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Yggdrasil is one of the worlds that are participating in The Game. It is based on Norse mythology and named after the world tree.

Its World Representative is Unknown icon.pngOdin, though Surtr acts as his Reserve in Tokyo.

Its exile was Freyr.



Yggdrasil consists of nine worlds (Asgard, Midgard, Muspell among others). The whole world is trapped within an impossibly long, invisible wall constructed by Loki.[1]3


The natural course of the world was meant to be that Yggdrasil would eventually experience Ragnarök, the Twilight of the Gods. There, many gods and warriors would be slain and the nine worlds would burn to the ground. Heroes and soldiers alike, whether it be the giants of Muspell, the Valkyries, the Einherjar, the Vanir, or the Aesir would all succumb to their wounds and be slain, becoming one of the many corpses piling on the battlefield. The end of this battle would signify the end of the world as it was. Their deaths would act as a foundation for the future world of humanity that would come after. The dead warriors' souls would be able to rest, fragments of the giants' memories residing within humanity.

However, because Loki built a wall around the whole world, Yggdrasil can never reach that new age. The destruction will never be over and the souls of the warriors would never be able to rest as they are eternally resurrected for battle. The new age of humanity will never come to be, as represented by Beowulf's eternal youth. The world is now trapped in an ever-repeating loop of Ragnaröks.[2]12[3]7[4]

Trapped in an unnatural cycle, the System of Yggdrasil now functions under a pattern of death and rebirth. Those of the previous era are sacrificed to the next generation, reborn anew to continue their battle for ever and ever.[1]3[5]

Sub-System Asgard

The sub-System of Asgard works to ensure that battle can continue into eternity.

In the Sky Castle Valhalla, residing within Asgard, Odin performs a ritualistic resurrection ceremony. He first orders the Valkyries to bring him the remains of the new heroes. After being presented the bodies, he uses his pillar Sacred Artifact Gungnir to draw out their memories and uses it to resurrect the warriors into Einherjar. These warriors will continue to experience a cycle of death and rebirth until the end of time.

After the resurrection, Odin calls upon his wolves to perform the next ceremonial process. These wolves hold a Role is to take care of that which is left over after his ceremonies, that which is not eternal. He tells them to collect any Sacred Artifacts left behind, namely the bodies of the previously dead warriors. The wolves "collect" by voraciously devouring it. This way, these non-eternal bodies are removed from the world, allowing for the loop to progress seamlessly.[1]3

Representative and Exile

According to Unknown icon.pngMichael, Yggdrasil's System is frail because it represents a world destined to fall, leading to Surtr almost always being one of the first Representatives eliminated from the Game.[2]27

The exile of Yggdrasil was Freyr who had the ability to cleave through defeat itself. However, at the time, they did not possess the Sacred Artifact that held that ability, thus leading to their defeat at the hands of Surtr.[2]12


Transients of Yggdrasil

【His familiar Geri】

【Constructed from Freke】

【His familiars Huginn & Muninn】
Unknown icon.png

【Reserve Representative】



  • Originally, Yggdrasil was named Valhalla, determined via datamining. Why this was changed is currently unknown.
  • Yggrasil is the name of the extremely large world tree that plays a central role in Norse cosmology where it connects the Nine Worlds.
  • Majority of the transients that come from Yggdrasil are from various Norse mythology, with a few having indirect connections to it.
    • Many of them come from Old Norse poems compiled in what is called the Poetic Edda.
    • Alp is a supernatural being in German folklore and though the creature itself isn't found in Old Norse stories, its name has the same origin as the word "elf" used in Norse mythology, even sharing it with the subworld Alp (the character) came from, Alfheim.
    • Beowulf is a hero in the eponymous Old English epic poem, which takes place in pagan Scandinavia.
  • Though not coming from said world, Breke is a manmade collaboration whos body is based on one of Odin's wolves Freki and his mind being composed of Odin's crows Huginn and Muninn.

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