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Below is a list of all cards currently in the game.

Element none.pngALL-ROUND

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Shino (Valentine)Shot185081084334535Assembler Fruitless Flower Peony-Branded Hound Life CompanionWeapon Spread Shot.pngThe Same Blessing's ReturnRuthless Cutthroat?

Element fire.pngFIRE

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Zabaniyya Thrust151298971035719Judgement Dealer Heavenly Messenger Enforcer Hellfire TorturerWeapon Spread Thrust.pngSudden Flame Fist of AngerWrath of Longinus
Takemaru (Christmas)Thrust1359104179384742Steam Stoker Point Maker Clan Leader Industrial ArtisanWeapon Spread Thrust.pngThe Beginnings of Many Great HousesHollow Return?
Ryota (Festival)Thrust161079085244156Wandering Eater Sharer of Joy Food Fighter The One with Overflowing CupWeapon Spread Thrust.pngHaving Close Friends and AcquaintancesUltima Cena?
Oniwaka Thrust159680287833900Berserker The Forsaken 山に篭る者 GrandstanderWeapon Spread Thrust.pngOne Oni ArmoryRavenous Hunter
Moritaka (Valentine)Slash159985074295350The Lovesick Blood of the Beast Spiritual Dog Warrior Loyal SamuraiWeapon Spread Magic.pngComplementary Love Tempered in IceBlade of Ice
Krampus (Jiangshi)Shot1320108072625417Sin Reveler Smirking Emperor Self-Affirmationist The Fifth JudgeWeapon Spread Shot.pngBells of Certain PunishmentToll of the Wildebell
Kotaro Shot159780376555025Ninja Dragonborn Storm Dancer Famous Clone MasterWeapon Spread Magic.pngEnshrined SnakeAvaricious Serpent
Jinn Magic163489874715679Gourmand Vanguard Shape Shifter Hot-Blooded TeacherWeapon Spread Magic.pngSmoke-Clouded EyesVow of the Djinn
Horkeu Kamui (Hot Paradise)Magic145095072455435Steam Wafter Deceptive Flying Kasha Dignified Kamui Wishing For a Final Resting PlaceWeapon Spread Magic.pngRefined Vigorous Training VowOnrupus-Kamui?
Hephaestus Thrust174092082254532Bronze Quickener Weakness Spotter System Melder Immaculate FlamecraftWeapon Spread Shot.pngFactory Ascension OpportunityDivinity Wrought
Gyumao Long Slash1293150487634042Blood of the Beast Hulking Lord Celestial Hot-Head Eloquent SpeakerWeapon Spread All.pngExtreme ExpansionYes I Can!
Cthugha Slash161578576315048Cheat Hero Solitary Star Living Flame Enraged Ex-rulerWeapon Spread All.pngBurning the Encroaching StarsFomalhaut Flare
Claude Slash160580285734465Berserker 王たる者 Head of Festivities Emperor of ZealotsWeapon Spread Magic.pngGorgeous Bridal CommandSplendiferous Corona
Chernobog (Beachside)Snipe156084074185262Feeder of Flames Advance Planner Blurrer of Lines Fortuitous Dark LordWeapon Spread Shot.pngFriendship Over Good CharcoalEphemeral Frost?
Aizen Shot158597579574914Greed Gatherer Love Trapper Adamantite Iron Fist of DisciplineWeapon Spread Snipe.pngIron Core Stone CarvingIron Will

Element water.pngWATER

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Wakan Tanka∞ Snipe140599571295550Distanced From Everyone Bearer of the End of All Egoless Sky Pillar Impartial Law of NatureWeapon Spread All.pngPreeminent Great WishGrateful Sundance
Typhon (Make Sail)Magic1497113274995450Band-Mate 軟派 Voice of the Seas Beach ProwlerWeapon Spread All.pngFierce Inverse Storm?Gigantic Typhoon Electric Mix
Tsathoggua Shot171078076845130Amorphous Lifeform Ruler Gourmand Master of DarknessWeapon Spread Shot.pngWatching Idly with Companion JewelsSaturnian Elder
Toji (Valentine)Thrust196088074805471Deliverer Hounder Undivided Attendee Burden BearerWeapon Spread Thrust.pngLightning Flash Service with a SmileOrphaned Fangs?
Snow Slash160179989233757Blood of the Beast Herbalist Mountain Dweller Unified TrinityWeapon Spread Slash.pngFlying Spiral of FortuneAshtamangala
Shiva (Summer)Blow889151165996080Conflicting with Worldly Desires Reliever of Worries Peering Through Half-Open Eyes Scolding Self-IndulgenceWeapon Spread Blow.pngVow to Discard Desires and SuchChandrasekara Trimurti?
Licho (Festival)Long Slash171069079204760Scooping Handler Begging for Extra Rising One Ritualistic Fierce TigerWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngSteps Taken For Desired BondsRoar to the Moon?
Eita (Set Sail)Thrust149396573305632Swimmer Storm Thresher Seafarer Sea-favoredWeapon Spread Shot.pngUnparalleled SpearPeerless Trident
Ded (Christmas)Slash172068081764503Watching the Winds Scorched Santa Flying Above the Waves Black and White EmbracerWeapon Spread All.pngWhat Fortune Goes Around Comes AroundRobgoblin Goodfellow?
Akiha Gongen Shot146094077474932Orange Rescue Firm Rope Knotter Courageous Aquatic Ascetic Firefighting Black Crow TenguWeapon Spread All.pngFiery Will Breaking Protection RuleOm Hi Ra Khamna Svaha
Ahab Shot164887777645138Seafarer Avenger Blood of the Beast Overthrower of the HeavensWeapon Spread Shot.pngOcean's Dying VowOath of the Whaler
Aegir Thrust1430101075365243Usher Undersea Celebrant Giant Pillaging NeptuneWeapon Spread Shot.pngDrinking on the Open SeaFishy Feast

Element earth.pngWOOD

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Zao (Gendarme)Magic186478691033847Willful One Mountain Dweller Morale Raiser HikerWeapon Spread Magic.pngFoothill PurificationThird-Eye Chakra
Wakan Tanka Blow172286477025108Athlete Persistor Tagalong Football CaptainWeapon Spread Blow.pngThe Captain Paves the WayRed Road
Tangaroa Shot1385109277575010Island Guardian Great Creator Dragonborn Island AncestorWeapon Spread Magic.pngBloody Mountains And RiversLumia Kanaloa
Tajikarao Thrust155482675775200Head of Festivities Whistle-blower Door Buster Heavy HandWeapon Spread Thrust.pngHeavenly Gate CrasherMountain Mover
Shennong (Summer)Long Slash146094079274753Tempting One Stray from Sunshine Sword Dance Bewilderer First Deity of the Five GrainsWeapon Spread All.pngDoctor's Dozen DistractionsDoctor's Orders
Ryota (Christmas)Magic183577787114157Defender of Justice Hoster of Feasts Morale Raiser Miracle ChildWeapon Spread Magic.pngPre-Meal Good HarvestUltimate Supper
Nomad (Christmas)Shot1221117971845496Truth Investigator Poking at Deductions Fierce Avenger 真実の贈答者Weapon Spread Shot.pngVengeance, No Matter the Toils and InvestigationsBurning Bright?
Macan Thrust160080575115167Berserker Blood of the Beast Immortal Mutant WeretigerWeapon Spread Thrust.pngPossession By Mad TigerMad Tiger
Leib Snipe193066093023434Life Replacer In Beast's Clothing Prayer-Dye Bear Great Tree's SpiritWeapon Spread Magic.pngResuscitation by the Tree EnvoyBlood of the Alder
Kurogane Magic158597583094562Inventor 油が乗る者 Weakness Spotter Iron ArtisanWeapon Spread Shot.pngMechanized MasterpieceConstruct of the Gods
Aegir (Christmas)Shot1021137969705710Wave Waiter Shining Hunter Netter Pearl PlundererWeapon Spread Shot.pngJeweled Treasure HallFishy Feast?

Element light.pngAETHER

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Yasuyori (Christmas)Magic1040136071975482Festival Horse Rider Eye-Catching Lawful War Dog Flower LoverWeapon Spread Magic.pngResilient Virtue's OrderBlade of Falling Leaves?
Tanngrisnir Thrust2000400104492935Immortal Server 立ち止まらぬ者 Lightning DeliveryWeapon Spread Magic.pngThunderous BonecrusherDiligent Steed
Tajikarao (Summer)Long Slash1123127770515629Garment Remover Strong-Armed Wielder Vitalized by the Blazing Sun Cheerful HandlerWeapon Spread All.pngHeavenly Gate CrasherMountain Mover
Snow (Valentine)Thrust182257875735107Royal Servant The Selector Beautifier The Ultimate ButlerWeapon Spread Shot.pngCultured and Culturing LoveAshtamangala?
Shiro (Jamboree)Magic168072079824698Order Giver Detecting Counselor Gate Reacher Best AllyWeapon Spread All.pngCarefully Prepared Travel PlansCosmic Terror?
Seth (Valentine)Snipe1390101072805400Follower Aphrodisiac Drifter Serpent's Shadow Victim of InfamyWeapon Spread Snipe.pngChaotic RestraintHeart of Chaos
Ophion Shot159980385734111Dragonborn Ruler Great Creator Primordial Wyrm ReincarnateWeapon Spread Shot.pngFall of the World EggBirth of Olympus
Kengo Thrust163882577905260Mountain Dweller Dragon Slayer Infinite Challenger ThundererWeapon Spread Thrust.pngGreat Lightning StrikeGeant Basher
Hephaestus (Summer)Slash145794377504930Performer Oversharer Cybernetic Carver Floor MasterWeapon Spread Slash.pngHappily Enchanted by the Master's DanceDivinity Wrought?
Gunzo (Valentine)Thrust74246971445222The Lovesick アスリート The Indomitable Rugby RangerWeapon Spread Magic.pngKind-Hearted FlusteringTrample Down?
Gabriel Magic160580475905098Heavenly Messenger Artist Winged One Archangel of the MoonWeapon Spread Magic.pngFour Loves in OneGloria in Excelsis
Duo Magic160179884294604Researcher Seer Shut-in Fount of WisdomWeapon Spread Magic.pngOne Hundred Thousand StarsUniversal Atlas
Benten (Christmas)None168072082434437巻き込む者 Mysterious Girl Carefree One Receiver of AttentionWeapon Spread Magic.pngFlying Solo By Reading RhythmsHarahvati Aredvi?
Ashigara (Seaside)Shot1066106877925048Beach Babe Gourmand The Lovesick Sumo ChampionWeapon Spread Snipe.pngPoint To The SunThread Bear Champ?
Andvari (Beachside)Magic144695472435436Prideful Boaster Excavator Dauntless Dwarf Weary CoasterWeapon Spread Magic.pngShakedown With Mild PityRing of the Nibelung?
Alp (Halloween)Shot162277875075173Boisterous Dancing Incubus 縫い合わせる者 スターパフォーマー 夢中に光る者Weapon Spread Shot.pngThe Long Night of Spirits and DreamsDream Deep

Element dark.pngNETHER

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Toji (Halloween)Magic1230117069195761愚直なる血鬼 生気を吸い上げる者 月夜に列成す者 宵闇の退魔師Weapon Spread All.pngInterest in Evil Teaches VirtueSenji no Tatari?
Tindalos None1011138977484931Dripping Sharp-Tongue Emerging From the Gaps Popular Influencer A Hound Starving For CleanlinessWeapon Spread All.pngTelltale Calling Pointy TongueGift of Lycanthropy
Nekros&Bacchus Snipe157182970555625Engulfer of Lust Consoler of Pain Surrounding Demise Lord of DegenerationWeapon Spread All.pngExtreme Withering SufferingUnderworld King's Staff
Licht Shot160179982174813Artist Ruler Agitator in the Shadows Frenzy ConductorWeapon Spread Shot.pngPillaging RulerTrojan Legacy
Kuniyoshi (Nightmare)Magic1590104083565096Painter of Dreams Fantasy-Clad Reality Escapee King of the FurriesWeapon Spread All.pngLove of Beasts in My Native LandAuto-substantiation?
Heracles Shot1376102469635717Honorable Slave The Unwilling Participant Undertaker of Trials Invoker of MadnessWeapon Spread Shot.pngA Life of Pain and SufferingOracular Decree
Ellie Slash162277871045576Esteemed Vampire Dominating Queen Misty Reverie Winged MoonlightWeapon Spread Slash.pngBloodshed ImmortalBloodthirsty Nightwalker
Ded Shot165088082254826Fortune Dealer Fey Folk Mentor Judge and JuryWeapon Spread Magic.pngClear Dividing OrderRobgoblin Goodfellow
Chernobog Slash151296074555378Mountain Dweller The Frozen Soul Reaper Lord of Eternal DarknessWeapon Spread Slash.pngFading FrostfallEphemeral Frost
Babalon Thrust145488477035185Moral Rebel 慈しむ者 Tailed Demon Sneering HarpyWeapon Spread Magic.pngFallen CivilizationFemme Fatale
Alice (Halloween)Slash1268114570745683Peacemaker 姿を変える者 Dreamer Lord of the GraveyardWeapon Spread Magic.pngBlood Replenishing GleaningsTea Party Madness?

Element evil.pngINFERNAL

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Volkh Vseslav Thrust165474691043576Amniotic Werewolf Hostile Invader The Invaded Recurring SpellcasterWeapon Spread Magic.pngFearsome Frozen SoulZver' Membrana
Tsukuyomi Shot182058082624417Reflector of Desires Caster of Shadows Moonlight Incarnate Ruler of the NightWeapon Spread All.pngDrinking Inside Deep into the NightMidnight Maneater
Tangaroa∞ Long Slash155584572795400Attracting Whirlpool Lost in Confusion Deep Lustful World Pillar Disgraced Giant OctopusWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngThe Canopy Between Distant SeasRogo-Tumu-Here
Takemaru Blow2259350101742568Ruler of Ogres Jilted Lover Master Craftsman Coal-Black PillarWeapon Spread Magic.pngReturning Home Without a HeadHollow Return
Surtr Long Slash182174890054088Finisher Helmeted One Persistor Eternal KnightWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngBound Fuel to the FireFanned Flames
Shino Thrust178873679944725Mountain Dweller Flowerer Blood of the Beast Peony-Branded HoundWeapon Spread Thrust.pngBeheading LonelinessRuthless Cutthroat
Sandayu Shot148092072045475Ghostly Doppelganger Splintered into Hundreds Body Double's Stealth Expert EscaperWeapon Spread Shot.pngA Million Collective OpeningsIga Great Three Body Division Jutsu
Sanat Kumara Magic164076083994280Ether Weaver Griever Boss of Macho Manifest MahatmaWeapon Spread Snipe.pngBoth in Life and RealityThe Sublime Road
Daikoku None186753379814699Clean-handed Resolve Breaker Police Guard Shadow FixerWeapon Spread Snipe.pngWealth and NobilityOṃ Mahākālaya Svāhā
Dagon Slash171668483024378One Who Bellows From the Dark Ruler of the Depths One Who Embraces the Pillar One Who Claws at the AbyssWeapon Spread All.pngCalling from the Deep Rooted DarknessOver Shadow
Cthugha (Nightglows)Long Slash160879277014978Flare Star Shining in Solitude Rushing Forward Tears of FireWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngUnlimited Uninhabited BurningFomalhaut Flare?
Bael Magic165574587064325Exposer Impertinence Mocker Devotion to Burnt Offerings Top of the HierarchyWeapon Spread Magic.pngBlood Union of Church and StateBurnt Offering

Element hero.pngVALIANT

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Zabaniyya (Fashionista)Shot163589074545826Photogenic Figure Enforcer of Law Follower of Falling Stars Purgatory's AngelWeapon Spread Shot.pngA Clear Vow From the Bottom of my HeartWrath of Longinus?
Xolotl (Hot Paradise)Slash142098075445135Joining the Stone Serpent Fugitive of Water Grasping Hand in the Underworld Nagual of the White SunWeapon Spread Magic.pngLost in FoliageTwisted Bastion
Shiva Thrust930147066686011Shut Third Eye Universal Annihilator Undesirous Trio DividedWeapon Spread All.pngMany Swings from One AttackCrescent Trimurti
Oniwaka (Setsubun)Long Slash172567582554424Time Devotee Survivor of Six Realms Fate Stopper Dream GrabberWeapon Spread Thrust.pngOne Oni ArmoryRavenous Hunter
Moritaka (Jamboree)Shot1330107083004379Samurai of Legacy Mountain Stream Jumper Supporter of Friend Freeze AffixerWeapon Spread Shot.pngQuick and Deft Surplus KnowledgeBlade of Ice?
Kurogane (Nightglows)Snipe145294878544826Extending Earthen Arms Scattering Silver Cutting Through the Darkness Nova BoyWeapon Spread Snipe.pngTen Thousand Attentive Shot FlashesEisernen Glied?
Kengo (Valentine)Magic980142065406139Bearing the Brunt of Battle Eternal Warrior Gauntlet Bearer Lightning StrikerWeapon Spread Magic.pngWell-Tempered Fierce AttackGigant Basher?
Horkeu Kamui Slash163284475345184Cleaver of the Frozen Stars Vanguard Mountain Dweller Adorning OneWeapon Spread Magic.pngBrave and Loyal Freezing StrikeGallant Guardian
Hogen (Festival)Shot185082375015476Duality Wielder Rampager Conquerer of the Heavens Tengu WarriorWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngSix Swords, Three StrategiesBlade of Stratagem

Element world.pngWORLD

Icon NameWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKHP at Lv 70ATK at Lv 70Base skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
フッキ Snipe188851291713509Board Net Caster Ruinous Duelist Constant Flux Atop the Floods Master of the Eight TrigramsWeapon Spread Snipe.pngChanging Out Old Water for NewEight Trigrams Compass Chart
Yoritomo Slash176064082534427Camp Setter Hero Dispatcher Hero Enabler Barbarian-Warring ShogunWeapon Spread Thrust.pngCruel Inscrutable Oni StrategemBuoushoukoudaizenmon
Wakan Tanka (Fashionista)Thrust1586109470886168Photogenic Figure Tackler Origin of Light Light in the DarkWeapon Spread Blow.pngHeaven Moves with a Full Innocent ViewRed Road?
Tezcatlipoca Shot940146066925987Smoke Commander Progenitor of Sacrifices Sun Transgressor Vision of the Great WarWeapon Spread Magic.pngDestructive Light's ReflectionDark Reflection
Tangaroa (Canaan)Shot1272112869815699The Anointed Inheritor of History One Who Toils Kairyu the CreatorWeapon Spread All.pngBloody Mountains And RiversLumia Kanaloa
Korpokkur Magic194046094743206Hider in the Leaves Suppressor of Change Fickle Benefactor Blizzard CallerWeapon Spread All.pngPrecipitous Hailstorm of FrostCold Sky at Morning
Jacob Blow196943171525528Light Wielder Third Eye Heel Grabber Limitless BoxerWeapon Spread Blow.pngTeachings Beyond the Light and TemporaryBlade of the Cherubim
Horus Thrust190549587593920Exertion of Discipline Discretion of Heart Decision Bringer Light of Dawn EmbodimentWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngThe Next Emperor After DeathRa Harakhte

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