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HP (acronym for Hit Points or Health Points) is a card property that determines a how much damage a card can receive before leaving battle.

HP calculation

A card's HP is determined by intrinsic properties of the card as well as extrinsic factors.

HP = HPbase + (rateHP/Lv×(Lv-1))+seedHP+statusAR


  • HPbase is the base HP at Lv 1 of the card
  • Lv is the Lv of the card
  • rateHP/Lv is the rate at which HP increases per level of the card
  • seedHP is the amount of HP seeding of the card
  • statusAR is the HP addend conferred by AR cards equipped to the card

Note that after calculation, the HP is rounded to the nearest 1.

Example HP calculation

Nether element icon.pngShot weapon icon.png Licht's base HP is 1601 and HP growth rate is 95.878. Suppose the Lv of him is 80 (with max Lv seeding 10), his HP seeding is at 1000, and he has equipped the Shard of the Abyssal Gatekeeper AR card, which increases HP by 250 at Lv 100. Thus, the card's HP is calculated as follows:

HP = 1601 + 95.878×(80 - 1) + 1000 + 250

= 10425.362

After rounding, Licht's HP would be 10425.

Damage outside of attacks

The last 1 HP can only be subtracted by an attack. Thus, damage from statuses such as Poison or from skills such as 吹雪に閉ざす者 cannot bring a card to 0 HP, and so cannot remove them from battle.

Behaviour at 0 HP

When a card attacks another card for more damage than the target card's remaining HP, the HP will not go to the negatives, but instead stop at 0 HP.

When a card reaches 0 HP, they can no longer activate skills (other than those which activate when leaving battle), and can no longer receive statuses (with the exception of receiving Remove Buff to remove a pre-existing status Guts) or gain CP from being hit. However, the card still occupies its square until the end of the turn. During this period of time, the card may be "revived" by a skill that directly increases HP. However, statuses will no longer function (except Guts), and so healing statuses such as Unction will not raise a card up from 0 HP.

At the end of each player and enemy turn, the game checks which cards have 0 HP. Any cards at 0 HP will be forced to leave the battle, except for cards who have Guts. If Guts is present, then the unit will not leave battle; instead, they will gain 1 HP, exhausting the Guts status, right before the next turn begins.

Cards that attack other cards already at 0 HP will generally gain a larger attack CP bonus (depending on their weapon type), but will not be able to activate skills (including charge skills) that trigger during an attack (with some exceptions). These exceptions include the following:

  • applying Remove Buff on attack will still take effect, but only on Guts if the card at 0 HP has that buff
  • certain CS effects still will still take effect, such as from the CSes of Ophion, Alp, or Tsathoggua (Fashionista)

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