one of the forms taken by Shiva when full of anger. Mahakala is also sometimes interchangeable with Daikokuten ( Daikoku), Shiva's Japanese counterpart.
  • Originally, Shangri La was named Agartha, determined via datamining. Why this was changed is currently unknown.

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