Can't Spell Heart Without Art

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Can't Spell Heart Without Art
Rarity 3
効果1Increases HP by 300~600
寵龍画棟アトリエー・レナトゥスNo additional CS effects
[Turn StartTriggers on turn start of their player, after [Phase Start] effects, before [Enemy Turn Start] effects.] +1~4 CP to allies in Slash range / 30~60%
[On MissAfter this unit attacks but hits nothing.] +100~200 HP to allies in Slash range / 30~60%
0.45x ATK penaltyShot
0.26x ATK penaltySnipe
Icon weapon nothing.pngNone
Show applicable transients (189)
Aegir (☆5 Christmas)
Black Agent (☆2)
White Agent (☆2)
Brown Agent (☆2)
Red Agent (☆2)
Blue Agent (☆2)
Green Agent (☆2)
Yellow Agent (☆2)
Purple Agent (☆2)
Agyo (☆4)
Ahab (☆3)
Ahab (☆5)
Aizen (☆5)
Akiha Gongen (☆3)
Akiha Gongen (☆5)
Akiha Gongen (☆5 Summer)
Alp (☆5 Halloween)
Arachne (☆3)
Arachne (☆4)
Arc (☆3)
Arc (☆4)
Arc (☆5 Valentine)
Ashigara (☆5 Seaside)
Astaroth (☆4)
Azathoth (☆3)
Azathoth (☆4)
Babe Bunyan (☆3)
Babe Bunyan (☆4)
Babe Bunyan (☆4 Summer)
Fire Baron (☆2)
Water Baron (☆2)
Wood Baron (☆2)
Aether Baron (☆2)
Nether Baron (☆2)
Bathym (☆4 Seaside)
Benten (☆3)
Benten (☆5 Christmas)
Bertro (☆3)
Breke (☆4 Nightglows)
Cait Sith (☆4 Valentine)
Evil Camouflager (☆2)
World Camouflager (☆2)
Catoblepas (☆3)
Catoblepas (☆4)
Catoblepas (☆4 Summer)
Chernobog (☆5 Beachside)
Choji (☆4 Christmas)
Daikoku (☆3)
Daikoku (☆5)
Ded (☆5)
Red Devil (☆1)
Blue Devil (☆1)
Green Devil (☆1)
Yellow Devil (☆1)
Purple Devil (☆1)
Ebisu (☆3)
Ebisu (☆4)
Furufumi (☆3)
Furufumi (☆4)
Fuxi (☆5)
Hakumen (☆4 Valentine)
Hanuman (☆4 Journey)
Heracles (☆3)
Heracles (☆5)
Hogen (☆5 Festival)
Hotei (☆3)
Hotei (☆4)
Ibaraki (☆4)
Ifrit (☆4)
Isaac (☆3)
Isaac (☆4)
Israfil (☆3)
Israfil (☆5)
Itzamna (☆3)
Itzamna (☆4)
Itzamna (☆4 Valentine)
Jiraiya (☆4)
Jiraiya (☆4 Christmas)
Jormungandr (☆5)
Jugo (☆4 Summer)
Kalki (☆4 Christmas)
Kotaro (☆3)
Kotaro (☆5)
Kotaro (☆4 Beachside)
Krampus (☆5 Jiangshi)
Kurogane (☆3)
Kurogane (☆5 Nightglows)
Kyuma (☆3)
Kyuma (☆4)
Leannan Sidhe (☆3)
Leannan Sidhe (☆4)
Leib (☆3)
Leib (☆5)
Licht (☆3)
Licht (☆5)
Licht (☆4 Valentine)
Lucifuge (☆3)
Lucifuge (☆4)
Marduk (☆3)
Marduk (☆4)
Melusine (☆3)
Melusine (☆4)
Melusine (☆4 Christmas)
Fire Merman (☆2)
Water Merman (☆2)
Wood Merman (☆2)
Aether Merman (☆2)
Nether Merman (☆2)
Infernal Merman (☆2)
Fire Mobster (☆2)
Water Mobster (☆2)
Wood Mobster (☆2)
Aether Mobster (☆2)
Nether Mobster (☆2)
Moritaka (☆5 Jamboree)
Nekros&Bacchus (☆5)
Red Ninja (☆1)
Blue Ninja (☆1)
Green Ninja (☆1)
Yellow Ninja (☆1)
Purple Ninja (☆1)
Nobuharu (☆4 Festival)
Nomad (☆5 Christmas)
Ophion (☆3)
Ophion (☆5)
Ose (☆3)
Ose (☆4)
Otohime (☆3)
Otohime (☆4)
Oz (☆4 Pool)
Aether Pirate (☆1)
R-19 (☆4)
Robinson (☆3)
Robinson (☆4)
Robinson (☆4 Canaan)
Sandayu (☆3)
Sandayu (☆5)
Seth (☆5 Valentine)
Shino (☆5 Valentine)
Shinya (☆3)
Shinya (☆4)
Sitri (☆4)
Smoky God (☆3)
Smoky God (☆4)
Surtr (☆4 Valentine)
Tadatomo (☆4 Valentine)
Tadatomo (☆5 Main Story)
Tanetomo (☆4)
Tangaroa (☆5)
Tangaroa (☆5 Canaan)
Teda (☆3)
Teda (☆4)
Temujin (☆3)
Temujin (☆4)
Tezcatlipoca (☆3)
Tezcatlipoca (☆5)
Tezcatlipoca (☆4 Festival)
The Hero (☆4)
Thunderbird (☆4)
Tindalos (☆3)
Tindalos (☆5)
Tomte (☆4)
Black Tribe (☆2)
White Tribe (☆2)
Brown Tribe (☆2)
Black Trooper (☆2)
White Trooper (☆2)
Brown Trooper (☆2)
Red Trooper (☆2)
Blue Trooper (☆2)
Green Trooper (☆2)
Yellow Trooper (☆2)
Purple Trooper (☆2)
Tsathoggua (☆5)
Tsathoggua (☆4 Fashionista)
Tsukuyomi (☆5)
Vapula (☆3)
Vapula (☆4)
Volos (☆4)
Wakan Tanka∞ (☆3)
Wakan Tanka∞ (☆5)
Xolotl (☆3)
Xolotl (☆4)
White Yaksha (☆2)
Purple Yaksha (☆2)
Yamasachihiko (☆3)
Yamasachihiko (☆4)
Yoshito (☆4)
Ziz (☆3)
Official English
"""Nnngh... how vexing! This is not the color I require—not the art I saw in my mind!
""There is no need to be so tense. Remember that art is a way to liberate the soul and give free rein to the heart.""

Itzamna's Art Academy in Tokyo, known as Iguana House, has one rather persnickety student on its roster: a certain Guild Master named Licht, of the venerable Tycoons. Never satisfied with anything but the very best, Licht continues to paint long after the final bell has rung, and Itzamna patiently stays after class to continue giving guidance. As the one in charge of the Tycoons, Licht must always have a scheme in the back of his mind during his day-to-day life, so it stands to reason he would demand perfection from his art; however, the actual reason for his focus is quite the opposite of this, as Licht is more at ease here than anywhere else, his paintings allowing him to express the raw emotions in his heart without the confines of some complex combat strategy. Today, too, Licht expresses himself freely, and Itzamna stays not because he has to, but because he wants to see more."
Translated from Japanese
"Uhh……M-my idea of color and art is……!"

"There's no need to be so formal, art is about freeing the mind."

The Iguana House, an art workshop organized by Itzamna in Tokyo. Licht, the guildmaster of the Tycoons, is one of his students. Today, Itzamner continues to teach Licht, who is still hard at work even after the lesson is over. In the scheming world of Roppongi, he is always on the lookout, but right now he is just a student. Only in the moment of devoting himself to painting can he let out everything that is hidden in his heart. As his mind wanders, he begins to paint the canvas. What emerges is a mental image of himself. Once again today, the joy of expressing oneself from the heart is born in this studio.

Official Japanese


  • The CS name is "Atelier Renatus: Favorite Dragon's Painted Ridge"

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Anonymous user
No. 9289
18 months ago
Score 0 You

Itzamna was released December 2020 and 3 months after he already got an AR equipment?

Wow, talking about became popular in little time!
Anonymous user
No. 9290
18 months ago
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Dagon was released November 2019 and November 2019 he already got an AR?
Anonymous user
No. 9208
19 months ago
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this is really good with daikoku *5 unit :P
Anonymous user
No. 9202
19 months ago
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  • CRYING* I got this card but no unit which gives Event bonuses to equip it to increase my token drops!
If only I got Summer Bathym T_T
Anonymous user
No. 9194
19 months ago
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thank you gdilfs
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