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Oceanic Realm is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It's based on Polynesian and Hawaiian mythology, as well as various legends of Pacific Ocean.

The World Representative of the Oceanic Realm is Tangaroa∞.

The exiled soul of Oceanic Realm is unknown.



Transients of Oceanic Realm





  • Ramu is based on the mythical king of the Land of Mu, a fictitious kingdom believed to have sunk in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Tangaroa is based on Maori God of the sea and fish.
  • Tangaroa∞ is based on Sea God Kanaloa, Tangaroa's equivalent from Hawaiian Mythology who's associated with squids and/or octopus, as well as the octopus demon Rogo-Tumu-Here from Tuamotu mythology.

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No. 13959
7 months ago
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Moana lessss gooooo
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No. 13888
7 months ago
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La Mu? Is that the shark robot guy from chap13?
No. 11865
15 months ago
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The Exile of this world should be Kane, given the hints about who Tangaroa∞ truly is.
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