A Special Moment After Work

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A Special Moment After Work
Rarity 4
効果1Increases HP by 300~600
効果2Increases ATK by 100~200
両師益誘オフウィズ・ユアヘッドNo additional CS effects
[Quest VictoryAfter a Quest gets completed, triggers as long as this unit was included in your starting team (sub and support slots included).] No effect / 100%
[When AppearingWhenever this unit appears in a battle for the first time. Happens before the start of the next player's turn. Effects of the same timing from same unit are all triggered together before they are applied.] Apply Friendship StrengtheningWhile user has Friendship: ATK Up by 1.5x for 999 turns (Irremovable Buff) to self / 100%
[Quest VictoryAfter a Quest gets completed, triggers as long as this unit was included in your starting team (sub and support slots included).] (Disabled on supports) Additional Coin (+5~10%)
Andvari's Shop
Official English
"""You know, teaching and fighting on the battlefield aren't all that different after all. Never thought I'd be facing the same worries as you, Sandayu!""
""Gahaha! We do both deal with a lot of problem students, don't we, Kresnik? What say we drink till the first train and commiserate, hmm?""

The teacher's podium is the battleground of the new age; one may be sharing in a student's woes one moment then disciplining an overzealous problem child the next without even a second between to relax and regain one's bearings. But now that the final bell has rung and school's out for the day, why not spend some time toasting with a former foe? Then in the morning, it'll be back to the battlefield for another round!

The relationship between these two troubled teachers may have changed a bit with their circumstances, but the nightlife of the town is always just as open-armed as ever, offering the briefest of respite from the fight to each of them in kind."
Translated from Japanese
Official Japanese


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