Oath of Eradication

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Oath of Eradication
Rarity 5
BomBom, LW
効果1Increases HP by 250~500
効果2Increases ATK by 250~500
迅中之竜ソウリュウザンNo additional CS effects
[Phase StartTriggers on their player's first turn of each phase, before their team's [Turn Start] effects.] Apply EvasionDEF Up by 0.01x ~ 0.005x for 1 turn (Buff) to self / 60~100%
[Status ResistanceTriggers directly before receiving any status. Prevents given statuses from being applied at all and removes those already present.] Remove PossessionBlock CS activation and on-attack skills, vertically reflect range, disables ability to hit enemies, and enable friendly fire for 2 turns. (Debuff) / 80~100%
Element water.pngWATER
Show applicable transients (93)
Aegir (☆3)
Aegir (☆5)
Agyo (☆3)
Agyo (☆4)
Ahab (☆3)
Ahab (☆5)
Water Alchemist (☆2)
Water Angel (☆1)
Ashigara (☆3)
Ashigara (☆4)
Water Baron (☆2)
Bathym (☆4 Seaside)
Benten (☆3)
Benten (☆4)
Breke (☆3)
Breke (☆4)
Water Ciramantep (☆2)
Claude (☆4 Christmas)
Water Deity (☆2)
Blue Devil (☆1)
Azure Scaled Wyvern (☆2)
Ebisu (☆3)
Ebisu (☆4)
Water Einherjar (☆2)
Eita (☆3)
Eita (☆4)
Eita (☆5 Set Sail)
Blue Fencer (☆1)
Fenrir (☆3)
Fenrir (☆4)
Gandharva (☆3)
Gandharva (☆4)
Ganglie (☆3)
Ganglie (☆4)
Ganglie (☆4 Journey)
Blue Ghost (☆1)
Hati (☆3)
Hati (☆4)
Horkeu Kamui (☆3)
Horkeu Kamui (☆4)
Jambavan (☆4 Nightmare)
Water Jiangshi (☆2)
Jiraiya (☆3)
Jiraiya (☆4)
Kotaro (☆4 Beachside)
Water-O'-Lantern (☆1)
Leanan Sidhe (☆3)
Leanan Sidhe (☆4)
Licho (☆5 Festival)
Ice Mage (☆1)
Water Maid (☆1)
Makara (☆3)
Makara (☆4)
Melusine (☆3)
Melusine (☆4)
Water Mermaid (☆2)
Water Merman (☆2)
Mineaki (☆3)
Mineaki (☆4)
Water Mobster (☆2)
Moritaka (☆3)
Moritaka (☆4)
Blue Ninja (☆1)
Nomad (☆4 Island)
Blue Oni (☆2)
Otohime (☆3)
Otohime (☆4)
Water Pirate (☆1)
Protagonist (☆3)
Protagonist (☆4)
Seth (☆4 Beachside)
Shuten (☆3)
Shuten (☆4)
Blue Slime (☆1)
Snow (☆3)
Snow (☆5)
Suzuka (☆4 Fashionista)
Toji (☆3)
Toji (☆4)
Toji (☆5 Valentine)
Blue Tribe (☆2)
Triton (☆3)
Triton (☆4)
Tsathoggua (☆3)
Tsathoggua (☆5)
Typhon (☆3)
Typhon (☆4)
Typhon (☆5 Make Sail)
Water Valkyrie (☆2)
Blue Wolf (☆1)
Water Wrestler (☆2)
Yule (☆3)
Yule (☆4)
Translated from Japanese
"Don't be concerned. I always take responsibility for my own actions...let's go."

Once there were two people who made numerous oaths in a lost time and space. They were both companions who carried on the Roles of running as one horseman, exterminated from the fate of the world. As you run across the land of eradication, that warrior will always be by your side. If that fighter is to draw out the true power of the cursed sword he holds, he may need the assistance of its former owner. They possess the "cursed sword of resentment" that can eradicate one from the world, but as a consequence they see no reason in surpassing majority rules. Should one overturn that supposition, that person will become someone who comes from total orphanage yet still manages to retake their connection to the world. When the time comes to show them that someone can inherit a history they have no blood ties with, the possibilities of a world sealed by genetic eradication and beyond may be realized.

Official Japanese

かつて、失われた時と空において、何度も誓いを交わした2人。 それは共に、世界の縁より絶やされ、ただ一騎にて駆ける「役割」を負う者同士。 根絶の地を駆けるあなたの側には常に、その武者の姿があるだろう。 その武者の持つ妖刀の本来の力を引き出すならば、かつての持ち主の助力が必要となろう。 それは世界からの根絶をもたらす「仇為しの妖刀」を持つが故に、多数決の壁を超える前提を持たぬ者。 その前提を覆そうとするならば、同じく天涯孤独の境遇にありて尚、世界との繋がりを取り戻す姿を見せることだ。 血ではない何かによって継がれる歴史を見せられた時、遺伝子の根絶により閉ざされる世界の、その先の可能性が現れる。


Event Line
Profile Protagonist: Are you ready Touji?
Touji: Don't be concerned. I always take responsibility for my own actions...let's go.
Charge Protagonist: I'll cover for you! Touji, can you do it?
Touji: Of course. I'll match your pace. Now!
Both: Secret Art, Souryuuzan!


  • The CS is named Souryuuzan: The Fastest Dragon of All. The phrase is based on an expression about someone standing out among a crowd.
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he looks so ugly dear god
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12 months ago
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Got him by sheer luck from single summon, so nice~
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