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The Tycoons, referred in full as the Roppongi Tycoons and rarely as simply the Roppongis, is a guild whose Portal is located in Roppongi of Minato Ward. Its Guild Master is Licht.


It is a guild renowned for its wealth.


Tycoons prioritize political power and leadership. This often leads to internal conflicts, most notably between Ophion, Hakumen, and Lucifuge, although other squabbles can be seen such as Unknown icon.pngBarons amongst themselves, and Licht attempting to puppeteer these competing interests for his own benefit as the true Guild Master.

Known members

【タイクーンズ】 Tycoons

【Guild Master】







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15 months ago
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Remember back when this was the big uber guild?

Then the three true guilds showed up and everyone else was irrelevant
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