Nocturnal Dance

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Nocturnal Dance
Rarity 5
Kijima Hyogo
効果1Increases HP by 250~500
効果2Increases ATK by 250~500
恵風和寵アイランダーズ・サンクタムNo additional CS effects
[Phase StartTriggers on their player's first turn of each phase, before [Turn Start] effects. Effects of the same timing from same unit are all triggered together before they are applied.] Apply SpiritDeal extra 400~800 damage to enemies for 2 turns (Buff) to self and allies on the entire board
    +500~1000 HP to self and allies on the entire board / 80~100%
Element world.pngWORLD
Element none.pngALL-ROUND
Show applicable transients (77)
Brown Agent (☆2)
Ahura Mazda (☆3)
Ahura Mazda (☆5)
World Alchemist (☆2)
Amaterasu (☆3)
Amaterasu (☆5)
World Angel (☆1)
Azathoth (☆3)
Azathoth (☆4)
Beowulf (☆3)
Beowulf (☆4)
Bertro (☆4)
Bigfoot (☆3)
Bigfoot (☆5)
Brown Camouflager (☆2)
Christine (☆3)
Christine (☆4)
World Ciramantep (☆2)
Fuxi (☆3)
Fuxi (☆5)
World Giant (☆2)
Horus (☆3)
Horus (☆5)
∀Isaac (☆3)
∀Isaac (☆4)
Ixbalanque (☆3)
Ixbalanque (☆4)
Jacob (☆5)
World Jiangshi (☆2)
Kijimuna (☆3)
Kijimuna (☆4)
Kijimuna (☆4 Canaan)
Korpokkur (☆3)
Korpokkur (☆5)
World Livestreamer (☆2)
MacRoich (☆3)
MacRoich (☆4)
Masashi (☆3)
Masashi (☆5)
Musashi (☆3)
Musashi (☆4)
Brown Nightgaunt (☆2)
Perun (☆3)
Perun (☆5)
Protagonist (☆3)
Protagonist (☆4)
Brown Ranger (☆2)
Robinson (☆4 Canaan)
World Senri (☆2)
Shino (☆5 Valentine)
Smoky God (☆3)
Smoky God (☆4)
Tadatomo (☆5 Main Story)
Takeminakata (☆3)
Takeminakata (☆5)
Tangaroa (☆3)
Tangaroa∞ (☆3)
Tangaroa (☆5)
Tangaroa (☆5 Canaan)
Tezcatlipoca (☆5)
Tomte (☆4)
Brown Tribe (☆2)
World Trickster (☆2)
Brown Trooper (☆2)
Ulaanbaatar (☆3)
Ulaanbaatar (☆5)
Wakan Tanka∞ (☆3)
Wakan Tanka (☆5 Fashionista)
Willie Wildcat (☆3)
Willie Wildcat (☆5)
World Wraith (☆2)
Brown Luchador (☆2)
Brown Yaksha (☆2)
Yoritomo (☆3)
Yoritomo (☆5)
Zhurong (☆4)
Zhurong (☆5 Christmas)
Translated from Japanese
"Okay, Tangaroa! Islanders, take care!"

"Ah, Kijimuna. We are rooted to the earth and live with the blessings of the island."

In a world beyond the ocean, Kijimuna is the child of the great tree that supports Nirai Kanai. And in the shell world of Lumia Kanaloa, Tangaroa is the chieftain of the verdant island. Celebrating the night of the collision of two worlds, Kijimuna and Tangaroa dance together in joy. With their feet on the ground and their hands high in the air, they laugh and dance to the rhythm of life. Their beloved children dance with them, sharing the joy of life and gratitude for their bounty. Their roots run deep in the earth, and their branches support the sky, showing how much they mean to us.

Official Japanese
「はいさい、タンガロア! 島んちゅ同士、よろしく頼むよー!」

「ああ、キジムナー。我ら、島の大地に根を下ろし、島の恵みと共に生きる者なれば。」 海の向こうの世界、ニライカナイを支える大樹の子キジムナー。 そして貝の世界ルミア・カナロアの父祖の依代にして、緑繁る島の酋長たる、タンガロア。 図らずも交わった2つの世界の夜を祝い、キジムナーとタンガロアは、それぞれの歓びを踊りに変えて示しあう。 力強く地を踏みしめ、その空に高く諸手を挙げて、彼らは高らかに笑い、生のリズムを全身で表現する。 それにつられて、愛する子らも、共に生きる歓びを、その豊饒への感謝を踊りに乗せる。 大地に深く根を張り、大空に枝葉を広げ支える、彼らの在り方を示すように。


Event Line
Profile :
Charge :


  • The CS name is "Islander's Sanctum: Clear and Favored Winds"

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Anonymous user: 926c22eb
No. 17148
9 months ago
Score 0 You


Reverse Yaoi hands.
Anonymous user: 0f692898
No. 16400
12 months ago
Score 0 You
Anonymous user: aea46d31
No. 10599
34 months ago
Score 0 You


Because it's by a yaoi artist, and you know how things be with hands in yaoi - the more uber the hands the more lewd it is
Anonymous user: 8977bbe6
No. 10575
34 months ago
Score 0 You
The art is so good in this AR card but as soon as I saw it I thought something was off... WHY IS KIJIMUNA'S HANDS SO FUCKING SMALL??? THEY ARE TINYYYYY
Anonymous user: ccc37805
No. 10496
35 months ago
Score 0 You
No, you see, it's of utmost importance to get a shot from below of the kid. Even if every other character in the picture is positioned from the waist up. No, I don't care that he should be floating for that angle to be possible. I HAVE to get this kid's crotch on everyone's face
Anonymous user: a50ddc97
No. 10482
35 months ago
Score 0 You
English name in game is Nocturnal Dance. I'm not sure how to update that in the wiki without breaking something
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