It's Crafting Time!

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It's Crafting Time!
Rarity 4
効果1Increases HP by 200~400
効果2Increases ATK by 200~400
一技之超トーキョー・フロンティアNo additional CS effects
[Quest StartWhen a Quest is initiated. Triggers regardless of slotting (functions on sub and support slots, unless specified). Not interrupted when this unit leaves battle.] No effect / 100%
[Phase StartTriggers on their player's first turn of each phase, before [Turn Start] effects. Effects of the same timing from same unit are all triggered together before they are applied.] Apply ATK Down ResistanceAcquire skill for 1 turn: [Status Resistance] Remove status effects which reduce ATK / 100% (Buff) to allies in Slash range / 50~100%
[Quest StartWhen a Quest is initiated. Triggers regardless of slotting (functions on sub and support slots, unless specified). Not interrupted when this unit leaves battle.] (Disabled on supports) Extra chance of AR Token (+10%)
5th Anniversary Campaign
Official English
"The Crafters: a development-focused Guild that combines and overlays technologies from each of the 24 worlds, mixing whatever each world has to offer with whatever they don't.

The Crafters aren't interested in victory through Guild battles like so many others, instead taking a neutral stance in the Game. Their guild master, with the support of the other members, reaches out to distant stars as if to grasp them in his hands. They seek only to create—to make the impossible possible.

Upon the backs of these innovators, your anxieties for the future are quashed, and the courage to continue forth can be found in abundance. The true takeaway from this Guild is, never fear what you don't know and never doubt what you can do.

さるの行丸 (Saruno Yukimaru)
めんスケ (Mensuke)
Translated from Japanese
A collective of experts from 24 worlds, combining technology both known and unknown.

The Crafters maintain a neutral stance in these App battles, never seeking victory for their guild. Their intention is simply to build, to make the impossible possible. The Guildmaster, supported by his fellow Guild members, reaches out to grasp the distant stars. You will find a back that will ease your fears and give you the courage to move on. Do not be afraid of learning about the unknown, of doubting the impossible.

  • Illustrators: GomTang, Saruno Yukimaru, BomBom, Mensuke, RybiOK
Official Japanese



Event Line


  • The CS name is "Tokyo Frontier: Super-Specialized Proficiency"
  • This AR increases the drop rate of AR Token by 10 (10%?).

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