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JP Name 熱に酔いし者
Trigger timing After MovingAfter this unit is held and released by their player. Triggered and applied before [After Not Moving] effects. Effects of the same timing from same unit are all triggered together before they are applied.
Effect Apply ArdorATK Up by 1.2x ~ 2.4x, +5CP/turn for 2 turns (Buff) to self
Proc Chance 40%
Evolution(s) Drunk Old Soldier

JP Name 熱に酔いし者
Trigger timing Status ResistanceTriggers directly before receiving any status, including those that would normally not be accepted due to pre-existing acquisition of the same status. Prevents target statuses from being applied at all and removes them if already present. The application of the any status that confers Status Resistance will trigger its own Status Resistance skill effects.
Effect Obstruct-15% skill activation rate for 2 turns (Debuff)
Proc Chance 50%
Evolution(s) Drunk Old Soldier
This is an additional effect

Transients with 熱に酔いし者

Icon NameRarityEnergyWeapon typeBase HPBase ATKBase skill (Def.)Base skill (LB1)Base skill (LB2)Base skill (LB3)Charge skill
Hogen (Festival)5ValiantShot1850823Duality Wielder Rampager Conquerer of the Heavens Tengu WarriorWeapon Spread Long Slash.pngSix Swords, Three StrategiesBlade of Stratagem

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