In This Place of Education

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In This Place of Education
Rarity 4
Kasai Kowmei
効果1Increases HP by 200~400
効果2Increases ATK by 200~400
不還之教テンリュウハチブホウジンNo additional CS effects
[Quest VictoryAfter a Quest gets completed, triggers as long as this transient was included in your starting team (sub and support slots included).] Additional XP (+5~15%)
    Additional Rank XP (+5~10%) / 100%
Andvari's Shop
Translated from Japanese
Official Japanese

今日も校庭のグラウンドを全力で駆け、跳び回るその姿を見つめ、導く2人がいた。 スポーツドクターのミネアキと、体育教師兼レスリング部コーチのアヴァルガ。 片や、広目天の加護を得て、不調や病気を見張る。 片や、迦楼羅天の加護を得て、不運や災いから護る。 さて、この2名が務める依々祇学園の所属者には、とある共通点がある。 それは、異世界の力を浸食させることによる「身体機能」の向上と、それを保護し導く「役割」と「権能」。 ここに通う生徒たちの多くはその基準の元にスカウトされ、安全な囲いの中で監視監督されている。 しかし、始まりは何であっても、この2人が生徒たちを思う気持ちに偽りはない。 教え子たちの危険があらば教師たちは、その全力をもって立ち上がる。


Event Line


  • Using a support character with this AR attached gives no extra XP/Rank XP.
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No. 9068
8 days ago
Score 0++

Students from Shibuya Ward, a prestigious sports school, Yoyo Gakuen.

Even today, there were two people who ran with all their might on the ground of the schoolyard, stared at the figure jumping around, and guided them. Mineaki, a sports doctor, and Avarga, a physical education teacher and wrestling coach. On the other hand, with the blessing of Hirometen, keep an eye on upsets and illnesses. On the other hand, with the blessing of Karura, protect from bad luck and disaster. By the way, the members of Gion Gakuen, where these two people serve, have something in common. It is the improvement of "physical function" by eroding the power of another world, and the "role" and "authority" that protect and guide it. Many of the students who attend here are scouted under that standard and are monitored and supervised in a safe enclosure. However, no matter what the beginning, there is no lie in their feelings for the students. If the students are at risk, the teachers will stand up with all their might.
No. 8958
24 days ago
Score 0++
"Hey you, you're finally awake"
No. 8561
one month ago
Score 1++


Jesus dude he's just an artist, not a freaking serial killer.
No. 8559
one month ago
Score -1++


i wish he'd stopped drawing, living, years ago. oh well.
No. 8508
one month ago
Score 0++
Hello Daddies
No. 8502
one month ago
Score 1++
This kind of makes me wish Kasai will redraw his characters because he improved alot over the years.
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