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A guild of drifters and nomads with a very different way of thinking about Portals compared to any other guild. Closely tied to the formation of the Rule Makers.
—Affiliation Description

The Wanderers, known in full as the Arakawa Wanderers, is a guild whose namesake refers to Arakawa, Adachi Ward, but in reality the guild has no true central location.

Their guild icon shows three cloaked figures huddled beside a makeshift fire at the side of a road, hidden underneath an overpass on the outskirts of buildings.

Their Guild Master is unknown and the acting Guild Master is Barguest in the event that something happens to the current Guild Master.[1]16



The Wanderers are a rootless guild; they hold no ties to any specific spot nor a location they consider their home base. However, their main activity area is near Adachi Ward and Arakawa River. Because the Wanderers do not have a home base, communication is of utmost importance to the guild. Regular communication acts as status reports, confirming to the other members that they are at least still alive as long as they are able to talk. If one were to stop responding to messages and calls, it could be seen as a sign that the member is currently in danger. This tight communication is what allows the Wanderers to evade attacks from the Rule Makers despite being physically separated from each other most of the time.[1]6 15 16

The Wanderers' full ideals are currently unknown, but Q'ursha states that the Wanderers believe in free will and the choice for any given person to decide what they want for themselves, reflecting their nomadic nature.[1]6


The Wanderers was formed by a group of people who have no permanent place of residence. While the members seem to be very different from one another, one similarity is that they all those who left their original hometowns or worlds and could not find a new home in Tokyo because of the Role placed on them. This Role is described to guide them, preventing them from losing sight of where they are meant to go while also hiding their tracks behind them.[1]15 17

Many of its members are Stray Transients with a diverse set of Sacred Artifacts.[1]15


The Wanderers have a currently unknown connection to the Rule Makers. Their Arakawa district overlaps with the area under Rule Makers control, leading to numerous conflicts with them. Q'ursha believes that the Wanderers' ideology does not match the Rule Makers, who believes that an almighty being should lead humanity.[1]6 15

The guild has connections to the Simurgh Family that operates near the Tokyo Slums of Arakawa,[2] as they were seen helping out the mafia during the events of Holy Night Gangstar.

The Wanderers have joined the Great Guild Alliance alongside other guilds such as the Missionaries, Gurus, and Beast Tamers among others during Chapter 14 to help find their missing Guild Master.[1]16


The guild has a unique view on Portals compared to other guilds, though what this entails specifically is unknown. They have at least one Portal in the Rule Makers' area where those that display rebellious tendencies against the Rule Makers are placed.[3]33

Known Members


【Acting Guild Master】

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【Event Variant】


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Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 16094
14 months ago
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I would love this guild, along with the Gurus, to become an antihero or at least a great threat in the main story. Especially if they have a great battle against the Rule Makers... just thinking of it gives me the chills.
Anonymous user: d234ad23
No. 13842
23 months ago
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I get a good feeling that this guild will be badass in the main story... considering what Hermes and Hotei did in their respective debut events... Barguest also hasn't shown his full power yet..
No. 11617
31 months ago
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It's been almost 5 years, and Arakawa has finally been officially name dropped....Can't wait to see who else joins in!
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