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A Role (役割ロール) is the usage inflection set on every Rule. According to Maria, the wielder of the Sacred Artifact defines the Role based on the identity of the wielder's soul (i.e. what the wielder desires), and in turn the Role decides the alignment of the Rule. The Sacred Artifact responds to the wielder's identity when it manifests the Rule it houses. While an individual may have multiple Rules attached to multiple owned Sacred Artifacts, they may only have one Role.

Rules enforced unto individuals of certain Roles

The efficacy of a Rule is dependent on the Role of the individual the Rule is enforced upon. For example, {{Transient icon|Triton's Shadow)}'s Rule of washing things away strongly opposes Robinson and the Protagonist due to their shared Role of the Wanderer: they cannot oppose being swept away by the washing, as individuals who wander and go with the flow. As a result, they forget nearly everything. However, the one thing they will always remember is being washed away.

Role/Rule pairing

A Rule a Sacred Artifact holds is only given meaning by the Role of the wielder of that Sacred Artifact. Thus, it may be desirable to exchange Roles with someone to give new meaning to their Rule, as was the case for Triton's Shadow and Triton.

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