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Kamuy Kotan is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It is based on Ainu mythology and is named after the village of gods.

The World Representative of Kamuy Kotan is Korpokkur.

The exiled soul of Kamuy Kotan is Aynurakkur.


Kamuy Kotan is a world that is eternally frozen over. The world has a system which revolves around nurturing the youngs, specially the weakest individuals, giving them everything so they can survive the ever unforgiving environment. And to balance with the "give" is the "take". In this world reaching adulthood means one will no longer be protected and sheltered, and instead hunted down and killed to reduce the amount of mouths to feed. The job of execution belongs to Kimun Kamui, whose name will then change to Wen Kamui.

Eventually a routine was established wherein children with the potential to become heroes are found and raised by Horkeu Kamui to combat the Shadows that the world spawns. They eventually take the Gleaming Blade artifact normally kept by Horkeu Kamui. This blade has a Rule which enables it to cut through the Shadows of Kamuy Kotan which possess the same Rule as the world to make all stand still. The heroes inevitably die and the blade returns to Horkeu Kamui.


Transients of Kamuy Kotan


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