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Sacred Artifacts are the vessels of gods which take the form of a physical object. As vessels of gods, they can be used to impose the Rules of the gods they house which override the regular world's laws of nature. Sacred Artifacts can be found existing in permanence (as in the case of Shiro's Cosmic Terror necronomicon) or summoned (as in the case of Protagonist's Boundless Tail sword).

Roles and Rules

Every Rule is tied to a Role, which dictates the extent and inflection of the Rule. The Rule housed in the Sacred Artifact is derived from a divine being, while the Role is derived from the wielder's soul. Several duplicate Rules and Roles have existed at the same time; however, no Role-Rule pair has ever been known to have a co-existing duplicate.

Sacred Artifacts are not tied to their Rules. Rules may be swapped between Sacred Artifacts (as in Raiders of the Lost Isle), but the transaction must also bring trade Roles.

Two Rules of similar power cannot be applied on the same thing at once. Thus, one Rule cannot be used to directly overpower the application of the other similar Rule.

Ties to the owner

Sacred Artifacts house the memories of past owners.

An Exception related to a Sacred Artifact takes the form of the original owner. If the original owner and the current owner are one and the same, then the owner becomes an Exception through having power from the Sacred Artifact flow into them.

Sacred Artifacts lose their power the further they are from their owner.


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