Made Along the Way

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Made Along the Way
Rarity 4
効果1Increases HP by 200~400
効果2Increases ATK by 200~400
Bolstered Youthシン・ヨヨギフォーメーションNo additional CS effects
[Quest StartWhen a Quest is initiated. Triggers regardless of slotting (functions on sub and support slots, unless specified). Not interrupted when this unit leaves battle.] No effect / 100%
[When AppearingWhenever this unit appears in a battle for the first time. Happens before the start of the next player's turn. Effects of the same timing from same unit are all triggered together before they are applied.] Apply Friendship StrengtheningWhile user has Friendship: ATK Up by 1.5x for 999 turns (Irremovable Buff) to self / 100%
[Quest StartWhen a Quest is initiated. Triggers regardless of slotting (functions on sub and support slots, unless specified). Not interrupted when this unit leaves battle.] (Disabled on supports) Additional Ally Points (+50~100%)
4th Anniversary Campaign Quest; Andvari's Shop
Official English
"This world has many towns and cities in it, and many schools as well.
Amidst the many tales of fated meetings and gatherings in these many schools, it's entirely possible—probable, even—that you, as a student, are an integral part of at least one of them.

Perhaps this illustration depicts your moment of glory as you run with your friends on a larger-than-life adventure all your own. Study it well and decide which event in your life it best represents!

カサイこーめい (Kowmeiism)
樹下次郎 (Jiroh Kinoshita)
黒ねずみいぬ (Kuronezumiinu)
紅茶犬 (Kouchainu)
朱交赤成 (Syukou Akanaru)
Translated from Japanese
In this world, there are many cities and many schools.

From one of them, a story was born from gathering and meeting at that school. Perhaps "you" could have been in it. There may have been a "you" somewhere who attended this school. Recorded here is a picture of everyone you may have run with one day, as if it were engraved in your heart.

■ Illustrators: Kasai Kowmei, Kinoshita Jiroh, Kuronezumiinu, Kouchainu, Shukou, naop

Official Japanese



Event Line
Profile Students: Thanks for everything, guys! Keep up the good work!
Avarga: All right! Let's go get 'em, guys!
Mineaki: I'll be watching over you.
Charge Mineaki: Alright, are you ready? Everyone?
Avarga: Witness the willpower of Yoyogi!
Gunzo, Kyuma, Durga: Leave it to us, teacher!
Taurus Mask, Ashigara, Wakan Tanka, Yasuyori: New Yoyogi Formation!


  • The CS name is "New Yoyogi Formation: Power-Shifting Youth"
  • Using a support character with this AR attached gives no extra Ally Points.

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Anonymous user: fc0de44e
No. 9066
40 months ago
Score 0 You

There are many cities and many schools in this world. One of them was a story that was born by gathering at the school and meeting. Perhaps "you" might have been in it. "You" who attended this school may have been somewhere. I will write here a piece with everyone who may have run together someday, as if engraving it on my chest.

■ Illustrator (in alphabetical order) Kasai Komei Kinoshita Jiro Black Mouse Dog Tea Dog Zhukou naop
Anonymous user: 1f9162f4
No. 8560
41 months ago
Score 0 You
even the goddamn relationship statuses are getting "strengthening" versions now what the hell
Anonymous user: 3bc23614
No. 8507
41 months ago
Score 0 You

Ok... you know what's the Major flaw with Ally points currently?

Not only it's overshadowed currency but higher difficulty quests and events DO NOT GIVE more Ally points, similar to EXP and inventory items! Always +25 from friends' support and +100 on specific events where you pick one of the characters who participating!

unless they change the way Ally points scale with the level of quests currently I feel this card's effect is too low

Also, does that mean the next anniversary we will get a card with the Missionaries? :B
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