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Afterschool Workshop
Rarity 4
Kira Nerisu
効果1Increases HP by 100~200
効果2Increases ATK by 300~600
点鉄成筋ウィーアー・クラフターズNo additional CS effects
[Quest VictoryAfter a Quest gets completed, triggers as long as this unit was included in your starting team (sub and support slots included).] (Disabled on supports) Extra chance of Lesser HP Seed (+5~10%)
    (Disabled on supports) Extra chance of HP Seed (+5~10%)
    (Disabled on supports) Extra chance of Greater HP Seed (+5~10%)
    (Disabled on supports) Extra chance of Lesser ATK Seed (+5~10%)
    (Disabled on supports) Extra chance of ATK Seed (+5~10%)
    (Disabled on supports) Extra chance of Greater ATK Seed (+5~10%) / 100%
[When AttackingFor each unit with >0HP hit. Triggered and applied before damage calculation, after [Before Being Hit] effects, before [After Being Hit] effects from the target.] Apply Grant Guts ResistanceAcquire skill for 1 turn: [Status Resistance] Remove Guts / 100% (Special Status id 4) to hit units
    Apply Guts ResistanceAcquire skill for 4 turns: [Status Resistance] Remove Guts / 100% (Buff) to hit units / 50~100%
[After AttackingFor each unit with >0HP hit. Triggered and applied after damage calculation, after the target's [After Being Hit] effects.] Apply Remove BuffRemove one buff (Debuff) to hit units / 0%
Andvari's Shop
Translated from Japanese
The Kamata Crafters' philosophy is "technique starts with muscle".

As if to illustrate this point, a corner of the Crafter's workshop is lined with training equipment today. The Crafters are a group of technicians who handle the maintenance of Tokyo's many Sacred Artifacts. When you meet each of them, you can be sure that they'll provide you with friendly advice from their different fields of expertise and perspectives. But... When it comes to the topic of the best training methods, there's always plenty of back-and-forth arguments, ranging from scientifically-engineered menus to personalized mental care. "Show off! Our best technology! Show them! Our muscles!"

  • The Crafters are open to all technical personnel. For more information, please contact the guild master.
Official Japanese

それを表すかのように、今日もクラフターズの工房の片隅にはトレーニンググッズが所狭しと並んでいる。 クラフターズは東京にあふれる「神器」のメンテナンスを一手に引き受ける技術屋集団。 一人一人と接すれば、それぞれが異なる専門分野・見地から親身になって相談に乗ってくれることは間違いない。 が、しかし。ひとたび一番お勧めのトレーニング法の話ともなれば、喧々囂々の議論百出はいつものことだ。 科学的手法に基づいたメニューからお互いを高め合うメンタルケアまで。 魅せろ! 技術の粋で! 見せろ! 筋肉を! ※クラフターズはいかなる技術職の人材も受け付けています。詳しくはギルドマスター迄


Event Line


  • This AR increases the drop rate of seeds by a starting value of 5 (5%?), increasing to 10 (10%?) when approaching Max Lv 100. This exclusively includes Lesser HP Seed, HP Seed, Greater HP Seed, Lesser ATK Seed, ATK Seed, Greater ATK Seed. Thus, it does not increase drop rates for Lv Seeds, Skill Seeds, or any Blossom. This excludes units slotted in Support.
  • The reason why there is an effect of Remove BuffRemove one buff (Debuff) at 0% is to use the unique property of Remove Buff, which removes Guts at a 100% rate on overkill. Therefore, this AR allows removal of Guts when attacking enemies with 0 HP.
  • The CS name is "We Are Crafters: Turn Iron into Muscles"

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No. 12553
3 months ago
Score -1++

Kira Nerisu's thick fing -

Hold on, why aren't they showing off their thick rugged fingers?? What a waste of the artist's talent -﹏-
Anonymous user
No. 11872
6 months ago
Score 1 You

I find it amusing the card with the characters with Muscleguts has effect debuffs the Gut buff~

Also the Seed drop boost, how come it's not part of the skill effect description?
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