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Sacred Artifact Level, also referred as Sacred Artifact Lv, S.A.Lv, SALV, SALv, and historically referred to as jingi among fans, is a card property that determines a damage multiplier applied in the card's Charge Attack.

Sacred Artifact Level Up

A card's SALv will increase if a duplicate of that card is obtained. Cards (and thus duplicates of cards) are typically obtained through Transient Summons; however, certain cards may be obtained as quest completion rewards, exchangeable goods in Item Exchanges, or through increasing Guild Rank in the case of the Protagonist. The maximum SALv a card may have is 100; however, a card may reach an effective limit before this due to limited availability of duplicates, such as with the Protagonist limited by the maximum Guild Rank, and Lantern acquisition during I Ain't Scared a No Halloween! (2018 Re-Release).

The card's rarity determines how much the SALv goes up when obtaining a duplicate. This is tabulated below:

Rarity (☆) Sacred Artifact Levels Gained
1 1
2 1
3 1
4 5
5 20

If a card would exceed SALv100 with a duplicate (such as if a ☆5 at SALv81 obtained a duplicate), then card instead caps exactly at SALv100.

Once a card reaches SALv100, they become no longer obtainable through Transient Summons. If all obtainable cards are obtained and all reach SALv100, then the Player can no longer pull at all on that Transient Summon. If all obtainable ☆4 and ☆5 cards are obtained and all reach SALv100, then the Player can no longer 10 Summon in the Transient Summon, but are still able to Single Summon.

Charge Attack damage multiplier calculation

A graph showing the how the damage of the CS scales up relative to the damage at SA Level 1

The Charge Attack damage multiplier reaches a maximum value of 2 at SALv100; however, it does not scale linearly. The calculation is designed so that the multiplier is 1.5 at SALv10. The calculation is as follows:

SALv-Dependent Damage Multiplier = (1 + 0.5×log10SALv)

This value is multiplied with the intrinsic Charge Attack multiplier (closely predicted by rarity) to produce the final Charge Attack multiplier.

Effect on Charge Skill

The SALv acts as the effective Skill Level for the Charge Skill. It directly corresponds to the level of any statuses it bestows or inflicts. For example, a charge skill of SALv41 bestowing Blessing will bestow a Lv41 Blessing status. It also linearly corresponds to any HP- or CP-depleting and restoring/increasing effects. If the points (HP or CP) added/subtracted at SALv100 is represented as PointsSALV100, then the calculation for the exact value of the effect at a given SALv is listed below:

Points changed = (PointsSALV100/2)×(1 + (SALv/100))

If a CS grants any attack buff (except for Nourishment) the damage scaling changes. At SALv100 the damage is 4 times higher than SALv1.

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