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Limit breaking raises the level cap of a character while unlocking a new skill.

However, you must be at the maximum level in order to do so, as well as use up specific materials.

Limit breaking is required for unlocking Character Quests for that specific character.

General Formula


Item coins.png

So far, each unit requires an amount of coin proportional to their rarity and stage.

This can be expressed as 2*[rarity]*10^[stage+1], where stage is the stage of limit breaking (1 for the first time, 2 for second, and 3 for the last).

Spell Token

Spell Token portraits.gif

Every stage of limit breaking requires spell tokens, also proportional to their rarity and stage.

You can acquire Spell Tokens by completing a specific Daily Quests.

This relation can be also expressed as 3 * rarity * stage

God Crystal

God Shard 1star portraits.gif God Shard 2star portraits.gif God Shard 3star portraits.gif

While any attribute-matching Spell Token will do for any stage, each stage of limit breaking requires a specific kind of God Shard.

You can acquire the other God Shards through Daily Quests.

The following expression is used for limit breaking: 2 * rarity


Proof 2star portraits.gif Proof 3star portraits.gif

For stage 2 and beyond, limit breaking requires a proof of mastery that corresponds to a character's weapon type/attack pattern.

Like Spell Tokens and God Shards, these can also be obtained during Daily Quests.

Unlike the other materials, the amount of proofs you need is simply equal to a character's rarity.

Honor Medallion

Limit Medallion.png

For the last stage of limit breaking, you can obtain this by completing Character Quests.
Honor Medallions also have a small chance of dropping from both Advanced (40 stamina) ELEMENT Limit Break and WEAPON TYPE Limit Break daily quests. It's unknown which of these quests has the higher chance of dropping one, if there's any difference at all.

Like Proof of Masteries, the quantity required is the same as a unit's rarity.

Limit Breaking Tables

Coins 22200 44400 66600 88800 111000
Spell Tokens 18 36 54 72 90

The big takeaway is that Coins and Spell Tokens are required at every order.

Required Coins Required Materials
Stage 1 200
Stage 2 2000
Stage 3 20000

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Anonymous user
No. 1845
48 months ago
Score 0 You


The bottom free quest in chiyoda ward (unlocked in chapter 8) can be your alternative to get Owner medallion. Still rare, but I believe you can get one every two quests done by average. Do it if you're desperate.
Anonymous user
No. 1844
48 months ago
Score 0 You

They're just rare, getting them to drop in the daily quests is a matter of luck. An easier, guaranteed way to get medallions is character quests, if there are any you haven't done yet. If you limit break the freebie Shiro, Kengo and Ryota given to you by the story you can get six fairly easily. You can also check which characters have a quest on the wiki and do some quick unlocks since the first lb doesn't take much material

The next best way is event shops, but the current event is a random draw instead of a buy-what-you-want
Anonymous user
No. 1843
48 months ago
Score 0 You

hiii, first time posting here.

i've been playing pretty much every day this past month, doing the daily quests (advance/elite/extreme), but i just stopped getting the honor medallion (or owner's medallion).

i used to get them, but suddenly i've stopped... for reference i've accumulated 8-12 of the rare crests or god crystals of each type...

is there anything i could be doing wrong?

thanks for reading! hopefully i get a response. xoxo
Anonymous user
No. 1768
49 months ago
Score 0 You
Yes and no, it does but not by much, so given the driffrence in stamina cost its probably just a do what you want deal from my expierience
Anonymous user
No. 1549
49 months ago
Score 0 You
Don’t you hate it when you’re just walking, minding your own business, then your left testicle foreskin decides to stick to your leg? It’s really pissing me off. I have to shove my hand down there and fondle with my sweaty ass ball sack in front of people and they all stare at me mercilessly as I adjust my balls and the stares make me sweat more and makes my balls sweat and now both balls are sticking to my legs. Now I have to fondle with them more and now I’m in prison. Send help pls
Anonymous user
No. 1465
49 months ago
Score 0 You

Does the difficulty of daily quests affect the drop rate/amount of tokens?

If I only need just the token, is it more efficient to farm low level dailies?
Anonymous user
No. 1434
49 months ago
Score 0 You

Yes, depending on the mob you're limit breaking. It's good to have more options than just the MC to fill out team cost and D-evils, Mobsters, and Tribesman can all be more useful than a good number of the gacha units.

It can also be worth LBing just to unlock event drop boosting skills if you're short on gacha units with the right boost skills.
Anonymous user
No. 1431
49 months ago
Score 0 You
I mean... Is it really worth limit breaking 1 or 2 stars?...
Anonymous user
No. 858
52 months ago
Score 0 You
If you're talking about the Grey Spell Tokens and Stones, they're used to upgrade Christine, Musashi and the Protagonist
Anonymous user
No. 761
53 months ago
Score 0 You
Now how does the all-round spell tokens and all round god crystals work?
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