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Developing the New Summer Menu!
Rarity 3
Daichi Kouta
効果1Increases HP by 300~600
百味御食フェスティノ・ディリデイNo additional CS effects
[Phase StartTriggers on their player's first turn of each phase, before [Turn Start] effects.] +500~1500 HP to self / 100%
[Attack ModifierAll multipliers stack with each other.] Deal 1.4x damage to Blessing+300~600HP/turn for 4 turns (Buff)-affected enemies / 100%


Element fire.pngFIRE
Element earth.pngWOOD
Show applicable transients (222)
Aegir (☆5 Christmas)
Aizen (☆3)
Aizen (☆5)
Fire Alchemist (☆2)
Wood Alchemist (☆2)
Amatsumara (☆3)
Amatsumara (☆4)
Fire Angel (☆1)
Wood Angel (☆1)
Arc (☆3)
Arc (☆4)
Arsalan (☆3)
Arsalan (☆4)
Avarga (☆3)
Avarga (☆4)
Babalon (☆4 Jiangshi)
Barguest (☆4 Valentine)
Fire Baron (☆2)
Wood Baron (☆2)
Breke (☆4 Nightglows)
Catoblepas (☆3)
Catoblepas (☆4)
Chernobog (☆5 Beachside)
Choji (☆3)
Choji (☆4)
Choji (☆4 Christmas)
Fire Ciramantep (☆2)
Wood Ciramantep (☆2)
Claude (☆3)
Claude (☆5)
Cthugha (☆3)
Cthugha (☆5)
Cu Sith (☆3)
Cu Sith (☆4)
Fire Deity (☆2)
Wood Deity (☆2)
Red Devil (☆1)
Green Devil (☆1)
Ruby Scaled Wyvern (☆2)
Emerald Scaled Wyvern (☆2)
Durga (☆4 Nightmare)
Echo (☆3)
Echo (☆4)
Fire Einherjar (☆2)
Wood Einherjar (☆2)
Red Fencer (☆1)
Green Fencer (☆1)
Furufumi (☆3)
Furufumi (☆4)
Gabriel (☆4 Valentine)
Red Ghost (☆1)
Green Ghost (☆1)
Fire Giant (☆2)
Wood Giant (☆2)
Goemon (☆3)
Goemon (☆4)
Gunzo (☆3)
Gunzo (☆4)
Gyobu (☆3)
Gyobu (☆4)
Gyumao (☆3)
Gyumao (☆5)
Hakumen (☆3)
Hakumen (☆4)
Hanuman (☆3)
Hanuman (☆4)
Hephaestus (☆3)
Hephaestus (☆5)
Hogen (☆3)
Hogen (☆4)
Hombre Tigre (☆3)
Hombre Tigre (☆4)
Hombre Tigre (☆4 Summer)
Horkeu Kamui (☆5 Hot Paradise)
Ibaraki (☆3)
Ibaraki (☆4)
Ifrit (☆3)
Ifrit (☆4)
Ikutoshi (☆3)
Ikutoshi (☆4)
Ikutoshi (☆4 Gendarme)
Itzamna (☆3)
Itzamna (☆4)
Fire Jiangshi (☆2)
Wood Jiangshi (☆2)
Jinn (☆3)
Jinn (☆5)
Jugo (☆3)
Jugo (☆4)
Jugo (☆4 Summer)
Kagutsuchi (☆3)
Kagutsuchi (☆4)
Kagutsuchi (☆4 Jamboree)
Kenta (☆4 Valentine)
Kijimuna (☆3)
Kijimuna (☆4)
Kimun Kamui (☆3)
Kimun Kamui (☆4)
Kotaro (☆3)
Kotaro (☆5)
Krampus (☆3)
Krampus (☆5 Jiangshi)
Kuniyoshi (☆3)
Kuniyoshi (☆4)
Kurogane (☆3)
Kurogane (☆5)
Kyuma (☆3)
Kyuma (☆4)
Kyuma (☆4 Valentine)
Fire-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Wood-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Leib (☆3)
Leib (☆5)
Licht (☆4 Valentine)
Macan (☆3)
Macan (☆5)
Macan (☆4)
Fire Mage (☆1)
Earth Mage (☆1)
Fire Maid (☆1)
Wood Maid (☆1)
Marchosias (☆3)
Marchosias (☆4)
Marduk (☆3)
Maria (☆4 Seaside)
Melusine (☆4 Christmas)
Fire Mermaid (☆2)
Wood Mermaid (☆2)
Fire Merman (☆2)
Wood Merman (☆2)
Fire Mobster (☆2)
Wood Mobster (☆2)
Moritaka (☆5 Valentine)
Motosumi (☆3)
Motosumi (☆4)
Nezha (☆3)
Nezha (☆4)
Fire Night Gaunt (☆2)
Wood Night Gaunt (☆2)
Red Ninja (☆1)
Green Ninja (☆1)
Nobuharu (☆3)
Nobuharu (☆4)
Nobuharu (☆4 Festival)
Nomad (☆3)
Nomad (☆4)
Nyarlathotep (☆3)
Nyarlathotep (☆4)
Oguchi Magami (☆3)
Oguchi Magami (☆4)
Red Oni (☆2)
Green Oni (☆2)
Oniwaka (☆3)
Oniwaka (☆5)
Orgus (☆3)
Orgus (☆4)
Oz (☆3)
Oz (☆4)
Fire Pirate (☆1)
Wood Pirate (☆1)
Ryota (☆3)
Ryota (☆4)
Ryota (☆5 Christmas)
Ryota (☆5 Festival)
Shennong (☆3)
Shennong (☆5 Summer)
Shiro (☆4 Valentine)
Shuichi (☆3)
Shuichi (☆4)
Sitri (☆3)
Sitri (☆4)
Sitri (☆4 Christmas)
Red Slime (☆1)
Green Slime (☆1)
Sol (☆3)
Sol (☆4)
Surtr (☆4 Valentine)
Tadatomo (☆3)
Tadatomo (☆4)
Tajikarao (☆3)
Tajikarao (☆5)
Takemaru (☆5 Christmas)
Tangaroa (☆3)
Tangaroa (☆5)
Taurus Mask (☆3)
Taurus Mask (☆4)
Taurus Mask (☆4 Christmas)
Teda (☆3)
Temujin (☆3)
Temujin (☆4)
Tetsuox (☆4 Jiangshi)
Tezcatlipoca (☆4 Festival)
Red Tribe (☆2)
Green Tribe (☆2)
Fire Trooper (☆2)
Wood Trooper (☆2)
Tvastar (☆3)
Tvastar (☆4)
Fire Valkyrie (☆2)
Wood Valkyrie (☆2)
Volos (☆3)
Volos (☆4)
Wakan Tanka (☆3)
Wakan Tanka (☆5)
Red Wolf (☆1)
Green Wolf (☆1)
Fire Wrestler (☆2)
Wood Wrestler (☆2)
Xolotl (☆3)
Xolotl (☆4)
Red Yaksha (☆2)
Green Yaksha (☆2)
Yamasachihiko (☆3)
Yamasachihiko (☆4)
Yasuyori (☆3)
Yasuyori (☆4)
Zabaniyya (☆3)
Zabaniyya (☆5)
Zao (☆3)
Zao (☆4)
Zao (☆5 Gendarme)
Ziz (☆4 Christmas)
Translated from Japanese
“Uwaa~! It looks amazing, Choji! Hey, is it almost done!?”

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Ryota. Come on, you can be the first to sample the new menu.”

A famous duo at Shinjuku Academy in which supply and demand are in perfect harmony. It could be said that such a good relationship between the two was inevitable. Where Ryota is, Choji is never far behind, and vice versa. Ryota's connection to the Aoyama Missionaries is in no small part due to Choji's presence.

Official Japanese
「うわあっ、すごいやチョウジぃ! ねえ、もう食べていい、いいよねっ!?」

「おまたせっ、リョウタ。さあ、学食の新メニューの試食よろしくねっ」 片や食いたい者、片や作りたい者。需要と供給が、見事に一致した神宿学園の名コンビ。 そんな2人の仲が良いのは、当然の帰結であると言えるだろう。 リョウタの居る所、チョウジあり、そしてその逆もしかり。 リョウタが持つ青山ミッショネルズへのツテは、チョウジの存在によるところが大きい。


  • The CS is Festino degli dei: All Kinds of Food for Deities.

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Anonymous user
No. 7986
11 months ago
Score 0 You
Baby boys. Babies.
Anonymous user
No. 7338
15 months ago
Score 0 You


I'm not trying to justify or normalize anything but I'm making a point that this kind of thing and the people who make it are buddies with the popular artist people like and the unwillingness to address that is what makes me upset. Your the first person to acknowledge this, so I'm grateful someone had the guts to do it but whenever I bring up how people who claim to care about these issues have no problem associating with people who enable this I either get ignored or have the mental gymnastics that justify their poor behavior. Also as much as it may upset you, this shit is typical of Japanese media, so much that even freaking Nintendo does it. I would prefer if they didn't put you have to call it like it is. Remember Nowi, Nyx, and Sothis from Fire Emblem? Games that sold millions US despite this shit being in it.
Anonymous user
No. 7340
15 months ago
Score 0 You


Also I never said Japan was okay with paedophilia. Your putting words in my mouth, I just brought up how some things really don't translate well outside of Japan.
Anonymous user
No. 7061
15 months ago
Score 0 You


didn't ask for your weird racist take about how japan is okay with pedophilia actually because that is just a sleezy as fuck thing to say lol. the normalization of pedophilia is bad regardless of where it happens, plenty of jpn victims will tell you exact same thing, the only thing i have to say in response to that last part is that i wish gom and gc weren't friends with kouta and i hope one day they won't be. fuck fof.
Anonymous user
No. 6943
15 months ago
Score 1 You
why are you all so willing to defend daichi kouta like he's not a massive pervert. housamo fans are braindead <3
Anonymous user
No. 7017
15 months ago
Score 0 You


Dude Daichi is buddies with many artists fans love like GammaChaos and GomTag, so it be a bit hypocritical to act like Daichi isn't a symptom of a larger issue of regional games not translating well outside of Japan.
Anonymous user
No. 7339
15 months ago
Score 0 You


Its not about Daichi its about Daichi's friends who just so happen to be very popular artist that many people follow. But heaven forbid you bring that up because then people will get real defensive.
Anonymous user
No. 9268
7 months ago
Score 0 You


Or maybe people can appreciate the art while not approving of the artist.
Anonymous user
No. 6439
17 months ago
Score 0 You
theyre mfing dating
Anonymous user
No. 6094
17 months ago
Score 0 You


Are you sure? I can't read Japanese but Google Translate says something completely different.
Anonymous user
No. 5059
19 months ago
Score 0 You
Who can tell me what 'フェスティノ・ディリデイ' means? In other words, how can it be writen in Latin script? Thanks a lot for your help!~~
Anonymous user
No. 5061
19 months ago
Score 0 You


dumb ass ophion it says "Daichi should stop drawing shotas"
Anonymous user
No. 5061
19 months ago
Score 0 You


dumb ass ophion it says "Daichi should stop drawing shotas"
Anonymous user
No. 7082
15 months ago
Score 0 You

>>5059 フェスティノ・ディリデイ = Festino degli dei

according to google, it's italian and it means Feast of the Gods
Anonymous user
No. 3086
24 months ago
Score -1 You
This actually looks really good. Daichi should draw ryota and Choji more often
Anonymous user
No. 3066
24 months ago
Score 0 You
Anonymous user
No. 3050
24 months ago
Score -1 You
Daichi Kouta needs to draw Ryota more often~ <3
Anonymous user
No. 3041
24 months ago
Score 0 You


Please, fuck me.
Anonymous user
No. 3034
24 months ago
Score -1 You
holy crap don't let kouta draw ryota for fucks sake
Anonymous user
No. 3040
24 months ago
Score 0 You


Fuck you. He draws him so well. Don't get shitty if you don't like the illustration, fucktard.
Anonymous user
No. 3040
24 months ago
Score 0 You


Fuck you. He draws him so well. Don't get shitty if you don't like the illustration, fucktard.
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