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The map from the main menu of the game. The regions without lines through them are the 23 wards of Tokyo.

Tokyo is the main setting for Tokyo Afterschool Summoners and the stage for The Game. Based on the real Tokyo, it is split into 23 different special wards.


Several years before the start of the story, at 1999, twenty-three Gates spontaneously opened in Tokyo, connecting the city to all sorts of other Worlds. Through the Gates came all manner of different creatures unlike the human natives of Tokyo. The Walls surrounding the wards was soon built after the appearance of the gates. Declaring Tokyo a Joint Management Region, the Japanese Government and the United Nations created laws to govern Tokyo and the beings from other worlds which were dubbed Transients. The Transient Act was created, granting Transients rights that were close to the natives of Tokyo and gave them legal status as foreign exchange students.


Tokyoites are those who were born within the city and had not come from other worlds.






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