Revere Thy Teachers

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Revere Thy Teachers
Rarity 4
BomBom, oaks
効果1Increases HP by 300~600
効果2Increases ATK by 100~200
水増包炎Fire and FloodNo additional CS effects
[Quest StartWhen a Quest is initiated. Triggers regardless of slotting (functions on sub and support slots, unless specified). Not interrupted when this unit leaves battle.] No effect
    No effect / 100%
[Quest StartWhen a Quest is initiated. Triggers regardless of slotting (functions on sub and support slots, unless specified). Not interrupted when this unit leaves battle.] (Disabled on supports) Collect 100% of earned unit XP to self
    (Disabled on supports) Additional XP (+5~25%)
Andvari's Shop
Translated from Japanese
Two Transient teachers, Jinn and Triton, work at Shinjuku Academy in Shinjuku Ward.

Jinn's personality is lively, while Triton's is serious. Jinn values freedom and indulgence, while Triton values discipline and protection. Their chemistry is naturally bad, and their fights in front of Mr. Mononobe are a regular story. Every day when students arrive school, they think, "Oh, they're at it again this morning." Their particularly poor relationship, however, is no accident. The "decisive conflict" between Jinn and Triton is being contained by the "hexagram contract" of both. If that would disappear from this Tokyo, the relationship between Jinn and Triton will change. At the end of the repeating seasons, Tokyo echoes with a song of joy to the teachers of that day.

Official Japanese

ジンの性格は豪快、トリトンの性格は真面目。 ジンは自由と放任を重んじ、トリトンは規律と保護を重んじる。 相性は当然のように悪く、物部教諭の前で繰り広げられる2人のケンカは毎度の話。 登校する生徒たちは毎度のように思う「ああ、今朝もやっているな」。 そんな犬猿の仲である2人の組み合わせは、しかし決して偶然によるものではない。 ジンとトリトンの「決定的な衝突」を抑えているのは、共に「六芒星の契約」。 それがこの東京から消えた時、ジンとトリトンの関係は変化していくのだろう。 繰り返す季節の果てに東京に響くのは、あの日の恩師たちへと送る喜びの歌。


Event Line
Profile Jinn: Alright, alright, alright. Now, follow me, Transienttransfer student. I'll lead you to Mr. Kyouma!
Triton: Wait, Mr. Jinn! Don't leave me behind. I'll lead them there!
Charge Jinn: This is to protect the students. Good, Mr. Triton!

Triton: Okay, we'll work together for now, Mr. Jinn!

Both: Blazing Splash!


  • The CS name is "Blazing Splash: Diluted Inferno".
  • This AR Equipment has a unique property of funneling all of the Unit XP gained to the unit holding this AR. It also gives an additional 5%~25% experience to the unit holding it. This makes it very useful in high Unit XP yield quests, like Dungeon Quests.
  • If you don't own this AR, it is recommended to buy at least one copy of it in Andvari's Shop to trivialize leveling up units.

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Anonymous user: d1fbc7ae
No. 17793
5 months ago
Score 0 You
hmmmm wonder when the hexagram contract will disappear
Anonymous user: fc0de44e
No. 9069
40 months ago
Score 0 You

Two teachers, Jin and Triton, who work at Kamiyado Gakuen in Shinjuku Ward.

Jin's personality is dynamic, and Triton's personality is serious. Jin values ​​freedom and freedom, and Triton values ​​discipline and protection. The compatibility is naturally bad, and the two fights that take place in front of the Mononobe teacher are stories every time. The students who go to school always think, "Oh, I'm doing this morning as well." The combination of the two dogs and monkeys, however, is by no means a coincidence. It is the "hexagram contract" that suppresses the "decisive clash" between Jin and Triton. When it disappears from Tokyo, the relationship between Jin and Triton will change. At the end of the repeating seasons, the song of joy sent to the teachers of that day echoes in Tokyo.
Anonymous user: 943f1da6
No. 8495
41 months ago
Score 0 You
lol Shino please -﹏-
Anonymous user: 63f88b65
No. 4563
50 months ago
Score 0 You

As I'm sure we all know, Jinn and Triton are extremely attracted to each other, but take their teaching jobs too seriously to admit this (a relationship between two teachers is highly unprofessional after all).

This repressed sexual tension manifests as their passionate rivalry, which is obvious to everyone except maybe the two of them.

The scene depicted here is cut off just below the chest because the close contact has given them both massive raging erections, which was deemed too graphic for the game, given that both teachers wear small and very tight fitting garments.

Remember: it is highly unprofessional to allow your students to see your boner. Learn from Jinn and Triton's mistake and make sure to wear clothing that will conceal unexpected erections. Thank you.
Anonymous user: d1fbb201
No. 3516
53 months ago
Score 0 You
if this is the weekly quest currency ar equipment, it redirects all xp to the equipped unit
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