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Increases CP of a character by a certain amount until it reaches 100. The amount varies depending on the skill.

Effects involving increases/decreases in CP have an additional random value ranging roughly between 0% - 20% of the original value. For example, Kotaro (Beachside) has a skill which allows him to gain 60 CP when appearing. However, in practice this value is actually slightly higher due to the additionally randomly generated CP, allowing him to start with 63 CP or even 70 CP for example. This randomly generated additional CP also applies to status effects which increase/decrease CP such as Arousal+10CP/turn for 1 turn (Buff). The exact distribution of this effect is not known, but an estimate of 10% additional CP can be expected.


The following statuses increase a unit's CP:

Acceleration+8CP/turn for 3 turns (Buff),  Arousal+10CP/turn for 1 turn (Buff),  Immobility+12CP/turn, cannot move at will for 3 turns (Buff),  ArdorATK Up by 1.2x ~ 2.4x, +5CP/turn for 2 turns (Buff),  Acceleration (Stackable 1)+8CP/turn for 3 turns (Irremovable Buff),  Acceleration (Stackable 2)+8CP/turn for 3 turns (Irremovable Buff),  Acceleration (Stackable 3)+8CP/turn for 3 turns (Irremovable Buff),  Hot Springs+20CP/turn for 6 turns (Irremovable Buff),  Deal with the DevilWhile user has Price of Contract: ATK Up by 6x, DEF Up by 0.3x, +20CP/turn for 2 turns (Irremovable Buff),  Debuff ReversalWhen holding debuffs: +15CP/turn, +400 HP/turn for 999 turns. (Irremovable Buff),  Conflagration StrengtheningWhile user has Conflagration: DEF Up by 0.35x, +20CP/turn for 999 turns (Irremovable Buff)


Base Skills

Due to the growing page size, it has been split into 3 parts based on targets:

Charge and AR Skills

Charge Skill Zao (+5~10)
Zao (+5~10)
Arsalan (Halloween) (+12~24)
Robinson (+12~24)
Robinson (+12~24)
Zao (Gendarme) (+8~16)
Oz (+3~6)
Oz (+3~6)
Jambavan (Nightmare) (+3~6)
Andvari (Beachside) (+6~12)
Ose (Christmas) (+10~20)
Zao (+5~10)
Zao (+5~10)
Zao (Gendarme) (+8~16)
AR Skill Eyes on the Prize (+50)
Were You Watching, Pops!? (+5~10)
Running Side-by-Side (+2~4)

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