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This article is about the guild in Ikebukuro. For the skill, go to Berserker.

Crest: Two swords before a coliseum engulfed in the flames of passion and vigor
Regarded as the strongest guild in Tokyo, with its members constantly pushing their own boundaries in terms of raw power. Their home base is a colosseum where fighters compete for coin and glory, attracting only the most capable and bloodthirstiest of warriors.
—Affiliation Description

The Berserkers, known in full as the Ikebukuro Berserkers, is a guild located in Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward.

Their Guild Master is Claude.


The Berserkers is a gathering for people who live to fight,[1]16 whether it be participating in matches or spectating them. Claude holds matches within the guild's home base, the Ikebukuro Colosseum located within and beneath the building previously known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. He has also set a rule for those wanting to join, that only the strongest warriors may enter the Colosseum. In order to gain access, the visitor's strength must be recognized by a current gladiator of the Colosseum.[2]2

They claim to be the strongest guild in Tokyo, though this is likely not true because of the existence of the Three True Guilds.


In collaboration with The Wisemen, Claude conducted an experiment to safely summon an Exception in an artificial Battle Zone.

The Ranking System employed by the Berserkers mimics the hierarchical structure the App uses to determine what Rules are more powerful than others. Additionally, the walls of the underground Colosseum represent the guild's boundaries, which lies just outside the App's Battle Zones. With the exception created by two members ordered under the ranking system, Kengo and Oniwaka, they could create an Exception that was safely trapped within the guild's territory that was much smaller in scale because of the ranking system put in place.[2]13

Claude also requested The Wisemen, notably Duo, to create a safe house within the underground labyrinth hidden in a way that nobody could predict its whereabouts, even if they knew about its existence. Shuichi implies that Duo did this knowing that only Shuichi would know Duo's genius enough to be able to figure out its location.[3]11

This test had several purposes—one was to figure out how to tame and weaponize Exceptions. By summoning the Exception into a heavily controlled and limited environment, they could gain more valuable insight into their nature. The eventual goal of the experiment would be to mobilize a rational Exception as a weapon of war.[4]16 Because Claude was also aware of the existence of loops in some form, another purpose behind the experiment was to figure out how to stop the loops, as well as to figure out a way to stay in the fight as long as possible.[3]11

This experiment would later be recreated by the Warmongers on a grander scale with the Exception Mahakala by creating an area above ground that would act as an artificial extension to the deep space underground where Mahakala and the other Exceptions reside. Exceptions cannot manifest in areas where meaningful information—light—is found. By covering Shinjuku Ward in a thick, impenetrable cloud of moon dust and debris, the Warmongers have effectively extended the boundaries of the subterranean labyrinth. This would enable Mahakala to appear at the surface, fully cognizant. However, the Mahakala present is akin to a ghost as it lacks the infinite power that comes with a Rule gone berserk.[4]13

Ranking System

A ranking system is used to determine the prize money rewarded to notable individuals. Those that fall outside of this shortlist can participate in Unranked Battles or can challenge a Ranker for their spot. Rankers must accept all battles to maintain their rank. Despite the prestige that comes with being amongst the Rankers, the rankings actually fluctuate greatly. This is partially due to match fixing and baiting greenhorns.

When the Protagonist first enters the Colosseum in Chapter 3, the Rankers are initially ordered as indicated below:

Rank Name Notes
1 Macan
2 ???
3 Oniwaka
4/5 Ikutoshi By process of elimination, Ikutoshi must be either 4th or 5th.
6 Kengo
7 Bathym
8 Pollux
9 Horkeu Kamui
10 Previously
Taurus Mask
Implied to have been left by Taurus Mask

After Chapter 3, the Rankers' order is roughly as follows:

Rank Name Notes
1 Macan
2 ???
3 Unfilled Oniwaka was desummoned after his battle with the Protagonist, and so was unable to retain his spot anymore.
4/5 Ikutoshi By process of elimination, Ikutoshi must be either 4th or 5th.
6 Unfilled Kengo left the Berserkers.
7 Bathym
8 Pollux
9 Unfilled Horkeu Kamui left his spot to reside in the mountains.
10 ???

Known Members

【バーサーカーズ】 Berserkers

【Guild Master】


【Past Loop】


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Colosseum Entrance
Ikebukuro Colosseum
Ikebukuro Underground Labyrinth


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