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SUMMONS, more commonly referred as The App, is a mysterious smartphone application that bestows its users the power of summoning. Through this app, anyone regardless of summoning training level can practise summoning.


The App was developed in secrecy through testing on the students of Fujimi Academy. It launched and rapidly became popular some short time before the events of Chapter 1.


The App icon is a hexagram.


The App features video calls, audio-only calls, and texts.


Debuting in Seaside Fashionista, users can use stickers to as a decorative feature.


Users can summon transients with the App using Transient Stones. Users can also summon Sacred Artifacts.

App Battles

Users can also engage in App Battles with other users. All App Battles must be accepted, otherwise the user forfeits their access to the rest of the App's features. App Battles occur in Battle Zones, where Rules can be enforced. The end of an App Battle is typically marked by the defeat of one of the participants.

These Battle Zones can typically be terminated by turning off the App. However, they can persist even when the App is closed under the condition that only App Users and Transients remain in the Battle Zone, as summarized by Alice in I Ain't Scared a No Halloween!. Such "Battle Zones" are restricted in an enclosed area.

Tracking other App users

Through the App, users can track the physical locations of other users.


The App allows for formations of guilds among groups of users, which grants certain perks. With guilds, several Rules can be enforced in an enclosed area for an indefinite period of time, without the need of a Battle Zone.


The purpose of the App is theorized by Shuichi to be the consolidation of all 24 mythologies into one unified mythology. However, Chapter 8 reveals that the true purpose of the App is that it's merely a conduit for the World Representatives to determine which world is superior.


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I'm surprised LifeWonders hasn't made a communication app based off of SUMMONS. I'd use it in a heartbeat.
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