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A Page from an Island Journal
Rarity 3
Saruno Yukimaru
効果1Increases HP by 225~450
効果2Increases ATK by 75~150
適捨生存Survivor's GuiltNo additional CS effects
[Turn StartTriggers on turn start of their player, after [Phase Start] effects, before [Opponent Turn Start] effects. Effects of the same timing from same unit are all triggered together before they are applied.] (Total turns 4, 8, 12...) Apply AnchorPrevent forced movement for 3 turns (Buff) to self / 80~100%
[Defense ModifierAll modifiers stack with each other.] Take 0.8x damage from 1.00x ATK penaltyBlow-ranged enemies / 100%
Element dark.pngNETHER
Show applicable transients (130)
Purple Agent (☆2)
Akiha Gongen (☆5 Summer)
Nether Alchemist (☆2)
Algernon (☆4 Summer)
Alice (☆3)
Alice (☆4)
Alice (☆5 Halloween)
Alp (☆3)
Alp (☆4)
Andvari (☆3)
Andvari (☆4)
Nether Angel (☆1)
Arsalan (☆4 Halloween)
Astaroth (☆3)
Asterius (☆3)
Asterius (☆4)
Asterius (☆4 Island)
Azathoth (☆4 Halloween)
Babalon (☆3)
Babalon (☆5)
Balor (☆5 Valentine)
Barguest (☆3)
Barguest (☆4)
Nether Baron (☆2)
Bathym (☆3)
Bathym (☆4)
Behemoth (☆3)
Behemoth (☆4)
Belphegor (☆3)
Belphegor (☆4)
Bertro (☆4 Christmas)
Boogeyman (☆3)
Boogeyman (☆4)
Cait Sith (☆3)
Cait Sith (☆4)
Purple Camouflager (☆2)
Chernobog (☆3)
Chernobog (☆5)
Nether Ciramantep (☆2)
Cu Sith (☆4 Halloween)
Dagon (☆5 Summer)
Daikoku (☆4 Hot Paradise)
Ded (☆5)
Nether Deity (☆2)
Purple Devil (☆1)
Obsidian Scaled Wyvern (☆2)
Purple Drone Pilot (☆2)
Ebisu (☆4 Halloween)
Nether Einherjar (☆2)
Ellie (☆3)
Ellie (☆5)
Enigma (☆3)
Enigma (☆4)
Purple Fencer (☆1)
Fenrir (☆4 Make Sail)
Ganglie (☆5 Christmas)
Garmr (☆3)
Garmr (☆4)
Purple Ghost (☆1)
Nether Giant (☆2)
Gyumao (☆4 Valentine)
Hecate (☆3)
Hecate (☆4)
Heracles (☆3)
Heracles (☆5)
Jacob (☆5 Valentine)
Nether Jiangshi (☆2)
Jiraiya (☆4 Christmas)
Kalki (☆4 Christmas)
Kenta (☆3)
Kenta (☆4)
Krampus (☆4)
Kresnik (☆5 Halloween)
Kuniyoshi (☆5 Nightmare)
Nether-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Licht (☆3)
Licht (☆5)
Purple Livestreamer (☆2)
Lucifuge (☆3)
Lucifuge (☆4)
Dark Mage (☆1)
Nether Maid (☆1)
Maria (☆3)
Maria (☆4)
Nether Mermaid (☆2)
Nether Merman (☆2)
Nether Mobster (☆2)
Nekros&Bacchus (☆3)
Nekros&Bacchus (☆5)
Purple Nightgaunt (☆2)
Purple Ninja (☆1)
Purple Oni (☆2)
Ose (☆3)
Ose (☆4)
Oz (☆4 Pool)
Nether Pirate (☆1)
Pollux (☆4 Christmas)
Purple Ranger (☆2)
Robinson (☆3)
Robinson (☆4)
Robinson (☆4 Canaan)
Nether Senri (☆2)
Shiro (☆3)
Shiro (☆4)
Simurgh (☆3)
Dark Slime (☆1)
Sphinx (☆3)
Tadatomo (☆4 Valentine)
Taishakuten (☆5 Valentine)
Tetsuox (☆3)
Tetsuox (☆4)
Tetsuya (☆3)
Tetsuya (☆4)
Tindalos (☆3)
Tindalos (☆5)
Toji (☆5 Halloween)
Purple Tribe (☆2)
Nether Trickster (☆2)
Purple Trooper (☆2)
Tsukuyomi (☆4 Halloween)
Nether Valkyrie (☆2)
Vapula (☆3)
Vapula (☆4)
Purple Wolf (☆1)
Dark Wraith (☆2)
Purple Luchador (☆2)
Purple Yaksha (☆2)
Yoshito (☆3)
Yoshito (☆4)
Zhurong (☆3)
Official English
"These two were dispatched to hopelessly imbalanced battles, and on countless occasions endured the horror of being the only ones to walk away alive. To bear the entirety of that sin alone and wait quietly for the coming end is their Role. Their meeting at the Lost Isle was no coincidence; indeed, it was inevitable, as if these two had never met, their time there would never have ended. During those innumerable days on that Lost Isle, Asterius took on their Role and thus Robinson survived. The world was supposed to allow only one of two to exist, but the pair being together created a loophole, thus thwarting the Lost Isle's unspoken System."
Translated from Japanese
Two people made to fight with a hopeless power discrepancy.

Two people who make sure they themselves survive during the gruesome days. And then the two people with Roles of bearing the entirety of their crimes before the greet the end. The two of them meeting on that deserted island is by no means a coincidence. Perhaps it is the opposite of destiny? To be precise, if these two had never met those days would never have ended. It is because of the Role Asterius carries that Robinson could survive the repeating island days. It is because that there were two survivors gathered where only one could exist that an exit could be found out of that System. This is the unmentioned System of the hidden island and its solution.

Official Japanese


  • The CS is Survivor's Guilt: Surprise Rare Castaway.

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