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The Beast Tamers, referred in full as the Ueno Beast Tamers, is a guild whose Portal is located in Ueno of Taito Ward. Its Guild Master has not been formally introduced; however, they have been hinted to having the ability to transform into a beastman.


The Beast Tamers' collective goal is to research the nature of the app.

They also have a system where their members are placed into pairs of one "tamer" and one "beast". The beasts will act as bodyguards and protect the tamers in their research while the tamers will reign the beasts in if their power ever go out of control, hence the name of the guild.

Each tamer is partnered with a beast whose ability is countered by their own. Cu Sith, whose ability is a howl that is deadly to anyone who hears it three times, is partnered with Leib whose artifact allows him to transfer damage to other living things, in this case transferring the potential deaths caused by Cu Sith's howl to trees. Fenrir is partnered with Jambavan, because if his ropes were ever loosened he could end up going berserk, while Jambavan's power to match the strength of his opponent would enable him to stop the rampage. The newest member of the guild, Alp, doesn't have a known tamer yet.

Known members

【ビーストテイマーズ】 Beast Tamers


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