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A guild passionately dedicated to the arts, entertainment, and drama, with a student theater company as its public face.
—Affiliation Description

The Entertainers, known in full as the Yurakucho Entertainers, is an administrative guild located in Yurakucho, Chiyoda Ward.

Their guild icon can be interpreted as either a comedy mask with the left side of its face covered by a dark-veiled mourning hat or a mask peeking behind from the stage curtains.

Their Guild Master is Oscar.



The Entertainers' collective goal is to make the Game "more interesting" for their audience. They strive to avoid loops from falling into a boring repetition, looking for ways to create unique scenarios that had never happened before to ensure the Game remains exciting and enjoyable. This idea conflicts with the Game Masters, as their actions can threaten the Game's stability. However, their role is still deemed necessary as the Game would go nowhere if it continued to be stale.[1]21


Many of the guild's members wear masks during their performances, reflecting how actors on a stage play put on a "role". While many of its members have a physical mask they adorn, Cipactli uses a stage name to mask his identity instead.[2] Amduscias chooses to perform without one, contrary to the ideology of the guild.[3]

Despite being an administrative guild, not all of its members are aware of this. In fact, some may be oblivious to themselves being part of the Game's management.[1]21


Many members of the Game Masters and Entertainers form pairs together to oversee a given area. Examples of these pairs are Alice and Christine who watch over Shinjuku and Shibuya, as well as Sanat Kumara and Leannan Sidhe who are in charge of Taito's Akihabara and Asakusa areas. However, members of both guilds often butt heads due to their opposing beliefs; Entertainers tend to find Game Masters suffocating.[1]21

The Entertainers are revealed to have been partnering with the Rule Makers, betraying their position as a neutral administrative guild.[4]33


Barguest was able to confirm at least 26 of the Entertainer's bases during his infiltration. Their bases consist of theaters, movie theaters, and other entertainment facilities.[5]16

Administrative Guild Status


As an administrative guild, the Game Masters and Entertainers are forbidden from having any direct influence on the Game. They cannot bring any direct harm to any of the Game's players nor lend any aid to other guilds that are directly involved with the Game's progression.[4]33


Because of their status as an administrative guild, they have the exclusive privilege of being able to hold dual guild membership for the purpose of infiltration and internal investigation and hide their secondary affiliation. Those who hold dual memberships avoid revealing this secret in fear of being seen as a traitor.[1]21[4]9

They also hold exclusive administrative control within the App, such as the ability to hide,[5]2 censor,[6] or falsify[4]9 users' information, whether it be their own or others.

Known Members

【エンタティナーズ】 Entertainers

【Guild Master】

【Event Variant】

【Event Variant】

【Event Variant】


  • Tindalos was given the choice by Leannan Sidhe to join either the Entertainers or Creators. He decided to join the Creators guild, to her relief.

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I know which is why I hate them all. I would love an antagonist who rightfully call out these characters actions and the MC's willingness to forgive coming from a place of privilege. We never see the common person's reaction to all of these crimes.
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The same human rights violations that every other big bad engages in.
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