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Shock wave icon representing the Long Slash weapon.
Yellow indicates the square the ally Long Slash card occupies, and red indicates the squares the ally card will attack if an enemy occupies them. If no enemy is present in any of these red squares during an attack, the game counts this as a miss. Attacking an enemy at 0HP does not activate skill effects that trigger by attacking (with some exceptions, such as Guts+1HP when HP is at 0 at the end of the turn for 5 turns. Removed once activated. (Buff) removal with Remove BuffRemove one buff (Debuff)).

The 0.32x ATK penaltyLong Slash (kanji 横一文字) weapon type has previously been translated as Wide Slash among fans. Long Slash cards apply damage to the square directly ahead of them, as well as the two squares extending from left and right sides of that. The damage output is the product card's ATK and the Long Slash penalty multiplier (0.32). Long Slash cards gain ≥4 CP for every instance they hit a card with >0 HP, and ≥8 CP for every instance they hit a card at 0 HP. They also gain ≥5 CP when struck. Long Slash licences are obtainable in Daily Quests on Fridays JST and in certain free quests. Long Slash souls are currently unavailable in Daily Quests.

Normal weapon type

Cards which have built up less than 100 CP and are not affected by Weapon Change attack with a default weapon type. Skill leveling and limit breaking a card requires souls and licences that match this normal weapon type. A full list of cards with Long Slash for their normal weapon type can be found here.

Weapon change

Some regular skills and charge skills bestow Weapon Change to a card, changing the weapon type of the target's normal attack (typically the target is self).


See Weapon Change (Long Slash)/Used Skills for more details
Base Skill Power of Suggestion (x1.4)
Impertinence (x1.5)
Impertinence Mocker (x2)
     Aegir (Christmas)
Smoke Blower
Smoke Commander
Spoiled King of the Sun


See CS Weapon Change (Long Slash)/Used Skills for more details
Base Skill Excitement for the Next Era (self)
     Cait Sith
     Cait Sith

Charge attack weapon type

When a card is ready to use their charge skill, the weapon type of the charge attack may also change. A list of cards whose charge skill activates in Long Slash type can be found here.

Resistance to Long Slash damage

Certain skills confer cards resistance to Long Slash attacks.

AR Skill Chocolate Dynamite! (x0.8)
Battle between Swordsmith and Swordsman (x0.8)

AR Card Limitation

AR Equipment can only be equipped on cards that match its limitation criteria. Long Slash weapon type is one of the potential criteria.