Seize the Summer!

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Seize the Summer!
Rarity 3
効果1Increases HP by 200~400
効果2Increases ATK by 100~200
愉海適悦サーフィン・ハイウェーヴNo additional CS effects
[After HittingFor each unit with >0HP hit. Triggered and applied after damage calculation, after attack damage is applied, after the target's [When Hit] effects. Effects of the same timing from same unit are all triggered together before they are applied.] -10 CP to hit units
    +2 CP to self / 50~100%
Element water.pngWATER
Show applicable transients (130)
Aegir (☆3)
Aegir (☆5)
Blue Agent (☆2)
Agyo (☆3)
Agyo (☆4)
Ahab (☆3)
Ahab (☆5)
Akiha Gongen (☆3)
Akiha Gongen (☆5)
Water Alchemist (☆2)
Water Angel (☆1)
Arachne (☆4 Summer)
Ashigara (☆3)
Ashigara (☆4)
Babe Bunyan (☆3)
Babe Bunyan (☆4)
Water Baron (☆2)
Bathym (☆4 Seaside)
Benten (☆3)
Benten (☆4)
Benten (☆5 Christmas)
Boogeyman (☆5 Summer)
Breke (☆3)
Breke (☆4)
Blue Camouflager (☆2)
Water Ciramantep (☆2)
Claude (☆4 Christmas)
Ded (☆5 Christmas)
Water Deity (☆2)
Blue Devil (☆1)
Azure Scaled Wyvern (☆2)
Ebisu (☆3)
Ebisu (☆4)
Water Einherjar (☆2)
Eita (☆3)
Eita (☆4)
Eita (☆5 Set Sail)
Ellie (☆4 Halloween)
Blue Fencer (☆1)
Fenrir (☆3)
Fenrir (☆4)
Gandharva (☆3)
Gandharva (☆4)
Ganglie (☆3)
Ganglie (☆4)
Ganglie (☆4 Journey)
Blue Ghost (☆1)
Water Giant (☆2)
Gurangatch (☆3)
Gurangatch (☆4)
Hati (☆3)
Hati (☆4)
Hei Long Yi Quan (☆3)
Hei Long Yi Quan (☆5)
Hermes (☆3)
Hermes (☆4)
Horkeu Kamui (☆3)
Horkeu Kamui (☆4)
Jambavan (☆4 Nightmare)
Water Jiangshi (☆2)
Jiraiya (☆3)
Jiraiya (☆4)
Kotaro (☆4 Beachside)
Water-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Leannan Sidhe (☆3)
Leannan Sidhe (☆4)
Licho (☆5 Festival)
Water Livestreamer (☆2)
Ice Mage (☆1)
Water Maid (☆1)
Makara (☆3)
Makara (☆4)
Melusine (☆3)
Melusine (☆4)
Water Mermaid (☆2)
Water Merman (☆2)
Mineaki (☆3)
Mineaki (☆4)
Water Mobster (☆2)
Moritaka (☆3)
Moritaka (☆4)
Blue Nightgaunt (☆2)
Blue Ninja (☆1)
Nomad (☆4 Island)
Blue Oni (☆2)
Otohime (☆3)
Otohime (☆4)
Otter (☆3)
Water Pirate (☆1)
Blue Ranger (☆2)
Sarutahiko (☆3)
Sarutahiko (☆4)
Water Senri (☆2)
Seth (☆4 Beachside)
Shark (☆2)
Shinya (☆4 Valentine)
Shiva (☆5 Summer)
Shuten (☆3)
Shuten (☆4)
Blue Slime (☆1)
Smoky God (☆4 Pool)
Snow (☆3)
Snow (☆5)
Suzuka (☆4 Fashionista)
Takeminakata (☆4 Valentine)
Toji (☆3)
Toji (☆4)
Toji (☆5 Valentine)
Blue Tribe (☆2)
Water Trickster (☆2)
Triton (☆3)
Triton (☆4)
Blue Trooper (☆2)
Tsathoggua (☆3)
Tsathoggua (☆5)
Tu'er Shen (☆3)
Tu'er Shen (☆4)
Typhon (☆3)
Typhon (☆4)
Typhon (☆5 Make Sail)
Water Valkyrie (☆2)
Wakan Tanka∞ (☆5)
Blue Wolf (☆1)
Water Wraith (☆2)
Blue Luchador (☆2)
Blue Yaksha (☆2)
Yule (☆3)
Yule (☆4)
Yuma (☆3)
Yuma (☆4)
Translated from Japanese
"Come on, Typhon! Just leave it to me and follow me!"

"Wow, I'm really no match for Benten!"

Benten, a subculture high school girl who wants to enjoy summer to the fullest, and Typhon, a guy from Naniwa who is dragged along for the ride. The famous duo showed up at the beach, which was crowded with many people under the hot sun. Their day has just begun, as they play in the wide open sea with high spirits. Benten wants to make waves in a quiet place, and Typhon wants to ride the waves when they arrive. The two of them are "people in a vortex" who, just by acting on their thoughts, cause a huge commotion that could overturn the sea and the earth. The fact that both of them have no ill intentions at all, but rather act with good intentions, makes it even worse. However, for some reason, people wonder why when the two of them get together, the result is surprisingly calm. Even those who create whirlpools may cancel each other out and calm down if their directions are opposite. Deva Loka, the birthplace of Benten, and Olympus, the homeland of Typhon, are both worlds where "those who act on behalf of the world's will" change from one to the other. However, Benten has the "Role" of being close to the Representative, and Typhon has the "Role" of being the one who rebels against the Representative.

Official Japanese
「さあ、いくわよテュポーン! アタシに任せてついてくればいいってワケ!」

「どっひゃー、ほんまベンテンはんには敵いまへんわ~!」 夏を全力で楽しみたいサブカル女子高生ベンテンと、それに付き合わされた浪速の男、テュポーン。 熱い日差しが照りつける中、多くの人で賑わうビーチに現れた、名物コンビ。 ハイテンションで縦横無尽に海を遊び尽くすべく、ふたりの一日が今、始まった。 静かなところに波を起こしたがるベンテンと、波があれば乗りたがるテュポーン。 そんなふたりは、ただ思ったままに行動するだけで、海が巻き天地がひっくり返るような大騒ぎを起こしてしまう「渦中の人物」。 両者ともまったく悪気がなく、むしろ良かれと思っての行動であることが更にタチを悪くしていると言えよう。 しかし何故か、このふたりが合わさると、意外と落ち着いた結果になってしまったりすることを周囲は不思議に思っている。 渦を起こす者同士であっても、その向きが真逆ならば打ち消し合って凪ぐこともあるのだろう。 ベンテンの源流たるデーヴァローカと、テュポーンの故郷たるオリュンポスは共に「世界の意志を代行する者」が流転して交代する世界。 ただしベンテンはその代行者に寄り添い、テュポーンはその代行者に叛逆する者としての「役割」を持つ。


  • The CS name is "Surfing Hugh Wave: Sea's Content and Pleasure"

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Anonymous user: 79d41c02
No. 12962
24 months ago
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100% agree
No. 12960
24 months ago
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lmao RNG picked Kuni pfp for my comment, although it seems debatable whether sharks are considered furry and Kuni seems to be only interested in furries.
No. 12959
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Typhon has nice hands and nice feet
Anonymous user: e60974f2
No. 12958
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the third type being the foot fetishists
Anonymous user: 2b7244df
No. 12554
25 months ago
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Art style look clean and beautiful. I can imagine about summer sea not much of people, you can hear sounds of wave and wind or look the blue sky with white clouds. it look natural
Anonymous user: dd32214e
No. 10699
34 months ago
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the two comments below are basically two types of people in the housamo fandom
Anonymous user: 695cffab
No. 9645
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Benten looks adorable
Anonymous user: 9b416897
No. 7620
44 months ago
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Typhon's so sexy here.
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