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Regarded as Tokyo's finest guild, its members pursue political influence and wealth above all else. Primarily operating from a group of six high-rise towers, there's a clear caste divide between leader and follower within, making this a particularly well-organized guild.
—Affiliation Description

The Tycoons, known in full as the Roppongi Tycoons, is a guild located in Roppongi, Minato Ward.

Their Guild Master is Licht.


The Tycoons prioritize political power and leadership, members often being successful business owners, wealthy entrepreneurs or the assistants who work for the wealthy. Because many members desire power, the guild is prone to internal coups and power struggles as members scheme against each other in order to claim their rightful place at the top, most notably between Ophion, Hakumen, and Lucifuge. Various Barons also feel discontent with their place within the guild, going from rulers in their home worlds to a low-ranking guild member.

They frequently fight against the Missionaries, seeing them as their opposites and rivals. Conflicts typically take place in the area from Aoyama Cemetery, Minato Ward to Nogizaka, Minato Ward as the two guilds' borders cross there. A Portal in this area is the Nokizaka Tunnel located between Roppongi Station and Aoyama-itchrome Station. According to Maria, the greatest concentration of App battles among the 23 wards happens in this border with not a day going by without a battle breaking out,[1]8 though that information may only be true before the Three True Guilds begin to act.

The Tycoons control half of Minato Ward.[1]8 While the Tycoons may see themselves as the most powerful and wealthy guild in Tokyo, their influence and control over the city pales in comparison to the Three True Guilds.

Their guild icon is of a skyscraper surrounded by glittering Coin and jewels.

Known Members

【タイクーンズ】 Tycoons

【Guild Master】







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Remember back when this was the big uber guild?

Then the three true guilds showed up and everyone else was irrelevant
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