OJT: The Gyumao Way

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OJT: The Gyumao Way
Rarity 3
効果1Increases HP by 300~600
熱烈俊眩リュウサコウガジンNo additional CS effects
[After MovingAfter this unit is held and released by their player.] Apply Remove DebuffRemove one debuff (Buff) to allies in front of self / 50~100%
[Defense ModifierAll multipliers stack with each other.] Take 0.8x damage from 0.55x ATK penaltyThrust-ranged enemies / 100%


0.32x ATK penaltyLong Slash
0.28x ATK penaltyMagic
Desert Journey (2020 Re-Release) Free Quest/Item Exchange
Show applicable transients (136)
Agyo (☆3)
Algernon (☆4 Summer)
Alice (☆3)
Alice (☆4)
Amatsumara (☆4 Fashionista)
Andvari (☆5 Beachside)
Ashigara (☆4)
Astaroth (☆3)
Azazel (☆3)
Azazel (☆4)
Babalon (☆3)
Bael (☆3)
Bael (☆5)
Barguest (☆4)
Benten (☆4)
Cait Sith (☆3)
Cait Sith (☆4)
Choji (☆3)
Choji (☆4)
Christine (☆3)
Christine (☆4)
Claude (☆3)
Claude (☆4 Christmas)
Cthugha (☆5 Nightglows)
Cu Sith (☆4)
Daikoku (☆4 Hot Paradise)
Duo (☆3)
Duo (☆5)
Fenrir (☆4 Make Sail)
Furufumi (☆4 Festival)
Gabriel (☆3)
Gabriel (☆5)
Gabriel (☆4 Valentine)
Gandharva (☆4)
Red Ghost (☆1)
Blue Ghost (☆1)
Green Ghost (☆1)
Yellow Ghost (☆1)
Purple Ghost (☆1)
Goemon (☆3)
Goemon (☆4)
Gyobu (☆3)
Gyobu (☆4)
Gyumao (☆3)
Gyumao (☆5)
Gyumao (☆4 Valentine)
Horkeu Kamui (☆5 Hot Paradise)
Jambavan (☆4)
Jinn (☆5)
Kengo (☆5 Valentine)
Kenta (☆4 Valentine)
Kijimuna (☆4 Canaan)
Korpokkur (☆3)
Korpokkur (☆5)
Kuniyoshi (☆3)
Kuniyoshi (☆4)
Kuniyoshi (☆5 Nightmare)
Kurogane (☆5)
Fire-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Water-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Wood-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Aether-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Nether-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Licho (☆4)
Licho (☆5 Festival)
MacRoich (☆4)
Fire Mage (☆1)
Ice Mage (☆1)
Earth Mage (☆1)
Light Mage (☆1)
Dark Mage (☆1)
Fire Maid (☆1)
Water Maid (☆1)
Wood Maid (☆1)
Aether Maid (☆1)
Nether Maid (☆1)
Maria (☆3)
Maria (☆4)
Mephistopheles (☆3)
Mephistopheles (☆4)
Fire Mermaid (☆2)
Water Mermaid (☆2)
Wood Mermaid (☆2)
Aether Mermaid (☆2)
Nether Mermaid (☆2)
Infernal Mermaid (☆2)
Mineaki (☆3)
Mineaki (☆4)
Motosumi (☆4 Setsubun)
Nekros&Bacchus (☆3)
Nyarlathotep (☆4)
Oniwaka (☆5 Setsubun)
Orgus (☆4)
Oz (☆4)
Water Pirate (☆1)
White Ranger (☆2)
Brown Ranger (☆2)
Ryota (☆3)
Ryota (☆4)
Ryota (☆5 Christmas)
Sanat Kumara (☆5)
Seth (☆3)
Seth (☆4)
Seth (☆4 Beachside)
Seth (☆5 Valentine)
Shennong (☆5 Summer)
Shiro (☆3)
Shiro (☆4)
Shiro (☆4 Valentine)
Shiro (☆5 Jamboree)
Shuichi (☆4)
Sol (☆4)
Surtr (☆5)
Suzuka (☆4)
Tadatomo (☆4)
Tajikarao (☆5 Summer)
Takemaru (☆3)
Tetsuya (☆4 Christmas)
Thunderbird (☆4 Summer)
Triton (☆3)
Triton (☆4)
Typhon (☆4)
Typhon (☆5 Make Sail)
Fire Valkyrie (☆2)
Water Valkyrie (☆2)
Wood Valkyrie (☆2)
Aether Valkyrie (☆2)
Nether Valkyrie (☆2)
Yellow Yaksha (☆2)
Black Yaksha (☆2)
Brown Yaksha (☆2)
Yasuyori (☆4)
Yasuyori (☆5 Christmas)
Zao (☆5 Gendarme)
Zhurong (☆4)
Ziz (☆4)
Translated from Japanese
"That's it! Very good, Seth! As I expected, you're pretty slick!"

"Th-thank you! Hehe……Alright, let's do this!"

Once, in that otherworldly desert―― Gyumao said to the young man who carried the name of his sibling. "The act of taking over a name means taking responsibility for it――I'm sure you still have that spirit in you."

Then, at an office in Roppongi―― Gyumao met the young man again at an interview for a part-time job at a resort pool. The hard expression on his face was from nervousness, not from the weakness he was trying to hide, as he had done before. The young man's apparent growth, however slight, reminded Gyumao of what had happened in the otherworldly land. That's when he asked someone, "What do you need to do a good job?" Do your best. Train yourself. Cooperate with others. All of those answers would be possible for "Seth", the young man standing in front of Gyumao.

And now―― The two of them stood side by side by the pool, deck brushes in hand. Gyumao personally trains the new addition to the cast, Seth, as his "new family member."

Official Japanese
「そうだ! 上手いぞセト君! 私の見込み通り、君はなかなかスジが良い!」

「あっ、ありがとうございます! へへ……よーっし、やるぞォー!!」 かつて、異界化の砂漠にて―― ギュウマオウは、きょうだいの名を背負う青年に言った。 「名を継ぐという行為は、己に責を課すということ――その気概はきっと、君の中に残っているはずだ」 その後、六本木のオフィスにて―― ギュウマオウは、リゾートプールのアルバイト面接の場でその青年と再び出会った。 固い表情は緊張からくるもので、以前の様に虚勢はるような、己の弱さを隠すためのものではない。 少しではあるが明らかに成長がみられる青年の様子に、ギュウマオウは異界化の地での出来事を思い出した。 それは、とある人物に「良い仕事のために必要な事はなにか?」と問いかけた時の事―― 実力を尽くすこと。自分を鍛えること。みんなと協力すること。 それらの答えはすべて、ギュウマオウの目の前に立つ青年「セト」にとっては、すべて実現できるだろう。 そして、現在―― 2人はプールサイドで、デッキブラシを手にとり並び立つ。 ギュウマオウは、「新たな家族」として新入りキャストのセトを、直々に教育するのだ。


  • The CS name is "Quicksand Yellow River Team: Passionate Dazzling Genius"

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Look at Seth hardly can't wait for gyumao to fuck his twink hole fucking whore
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Seth's face here is priceless.
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What does "OJT" stand for?
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On-the-job training
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look at this absolute twink wagging his tail n shit i bet hes got a raging boner rn
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>>6023 Don't get so excited,Gyumao's showing him how to swab the deck.
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Damn Gyumao looks really cute in this artstyle and I appreciate quality time with him and Seth <3
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REMOVE DEBUFF AS A HIT OR MISS????????????????????????????????????????
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