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Card cost, or simply cost, is a card property that interacts with formation cost, a team property determined by the Rank of the Player. A team whose total cost summed from each member card exceeds the formation cost cannot be brought to battle, and cannot be saved to be reconfigured later.

Relationship with rarity

The rarity can predict the cost of most cards. This relationship is tabulated below.

Rarity Cost
1 2
2 4
3 8
4 16
5 24


The exceptions to this general pattern include cards redeemed at Item Exchanges and named cards summoned through New Years Fortune bags. These cards cost 2 more than what cards of their rarity would predictably have. This extra cost can be considered a trade off for these cards having a more reliable method of acquisition compared to cards obtained from other Transient Summons.

All cards of the Protagonist are also an exception, having drastically reduced cost than rarity would predict. This makes them a popular slot filler for teams.

Impact on gameplay

The formation cost limits users from bringing only high rarity cards, which have a higher card cost. In turn, this can encourage players to select which handful of high rarity cards to bring, and which low rarity cards best fill the remaining space. This consequently also gives a purpose for using cards of lower rarity, in the situation where players have superior alternatives of higher rarity.

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