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This article is about the guild in Ikebukuro. For the skill, go to Berserker.

The Berserkers, referred in full as the Ikebukuro Berserkers, is a guild whose Portal is located in Ikebukuro of Toshima Ward. Its Guild Master is Claude.


It is said to be the strongest guild in Tokyo.


The core philosophy of The Berserkers is fighting.

Known members

【バーサーカーズ】 Berserkers

【Guild Master】



The Berserker's have a top 10 ranking system used to determine the prize money involved between notable individuals. Those that fall outside of this shortlist can participate in Unranked Battles, or can challenge a Ranker. Rankers must accept all battles to maintain their rank. Despite the prestige that comes with being amongst the Rankers, the rankings actually fluctuate greatly. This is partially due to match fixing and baiting greenhorns.

When the Protagonist first enters the Berserker's Portal in Chapter 3, the Rankers are initially ordered as indicated below:

1st Macan

2nd Possibly Cthugha

3rd Oniwaka

4th Unknown

5th Unknown

( Ikutoshi, who appeared in ranker area, should be either 4th or 5th by elimination)

6th Kengo

7th Pollux

8th Bathym

9th Horkeu Kamui

10th Unfilled (implied to have been left by Taurus Mask)


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Anonymous user
No. 13498
4 days ago
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I assume MacRoich is among the rankings now if going by the valentine's event.
Anonymous user
No. 7453
23 months ago
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Another case of protagonist centered morality as the story never brings up the shady baiting practices or how many people got hurt because of it ever again.
Anonymous user
No. 7237
23 months ago
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Best guild as a whole.
Anonymous user
No. 4555
28 months ago
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You hit me with that bootie
Anonymous user
No. 4554
28 months ago
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