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A Pillar is a Sacred Artifact that can retain new memories formed within a loop, even after the loop resets with the Great Flood of Time. They support the worlds of their origin. Pillars also refers to the wielders of such Sacred Artifacts. It may also refer to anyone or anything that can resist being washed away by anything.

General definition

In a more general sense, pillars refer to things that connect Element light.pngAETHER and Element dark.pngNETHER together. Conceptually, this relates to connecting opposite concepts such as Yang and Yin, light and darkness, or sky and earth. The permanent Gates of Tokyo, pillars of light that penetrate the earth and the sky, are also pillars, according to Breke recalling the memories of Azathoth.

Individuals may also train to achieve enlightenment and become Pillars, according to Motosumi. He elaborates that by isolating oneself in the mountains (representing the Ten Realms), studying the Three Mysteries of Esoteric Buddhism, and practicing secret rituals, one can become a Pillar and learn the mysteries of Vajra and Garbhakosa.

Relation to Representatives

Representatives are often but not always Pillar owners. Similarly, Pillar owners are not always the Representatives of their worlds. A Representative that is also a Pillar has a major advantage in the Game, having a clear objective to win for their World while being able to refer to the memories of past loops to give them an information advantage in future loops.