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Below is a list of all cards currently in the game.

Element none.pngALL-ROUND

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Zhurong Magic67053069794213Innocent Beast Projector Encountering the Flame Aurora ApproacherWeapon Spread All.pngMystic BrillianceAurora Spectrum
Tomte None73646475574288Spreader of Passion Interpreter of Good and Evil Farmer Guard Burner of MetabolismWeapon Spread Slash.pngDripping Away with SweatVihta Loyly
Robinson (Canaan)Snipe62257861195072Acute Sniper Star-Strider Reliable Executor Dividing DrifterWeapon Spread Snipe.pngLeader's Majesty in One StrikeIsland Divider
Protagonist Slash89050078193765Dragonborn Drifter Horizon Chaser Rainbow CrosserWeapon Spread Slash.pngIron Sword Through the TailBoundless Tail
Musashi Slash75646167994432Dual Wielder Chance Hitter Mountain Dweller SwordmasterWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngEmptiness of Five CloudsFleeting Clouds
Christine Magic75646867994432Standing Ovation Mask Bearer Dreamer Ender of DreamsWeapon Spread All.pngFantasy EmbracePhantom Embrace

Element fire.pngFIRE

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Ziz (Christmas)Slash62857268014390Curtain Raiser Acting as the Shepherd Flying Around the Stage Great Bird's CradleWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngSinging Bird's Musical PlayAsylum Isolation?
Tvastar Thrust59560566954497Lord of the Womb Serpent Creator Longevity Pourer Exterior AppenderWeapon Spread Magic.pngAccessorized Work Like No OtherGarbha-Pati Visvarupa
Tezcatlipoca (Festival)Snipe88831273353857Lively Celebration Aimed Shot Firework Lighter A Form Suited For This WorldWeapon Spread Snipe.pngDestructive Light's ReflectionDark Reflection
Taurus Mask (Christmas)Thrust78350471924164Hero Fortune Dealer The Hot-blooded StarshineWeapon Spread Thrust.pngRoom-Dividing BullCorona Borealis
Tadatomo Magic70569869204513Reincarnate Avenger Blood of the Beast NinjaWeapon Spread Magic.pngSky-Burning ReportScroll of Inferno
Surtr (Valentine)Snipe77065060145319Baker Charmer Unwavering One Grieving GuardianWeapon Spread Snipe.pngDestiny's Date by Loving FlamesFanned Flames<?
Sitri Shot67261881673724Soul Shooter Tailed Demon 縁を結ぶ者 Tough-Winged GriffonWeapon Spread Shot.pngTampered Love, Clouded PassionChimeran Matchmaker
Shiro (Valentine)Magic86339988222822The Lovesick Cook Fortune Dealer Tailed DemonWeapon Spread Magic.pngSweet RitualCosmic Terror?
Orgus Long Slash63057063704821Indomitable Ogre Bulwark Imperial Guard Captain Fiery SpiritWeapon Spread Thrust.png10000 Dragons' Giant CallSword of the Flame Dragon
Oguchi Magami Thrust62257870294163Evidence Tracer Pain-Eater Determined One Shaggy Dog with a Big BiteWeapon Spread Thrust.pngLuxurious Extravagant ProtectionAsuka's Tale of Oguchi-no-Magami
Nomad Thrust80340170074188Blood of the Beast Blink Jumper Avenger TeleporterWeapon Spread Thrust.pngVengeful SlaughterBurning Bright
Motosumi Thrust80439968124386Child Head of Festivities Oni Brethren The FelicitousWeapon Spread Thrust.pngAdamantine GuardianshipRock-solid Antimony
Melusine (Christmas)Shot65055064304762Ruler Cuddler Blind Shooter Yuletide DancerWeapon Spread Shot.pngBlighted DragonLady of the Land
Marchosias Slash80239872643925Tailed Demon Blood of the Beast Knightly One Tough-Winged GriffonWeapon Spread Slash.pngSeven Lives' Report to GodSteadfast Devotion
Macan Blow83046971504159Immoveable One Survivor Berserker Shape ShifterWeapon Spread All.pngPossession By Mad TigerMad Tiger
Licht (Valentine)Shot80843668464577Greed Gatherer Devourer of the Strong Agitator in the Shadows Spreader of LunacyWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngChange Plans, Love PeopleTrojan Legacy?
Kyuma Shot79740376593538Athlete The Indomitable Leader 必中する者Weapon Spread Shot.pngHeavenly Child's Five CometsGoliath Smiter
Kimun Kamui Thrust61059068014391Hunter Mercy and Love Nurturer Deep Snow Suppresser Ice Shard CutterWeapon Spread Shot.pngA Bear's Fated Life and DeathU Tura Kamui
Kagutsuchi Thrust79839672653925Child Guard Adept Life Giver 熱き血の者Weapon Spread Shot.pngSelf Scorching FlamesBurning Delivery
Jugo Thrust79740568094389Dragonborn Sacrifice The Indomitable Martial Arts MasterWeapon Spread Magic.pngCurse-bound Martial PlanBound Sacrifice
Itzamna None88331795071685Hibernating Lizard Dedicated to Arts Instiller of Inspiration Warmhearted SageWeapon Spread Magic.pngScale Rain CreationItzamna Kinich Ahau
Ikutoshi (Gendarme)Slash82041075993607Glory Seeker Driving Force Starshine Shape ShifterWeapon Spread Magic.pngAtmospheric Evening StarDwarven Changeling?
Ifrit Shot81744965404744The Sealed The Unbound Athlete Hoster of FeastsWeapon Spread Magic.pngHell's Locked FlamesLesser Key of Conflagration
Ibaraki Shot77745668444468Mountain Dweller Excavator Oni Brethren EnchantressWeapon Spread Shot.pngWoman's FerocityFerocious Ogress
Hombre Tigre (Summer)Blow60159964774715Fans Attractor Heart Grasper Dilemmatic Performer Overflowed with AdversityWeapon Spread Thrust.pngShining Star Fang RollCrouching Tiger, Leaping Jaguar?
Hanuman Thrust80539770044188Blood of the Beast Head of Festivities Ninja ImmortalWeapon Spread Thrust.pngInnocent and Outrageous CelestialInfinite Trickster
Hakumen Slash80140971384084Binder Ruler Blood of the Beast CajolerWeapon Spread Magic.pngMagnificent Dark FigureDangerous Courtesan
Gunzo Thrust80140370064192Berserker Athlete The Lovesick 共に征く者Weapon Spread Thrust.pngOne-man OverrunTrample Down
Goemon Magic67053070054187Posturer Shape Shifter Scenic Frolicker Sower of ThrillsWeapon Spread Magic.pngRental High Class ActorSteal the Show!
Gabriel (Valentine)Magic82939578233398The Lovesick Heavenly Messenger Cook Benevolent OneWeapon Spread Magic.pngMutual Blessings and AffectionGloria in Excelsis?
Durga (Nightmare)Blow74062068534395Go-getter Hard Hitter Sweets Gobbler Emotional RulerWeapon Spread All.pngHesitating to Fool OneselfFirst in Glory?
Choji Magic79740277903408Gourmand Cook Hoster of Feasts Slick ArtisanWeapon Spread Magic.pngChoice of Luxurious FeastsFeast of Apicius
Breke (Nightglows)Snipe71049067004492Moving with Precision Laser Shooter Galactic Android Advancing in the DarkWeapon Spread Snipe.pngAccomplishment in the Far Off SkyWar Principle?
Barguest (Valentine)Slash52867270864106Harbinger of Disaster Hand Shaker Fiend of the Forked Road Smiled UponWeapon Spread Slash.pngCollective Love and ResponsibilityCrossroads of the Witch Queen?
Arc Snipe64159266364614Finisher Restrainer Compensator Sin-bearerWeapon Spread All.pngIncinerated FaithPyre of Piety
Amatsumara Blow83845171264190Coiler of the Dragon Hard Worker Dragonborn Mentor of the Next WaveWeapon Spread All.pngLightweight Stone OreIron-Gazed Dragon

Element water.pngWATER

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Yule Thrust81045570684266Fortune Dealer Fey Folk Blood of the Beast Sky DasherWeapon Spread Thrust.pngDivine Gifts of AssistanceSerendipitious Delivery
Typhon Magic82545069994422Swimmer Storm Dancer Giant Devourer of WorldsWeapon Spread Magic.pngFierce Inverse StormGigantic Typhoon
Triton Magic86642966024605Flow Diverter Wave Bender Swimmer ForefatherWeapon Spread All.pngResounding Yell in Still WaterConch's Call
Toji Slash84041369514585Guardian Oni Brethren Barrier Caster EnderWeapon Spread Slash.pngDistant Isolated PoisonOrphaned Fangs
Suzuka (Fashionista)Blow54572663284954Photogenic Figure Air of Authority Turned Ogre Light of the Sleepless CityWeapon Spread Blow.pngBlowing Up at the Drop of an AccessoryThrice Wise Demon?
Shuten Thrust80239976573535Athlete Oni Brethren Excavator King of the Four HeavensWeapon Spread Shot.pngHundred Oni's Field AttackOni Rush
Seth (Beachside)Blow68551569324260Summer Sky Flyer Tailwind Caller Seaside Guardian Sunlight WielderWeapon Spread Blow.pngChaotic RestraintHeart of Chaos
Sarutahiko Thrust88032068204372Purifying Washer Enthusiastic Guider Foaming One Bathhouse ServerWeapon Spread Shot.pngYearning Irascible PassionsSarutahiko no Aramitama
Otohime Snipe37083061895003Vibrant Princess of the Dragon Palace Emotion Regulation A.I Mechaman Timeless TerpsichoreanWeapon Spread Snipe.pngCherished Forbidden BoxProtocol Tamatebako
Nomad (Island)Thrust66756366584589Survivor Danger Spotter Blink Jumper TeleporterWeapon Spread Thrust.pngVengeful SlaughterBurning Bright
Moritaka Slash80040472673927Blood of the Beast Parry Adept 霊玉の八犬士 Samurai WarriorWeapon Spread Slash.pngThree Foot Ice BladeBlade of Ice
Mineaki Magic79740169384251Expeller of Maladies Analyzer of Defects Preserver of Life Ill-wisherWeapon Spread Magic.pngSpirit-Eyed Cold OnlookerHigher Clairvoyance
Melusine Shot85041666204618Excavator Ruler Winged One DragonbornWeapon Spread Shot.pngBlighted DragonLady of the Land
Makara Thrust80540072643924Savior Swimmer Life Giver Storm DancerWeapon Spread Thrust.pngClear End ConstraintsDivine Lifeboat
Leanan Sidhe None100020096201571Professional Producer Eye for Talent Puppy Love Open Hearted FairyWeapon Spread Snipe.pngWithering Call of Poetic InspirationMy Lagan Love
Kotaro (Beachside)None89031070164176Flow Dodger Trip-Taker Top Boss Master NinjaWeapon Spread All.pngReleasing Sea and SkyAvaricious Serpent?
Jiraiya Shot79240774584060Fortune Dealer Ninja Oni Brethren RetakerWeapon Spread Shot.pngTriple-Dash FrogTripedal Leapfrog
Jambavan (Nightmare)Thrust81060066164649Bustler In Beast's Clothing Fiercely Tearful Royally SwampedWeapon Spread All.pngThe Unacceptably Busy KingDaughter of Jambavan
Horkeu Kamui Blow79641064474501Mountain Dweller Blood of the Beast Vanguard SidekickWeapon Spread Magic.pngBrave and Loyal Freezing StrikeGallant Guardian
Hermes Magic83636478343358Smoothing Out Twists of Fate 変転の吹聴者 Leaping Thief Zenith MessengerWeapon Spread Magic.pngManipulative Skills and Shining PipeArcos Phileteon
Hati Blow79940272683929Blood of the Beast Pursuer The Lovesick The MoonlitWeapon Spread Thrust.pngDrunken Moon HuntingMoonshine Chaser
Ganglie Slash83445571144206Seafarer Gourmand Blood of the Beast Battlefield RiggerWeapon Spread Slash.pngIndolent Self-IndulgenceLackadaisical General
Ganglie (Journey)Thrust84344575123808Wave Commander Voyager Flirt Mobilized GeneralWeapon Spread Magic.pngIndolent Self-IndulgenceLackadaisical General
Gandharva Magic80540273323861Gambler Artist Winged One Defender of ThronesWeapon Spread Magic.pngMad Gambling Dice RollLady Luck
Fenrir Thrust82646969244402The Shackled Blood of the Beast The Indomitable Devourer of WorldsWeapon Spread Thrust.pngRelentless Lone WolfWolven Monstrosity
Eita Thrust80039875263666Swimmer 巻き落しの名手 Seafarer Storm ThresherWeapon Spread Thrust.pngUnparalleled SpearPeerless Trident
Ebisu Snipe102238980653284Seafarer Rabid Fisher 饗する者 Fortune SeekerWeapon Spread Snipe.pngMyriad-fold Haul From a Single StreamBountiful Returns
Claude (Christmas)Magic60060067394453Romantic Whisperer Helping Hand Smoocher 花嫁たる者Weapon Spread Magic.pngGorgeous Bridal CommandSplendiferous Corona
Breke Slash73047069154277Mechaman Drifter Shape Shifter Adaptive SoldierWeapon Spread Shot.pngScattering Like Stars in SpaceWerewolf Warfare
Benten Magic83941674073909Seafarer Binder Artist Flow DiverterWeapon Spread Magic.pngPraise Pain FluxDrifting Currents
Bathym (Seaside)Shot63364963575056Beach Babe Tailed Demon Head of Festivities TeleporterWeapon Spread Snipe.pngBonding Ball GameCharming Serpent?
Babe Bunyan Shot58062054155711Former Pioneer Frontier Settler The Invaded Calf Who Connects Foreign LandsWeapon Spread Snipe.pngWet Milky Blacklisted LayoffFeet on the Ground
Ashigara Magic85042073493862Mountain Dweller Grappler Blood of the Beast Martial Arts MasterWeapon Spread Magic.pngThe Bear King's Forward PushThread Bear Champ
Arachne (Summer)Blow54066073063886Midsummer Fashion Leader Mountain Stream Sightseer Canoe Paddler Aquatic ModelWeapon Spread Magic.pngArtisan's Finest Dissolving WorkArachnoides?
Agyo Shot85241171444196Destroyer of Wickedness The Abandoned Blood of the Beast Symbol of ProsperityWeapon Spread Shot.pngEmotional SolidarityCleansing Dependence

Element earth.pngWOOD

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Zao Thrust84147073344683Mountain Dweller Vanguard Adamantite Mountain MoghulWeapon Spread Shot.pngFoothill PurificationThird-Eye Chakra
Yasuyori Long Slash46573567444448Bough Feller Expender of Vitality 霊玉の八犬士 Wrestler with DeathWeapon Spread All.pngCutting to the Soul of the ProblemBlade of Falling Leaves
Yamasachihiko Shot58861267564436Sword Alterer Troller Brilliant Returner Piled into OneWeapon Spread Magic.pngWily Mountain Ocean EnvyOno ga Sachisachi
Xolotl Shot119936184183059Gardener Blood of the Beast Sacrificial Defender Shape ShifterWeapon Spread Blow.pngLost in FoliageTwisted Bastion
Volos Shot95132682263015Peacemaker Gardener Sprouter Sower of PlentyWeapon Spread Shot.pngStraw Basket of Greens TipsBear Harvest
Tetsuox (Jiangshi)Blow67053068614331Whirlwind Vagabond Breakout Performer Killer Star SupernovaWeapon Spread Magic.pngFor Eternity and AlwaysWhirlwind Snare?
Temujin Shot80040368074383Blood of the Beast Pursuer Avenger 必中する者Weapon Spread Shot.pngRaining Tears of ArrowsWisdom of the Mani Khan
Taurus Mask Thrust80040376553534Artist アスリート Seal Breaker StarshineWeapon Spread Thrust.pngRoom-Dividing BullCorona Borealis
Sol Magic72048072513941Healing Thaumaturgist Guardian Monk 破却する者 Chaplain of LifeWeapon Spread Magic.pngLast Thanks at Lightning SpeedSage's Staff
Sitri (Christmas)Thrust73446470314160He Who Despises Exposure Chasing After Dreams Party Crasher Gift GiverWeapon Spread Blow.pngEncouragement in a Single BoundChimeran Matchmaker?
Shuichi Magic80139672653926Researcher 見通す者 Masquerader Seer of the PastWeapon Spread Magic.pngA Favor to My Beloved BrotherRecord of Nineveh
Ryota Magic82042574694068Fortune Dealer Gourmand Sower of Plenty Miracle WorkerWeapon Spread Magic.pngPre-Meal Good HarvestUltimate Supper
Oz Magic86034073653827Blood of the Beast Hesitant Recluse Courageous Coward Twin-Hearted LionWeapon Spread Magic.pngCowardly Outburst of Brother in ArmsVirtus Leonis
Nyarlathotep Magic79840070694125Blood of the Beast Blink Jumper Roamer The AbyssalWeapon Spread Magic.pngMad Bizarre MistakesCrawling Chaos
Nobuharu Thrust79940277203469Athlete Head of Festivities Morale Raiser King of the Four HeavensWeapon Spread Magic.pngCold Flower Mountain WindElemental Mastery
Nobuharu (Festival)Snipe75658471744468Head of Festivities Arbitrator Morale Raiser Sound ShooterWeapon Spread All.pngCold Flower Mountain WindElemental Mastery
Nezha Blow33386762024990Speedster Dragon Tamer Sacred Lotus Incarnate Chariot of FireWeapon Spread Magic.pngRebirth Linked with Roaring FlightsFull Speed Ahead
Maria (Seaside)Slash86945264684858Beach Babe Gardener The Indomitable Melon SplitterWeapon Spread Slash.pngRuthlessness to WatermelonsGolgotha Crucifix?
Kyuma (Valentine)Thrust64455667414451Swing for the Hills A Cut Above the Rest To The Next Generation Challenger of GiantsWeapon Spread Snipe.pngFull Force Flash ThrowGoliath Smiter?
Kuniyoshi Magic80540371394056Artist Researcher Dreamer Beast HunterWeapon Spread Magic.pngMoving Along as Wills DecideAuto-substantiation
Kijimuna Blow88242976843999Islander Flowerer Seafarer Earth EaterWeapon Spread Magic.pngSwaying Grove of Blessed TreesBanyan Haka
Kenta (Valentine)Long Slash71066073323886Clinger Giver of Proof Hand Holder Smiling OneWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngLost Like a StrayBereaved Dog
Kagutsuchi (Jamboree)Thrust69051070644128Table Waiter Empath Defier of Hardship Flaming HomusubiWeapon Spread Magic.pngWorld-Burning Flames from WithinBurning Delivery?
Jugo (Summer)Shot76343767844408Grudge Gatherer Reflecting on Oneself Resolute One Overcoming SlothfulnessWeapon Spread Magic.pngDevoted Pursuit of Judo ArtsMizuchi no Kumotsu?
Ikutoshi Thrust79940468094386Berserker Child Storm Dancer Shape ShifterWeapon Spread Thrust.pngGreat Ruthless SkillsDwarven Changeling
Hombre Tigre Thrust72051063894912Warmonger Agile Wrestler Death Dancer Jungle JaguarWeapon Spread Thrust.pngFree-Flying Tiger's FangCrouching Tiger, Leaping Jaguar
Hogen Slash74748865924764Duality Wielder Mountain Dweller Winged One SwordmasterWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngSix Swords, Three StrategiesBlade of Stratagem
Gyobu Magic83641274103805Cloudy Dreamer Lawbreaker Blood of the Beast Honorable TanukiWeapon Spread Magic.pngOld Tanuki TransformationMaster of Deceit
Furufumi None99920093591833Scribe of Prophecy Catastrophe Auger Deliverance Author Archive KeeperWeapon Spread All.pngCentury Verse ReturnCenturies of Nostradamus
Echo Blow76843276363556Reverberator Nature's Resonator Paragon of First Love Adoring NymphWeapon Spread All.pngDrunk on Heartbroken TearsLove is Blind!
Cu Sith Magic80539668754316Blood of the Beast Fey Folk The Abandoned Death BringerWeapon Spread Magic.pngWhite Mount Breaks StringsThird Howling
Catoblepas Shot78141968024390Downcast Eyes Stealer of Attention Alluring Monster Impersonating CosplayerWeapon Spread Snipe.pngCharming Eyed Mountain SpiritLa Temptation
Babalon (Jiangshi)Slash71049069994193Thirst Quencher The Artiste Bloodstained Matron Devoted DancerWeapon Spread Thrust.pngA Cupful of Spoiled ChildrenFemme Fatale?
Avarga Thrust71049065164676Grappler Dragon Slayer Thunder Tamer Storm RiderWeapon Spread Thrust.pngTalons of the GalesStromforged Khangarid
Arsalan Blow82542870104452Anointed One Blood of the Beast Monarch Expeller of EvilWeapon Spread Magic.pngGlossy Surge of Protective OilsAnointed Savior

Element light.pngAETHER

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
ホテイ Snipe66553569214271福を振りまく者 恵贈の仙人 頭陀袋の霊験者 コメディアンWeapon Spread Snipe.pngA Blessing's Full of LaughterOn Maitareiya Sowaka
ノーデンス Blow51069066344557Outer Space Abductor Lightning Thief Night Gaunt Master Shining Silver-Arm LordWeapon Spread Magic.pngMaking a Tough Killing QuicklyAirgetlam Abduction
Ziz Magic97023091532039Giver Sacrifice Hoster of Feasts Apocalypse ObserverWeapon Spread Magic.pngAffectionate Embrace of FeathersLoving Asylum
Tsathoggua (Fashionista)None1130120100571348Photogenic Figure Immoveable One Center of Depravity Sharer of SacrificesWeapon Spread All.pngHolding Meals until the Universe EndsSaturnian Elder?
Thunderbird Shot87143772804103Hero Lightning Dasher Storm Dancer Storm ThresherWeapon Spread Magic.pngFurious WindstormClose-Woven Catcher
The Hero Shot53067068324360The Championed The Reinforced Ring Bearer The Chosen OneWeapon Spread All.pngA Glimpse of Infinite PossibilitiesThe Chosen One's Sword
Tetsuya (Christmas)Magic67552576923500Glaring Authority Cordial Ethos Emergency Withdrawal Gambling EncounterWeapon Spread Magic.pngFrom Death I Persist Once AgainOuroboros Rebirth
Taromaiti Thrust79641066374626Soul Shooter Enchantress 騎士たる者 Dark LordWeapon Spread Thrust.pngKnight's Drill of FateTrenchant Dogma Breaker
Suzuka Long Slash76545267324411Lawbreaker Dancer Oni Slayer Dark LordWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngThree Blades' Beauty and JudgmentThrice Wise Demon
Shuten (Gendarme)Slash75852167994362Glory Seeker Willful One Oni Brethren King of the Four HeavensWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngJoyous SceneryOni Roar?
Shinya Shot85642865924732Soul Shooter Fate Binder Heavenly Messenger StarshineWeapon Spread Shot.pngLove Binding ArrowPass On Eros
R-19 Shot79939968084381Fearless Child Fugitive Living LightningWeapon Spread Magic.pngVoluntary Self DestructD-Blaster
Pollux Blow80539767434449Berserker Storm Dancer Immortal StarshineWeapon Spread Blow.pngCoupled Birds SeparationFists of Hephaestus
Ose (Christmas)Blow56064064514741Sharp-Eyed Spy Crisis-Detection Expert Prepared One The Hanged ManWeapon Spread Thrust.pngThoughtful Charming CaptiveArcana Crown?
Motosumi (Setsubun)Magic82537568174375Ogre Binder Ascetic Oni Brethren Young FatherWeapon Spread Blow.pngAdamantine GuardianshipRock-solid Antimony
Mineaki (Hot Paradise)Blow89130975083684Excellent Agent Holding the Reins of Information Color-coder of Life and Death Debuting the UnderworldWeapon Spread Magic.pngDistant Spying and Secret HealingHigher Clairvoyance?
Licho Magic70549568274364False Villain In Beast's Clothing Power of Suggestion Bombastic NarratorWeapon Spread All.pngPassing Enthusiastic EndorsementRoar to the Moon
Kresnik Slash64056072523940Silver Gunner Bloodline Avenger Shrouded in Amnion Shapeshifting AmbusherWeapon Spread Magic.pngCrossfire Information Supportクラット・ベテロヴィニアック
Kengo Blow75643767914724Berserker Dragon Slayer Mountain Dweller Infinite ChallengerWeapon Spread Blow.pngGreat Lightning StrikeGeant Basher
Kalki Slash80340379143535The Lovesick 王たる者 Sacrificial Defender PurifierWeapon Spread Slash.pngTenfold Gestalt War BladeTenth Avatar
Jiraiya (Seaside)Thrust79044868294428Beach Babe Hoster of Feasts Oni Brethren Living LightningWeapon Spread Magic.pngLightning Brilliant SageBreakneck Leapfrog
Jambavan Magic80439974613708Medical Practitioner Destroyer of Wickedness Blood of the Beast Spinner of FateWeapon Spread Magic.pngArmored on the Outside, a Beast WithinDaughter of Jambavan
Ifrit (Make Sail)Blow95145374224062Penny Pincher Band-Mate Shining One Flame SpreaderWeapon Spread All.pngHot-Headed Boorishness?Lesser Key of Conflagration
Hanuman (Journey)Shot80539766784515Voyager Bodhisattva Beach Babe Risk TakerWeapon Spread Snipe.pngThe Great Sage, Heaven's EqualInfinite Trickster?
Hakumen (Valentine)Shot98938072813984Love Trapper Soul Shooter Ruler CajolerWeapon Spread Magic.pngBurning-Tail UrgencyDangerous Courtesan?
Furufumi (Festival)Magic95224871734019Lantern Lighter Star Gazer Serene Night Twist of FateWeapon Spread Blow.pngA Wish Climbing to the StarsCenturies of Nostradamus?
Choji (Christmas)Shot64255868664326Likened to Sages A Beacon in the Dark Chef of Shunsai Peerless Taste TesterWeapon Spread Shot.pngChoice of Luxurious FeastsFeast of Apicius
Azazel Magic79939677253469Blood of the Beast Heavenly Messenger Sacrifice FarseerWeapon Spread Magic.pngPocket World's Natural LawEyes of the Fallen
Asterius Thrust80140573303866Berserker Blood of the Beast The Forsaken Living LightningWeapon Spread Thrust.pngObstructed Giant Bated BreathLabrys of the Labyrinth
Astaroth None43276862364955Serpentine Prosecutor Possessor of Disparity Brave of Heart Chaser of PerfectionWeapon Spread Magic.pngSoul Unsettling Poisonous SnakeCriminatores Diabolus
Amatsumara (Fashionista)Magic75845162714989Photogenic Figure Fullmetal Scholar Reflection in the Mirror Head of the ClassWeapon Spread Magic.pngLightweight Stone OreIron-Gazed Dragon
Aizen (Jamboree)Slash83037073213870Lord of Abstinence Bearer of Burden Enlightened One Peerless Vajra of Love SeparationWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngA New Heart from Self-ReflectionIron Will?

Element dark.pngNETHER

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Tetsuya Slash80339676613535Lawbreaker Sealer of Infinity Cleanser of Impurities Tamer of the Dark LightWeapon Spread Slash.pngFrom Death I Persist Once AgainOuroboros Rebirth
Tetsuox Slash73249263264909Lawbreaker Gambler Retaker DaredevilWeapon Spread Magic.pngRaging Wind and Chasing SuperiorityWhirlwind Snare
Tadatomo (Valentine)Shot69850867214699Love Trapper The Lovesick 霊玉の八犬士 ReincarnateWeapon Spread Magic.pngReports of Undying LoyaltyScroll of Inferno?
Shiro Magic82637081243392Researcher Fear Incarnate Seal Breaker Tailed DemonWeapon Spread Magic.pngFive Books of MadnessCosmic Terror
Robinson Shot79040370104212Survivor Islander Seafarer Chance HitterWeapon Spread Snipe.pngLeader's Majesty in One StrikeIsland Divider
Pollux (Christmas)Blow70050061205071Pugilist Calamity Buffer Life Sharer Conqueror of StarsWeapon Spread Thrust.pngCoupled Bird SeparationFists of Hephaestus
Ose Snipe72048065324660Masquerader Mischievous Trickster Spreader of Lunacy Agent ProvocateurWeapon Spread Magic.png10000 Lies in the Blink of an EyeOscillating Crown
Maria Magic98933088232789Preacher Stigma Brander Herbalist GardenerWeapon Spread Magic.pngStrenuous Hard WorkThorns of Golgotha
Lucifuge Shot79040370104212Disease Carrier Shadow Dweller Tailed Demon RulerWeapon Spread Shot.pngEver Changing QuickeningInfernal Misconception
Krampus Slash74752863255015Hero Defender of Justice The Cursed The MisfortunateWeapon Spread Slash.pngBells of Certain PunishmentToll of the Wildebell
Kenta Thrust80539968114387Child The Forsaken Blood of the Beast MuncherWeapon Spread Thrust.pngLost Like a StrayBereaved Dog
Kalki (Christmas)Snipe52867275133679An End to an Age of Decadence Rescuer of the Living Blusher Proof of PerpetuityWeapon Spread Snipe.pngChimes of Turning ImportanceTenth Avatar?
Jiraiya (Christmas)Snipe44575557905402Exaggerated Bragger Hermit Arts' Disciple Toad Master The Great Elusive Phantom ThiefWeapon Spread Snipe.pngOni Appearing Disappearing PlanKuchiyose Seiajin?
Gyumao (Valentine)Magic86733371454047Love For All King of Gaochang Enterprising Entrepreneur Unstoppable ForceWeapon Spread All.pngLove and Alliances for Quicker DiplomacyUltimate Realization?
Garmr Thrust80340269384257Blood of the Beast Sacrificial Defender Pursuer DaredevilWeapon Spread Thrust.pngUndying LoyaltyBane of Tyr
Fenrir (Make Sail)Long Slash98943277693690Band-Mate Blood of the Beast Devourer of Worlds The ChosenWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngStubborn Lone Wolf?Wolven Monstrosity
Ebisu (Halloween)Blow75045075943598万聖節のミイラ ステージに上がる者 黒と腕組む者 合いの手を挟む者Weapon Spread All.pngFailure to Attack One's DislikesKotoshironushi-kami?
Daikoku (Hot Paradise)Magic39580563804812Corpse Manager Blurring One's Present Self Drink Sharer EnticerWeapon Spread All.pngAbundant Grudges Hidden in DarknessOṃ Mahākālaya Svāhā?
Cu Sith (Halloween)Thrust84543368874329Peacemaker 姿を変える者 The Abandoned Graveyard LurkerWeapon Spread Shot.pngDark Mourning LeadThird Howling?
Cait Sith Magic60060073203872Excitement for the Next Era Magician of the Illusory World Ruler Cat SorterWeapon Spread Blow.pngBeing Myself by Inviting CatsKing of the Cats
Behemoth Slash85040071524220Immoveable One Bulker Sacrifice Continent DevourerWeapon Spread All.pngExtreme High Time Pulling and BingingContinental Gorger
Bathym Thrust80540469394253Tailed Demon Herbalist Excavator TeleporterWeapon Spread Thrust.pngProud Tail Brilliant PantherCharming Serpent
Barguest Magic80540570714127Fey Folk Blood of the Beast Mountain Dweller The MisfortunateWeapon Spread Magic.pngEvil Sealing and Lamenting CorpseCrossroads of the Witch Queen
Azathoth (Halloween)Long Slash37382761895003Void Throne バッドエンドコレクター Aftertaste Enjoyer 天外のいたずら者Weapon Spread Long Slash.pngLife is Dark, Death's a DreamMouth of Madness
Asterius (Island)Slash87144871464151Deep Diver Islander Shut-in Living LightningWeapon Spread Magic.pngObstructed Giant Bated BreathLabrys of the Labyrinth
Arsalan (Halloween)Blow81244270664520Peacemaker 姿を変える者 Anointed One Graveyard LurkerWeapon Spread Magic.pngAwe Inspiring Oil DemonAnointed Savior?
Andvari Thrust79939777873402Fey Folk Excavator The Cursed Gold GrabberWeapon Spread Magic.pngGreed Beyond The GodsRing of the Nibelung
Alp Thrust85035074793713Charming Charmer Wild Dancer Dream Eater Party StarterWeapon Spread Magic.pngThe Long Night of Spirits and DreamsDream Deep
Alice Magic79840268744316Child 虚構の住人 Roamer Dasher of DreamsWeapon Spread Magic.pngMarch Garden BanTea Party Madness
Algernon (Summer)Magic105015060265165Predecessor of the Era Light Band Skysweeper Mechaman Floor StamperWeapon Spread Magic.pngDesperate Dreams in an Iron CurseMechanical Bouquet

Element evil.pngINFERNAL

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Mephistopheles Magic66653482132979Demonic Contractor Mirror Demon He Who Loves Not Only the Light Butler of LossWeapon Spread Shot.pngAt the Underworld's DoorVerweile Doch
Masanori Blow97322791102082Soul Invader Beast-Hearted Revolutionary Dog Warrior of Courtesy Orb Scholar of Life and DeathWeapon Spread Slash.pngReady Change of Heart and SelfKemono no Yaiba
Durga Thrust68962461555124Athlete Driving Force Guard Breaker TeleporterWeapon Spread Snipe.pngFirst Place DedicationFirst in Glory
Arachne Snipe61071075913871Weigher of Flaming Shadows Weaver of Secrets Undivided Attendee Spotlight ShinerWeapon Spread Snipe.pngFearsome Neurotic ArtisanArachnoides

Element hero.pngVALIANT

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Volos (Beachside)Thrust65754366674525Happy Harvester Cutter of Ties Summery Spirit Sentimental SapWeapon Spread Magic.pngStraw Basket of Greens TipsBear Harvest
Thunderbird (Summer)Magic60359769814210Enclosing Malice Discerning One Lightning-Quick Dream Guardian's WingsWeapon Spread Magic.pngThe Bird Punishing Evil and Rewarding GoodIhambla Gmunka?
Teda Snipe62157960155177Light Beyond the Horizon Sun Shooter Inheritor of Heating Mass Spoiled King of the SunWeapon Spread All.pngTale of Despairing at the SunUgwan Butochi
Tanetomo Shot75544575243668Tactician of the Peony Dengaku Dancer of Lovesongs 霊玉の八犬士 AssassinWeapon Spread Shot.pngDeep Ruinous Wisdom in LovelinessKaeri no Yaiba
Shennong Thrust72447677264119Poisoner Antibody Factory Propagator of Plenty Heritor of the FlagWeapon Spread Magic.pngDoctor's Dozen DistractionsDoctor's Orders
Seth Magic72251869134378Voyager Wind Manipulator The Forgotten GuideWeapon Spread Magic.pngChaotic RestraintHeart of Chaos
Marduk Snipe63656469554237Celestial Ravager Dragon Tamer Prayer Venerator Flood BringerWeapon Spread Snipe.pngWeakening Opening Light from WithinVeil of Amar Utu
Gullinbursti Slash65070064304814Unshakable Believer Giant Dominator Frontline Fighter War CrierWeapon Spread Thrust.pngBoar-Headed RushSlidrugtanni
Balor Blow65055064434749Imprisoned King Military General Giant Smouldering Evil EyeWeapon Spread None.pngSharp Manly Gaze and Suppresed VirtueDrochshúil
Algernon Thrust66054062374955Mechaman Price Payer Time Traveler Fullmetal JanitorWeapon Spread Shot.pngDesperate Dreams in an Iron CurseMechanical Bouquet

Element world.pngWORLD

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 65ATK at Lv 65Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
The Smoky God None88231893251867Savior of Liberation Flowering into Birth Chakravarti Mayamoha of IllusionsWeapon Spread Blow.pngDelusions of Sole InheritanceChakravartin Raja
MacRoich Long Slash63556563364530Dual-Wielding King Foresighted Successful in Love Earth-PiercerWeapon Spread Snipe.pngThe Force of 10000 HorsesGer na Cosgarach
Kijimuna (Canaan)Magic73246877384107Earthbound Protector of Island Winds Cultivator Thwarter of CalamitiesWeapon Spread All.pngSwaying Grove of Blessed TreesBanyan Haka
Bertro Thrust51968170314161Swift Contemplator Hungry Wolf Mechaman Exceptional CalculatorWeapon Spread Magic.pngPitying Moon's Questioned PhilosophyHarsh Mistress
Azathoth Snipe66158162304983Scorner Finisher Great Creator Lord of ChaosWeapon Spread All.pngLife is Dark, Death's a DreamMouth of Madness

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