It's Crafting Time!

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It's Crafting Time!
Rarity 4
効果1Increases HP by 200~400
効果2Increases ATK by 200~400
一技之超トーキョー・フロンティアNo additional CS effects
[Quest VictoryAfter a Quest gets completed, triggers as long as this unit was included in your starting team (sub and support slots included).] No effect / 100%
[Phase StartTriggers on their player's first turn of each phase, before [Turn Start] effects.] Apply ATK Down ResistanceAcquire skill for 1 turn: [Status Resistance] Remove status effects which reduce ATK / 100% (Buff) to allies in Slash range / 50~100%
[Quest VictoryAfter a Quest gets completed, triggers as long as this unit was included in your starting team (sub and support slots included).] (Disabled on supports) Extra chance of AR Token (+10%)
5th Anniversary Campaign
Translated from Japanese
A collective of experts from 24 worlds, combining technology both known and unknown.

The Crafters maintain a neutral stance in these App battles, never seeking victory for their guild. Their intention is simply to build, to make the impossible possible. The Guildmaster, supported by his fellow Guild members, reaches out to grasp the distant stars. You will find a back that will ease your fears and give you the courage to move on. Do not be afraid of learning about the unknown, of doubting the impossible.

  • Illustrators: GomTang, Saruno Yukimaru, BomBom, Mensuke, RybiOK
Official Japanese

クラフターズはこの「アプリ」バトルにおいて、己がギルドの勝利を目指さない中立の立場を取っている。 その意志はただ何かを造るために、不可能を可能とするために。 メンバーたちが担ぎ上げたギルドマスターは遥か宙にある星を掴もうと手を伸ばす。 「あなた」が出会うその背中は、先を進む不安を和らげ、勇気をくれることだろう。 知らない何かを知ることを、出来ないを疑うことを、どうか怖がらないで。

■■イラストレーター(50音順) GomTang さるの行丸 BomBom めんスケ RybiOK


Event Line


  • The CS name is "Tokyo Frontier: Super-Specialized Proficiency"
  • This AR increases the drop rate of AR Token by 10 (10%?).

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