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ATK (abbreviation for Attack) is a card property that determines how much a successful attack from a card inflicts damage (not a formal term used in game; equivalent to HP subtracted) of the card it hits. The maximum damage that can be dealt on a single hit is 2 147 483 647, equal to the maximum positive value in 32 bits.

ATK calculation

A card's ATK is determined by intrinsic properties of the card as well as extrinsic factors.

ATK = ATKbase + (rateATK/Lv×(Lv-1))+seedATK+statusAR


  • ATKbase is the base ATK at Lv 1 of the card
  • Lv is the Lv of the card
  • rateATK/Lv is the rate at which ATK increases per level of the card
  • seedATK is the amount of ATK seeding of the card
  • statusAR is the ATK addend conferred by AR cards equipped to the card

Note that in-game the displayed ATK only shows the rounded value without decimals; however, damage calculation still keeps track of those decimals.

Example ATK calculation

Nether element icon.pngShot weapon icon.png Licht's base ATK is 799 and ATK growth rate is 58.173. Suppose the Lv of him is 80 (with max Lv seeding 10), his ATK seeding is at 1000, and he has equipped the Shard of the Abyssal Gatekeeper AR card, which increases ATK by 150 at Lv 100. Thus, the card's ATK is calculated as follows:

ATK = 799 + 58.173×(80 - 1) + 1000 + 150

= 6544.667

Due to rounding, Licht's ATK will be displayed as 6545. However, the decimals are still factored in during damage calculation.

Damage calculation

The total damage inflicted on a struck card is displayed by white text over that card's square during the attack. The calculation for damage of an attack is below:

Damage = ATK
× Weapon × Attribute
× (Π[i=1,a]skilli×Π[j=1,b]statusj)self
× (Π[k=1,c]skillk×Π[l=1,d]statusl)target
× CStotal
+ Σ[m=1,e]statusfixed


  • Weapon is the weapon type damage multiplier of the attacking unit
  • Attribute is the multiplier assigned to the interaction between the attribute of the card's attack and the attribute of the struck card
  • (Π[i=1,a]skilli×Π[j=1,b]statusj)self is the product of the ATK multipliers from skills and statuses the attacking card has
  • (Π[k=1,c]skillk×Π[l=1,d]statusl)target is the product of the ATK multipliers from skills and statuses the struck card has
  • Σ[m=1,e]statusfixed is the sum of the ATK addends from statuses (such as Spirit) the attacker has
  • CStotal is a term that is included only if the unit unleashes their charge attack. Otherwise, this term is omitted (or replaced with the multiplier 1)

The CStotal calculation is below:

CStotal = (CSinnate + CSAR) × (1 + 0.5×log10SALv)


  • CSinnate is a multiplier applied only during charge attacks, and whose value is strongly correlated to (but not perfectly predicted by) the rarity of the attacking card
  • CSAR is the bonus multiplier modifier to charge attack damage conferred by certain AR cards
  • SALv is the Sacred Artifact Lv of the attacking card
    • (1 + 0.5×log10SALv) is a term that increases the CS damage less the greater the SALv already is: SA Lv 1, it equals to 1; at SALv10, it equals to 1.5; and SALv100, it equals to 2

Note that after calculation, the damage is rounded to the nearest 1.

Example damage calculation

As an example, suppose we use the Nether element icon.pngShot weapon icon.png Licht card described in the previous example, with an ATK of 6544.667 . Licht has 0.45x ATK penaltyShot weapon type, which has a damage multiplier of 0.45. The card he attacks is an Aether element icon.pngSnipe weapon icon.png Aether Mobster, who has Element light.pngAETHER attribute, which Licht's Element dark.pngNETHER attribute has an advantage against, conferring a multiplier of 2. Suppose Licht has three statuses, Lv 100 Bind and Lv 100 Ardor, which give damage multipliers of 0.45 and 2.4 respectively; and Lv100 Spirit, which gives a flat damage bonus of 800. The attacked mobster has Danger Spotter, which gives a multiplier to Shot-type attacks of 0.80 . Suppose this mobster also has the status Lv 100 Unction, which gives a damage multiplier 0.425 . The calculation for damage this card of Licht would inflict on this mobster is as follows:

= 0.45×2.4
= 1.056

= 0.80×0.425
= 0.34

Σ[m=1,e]statusfixed = 800

= 6544.667×0.45×2×1.056×0.34 + 800
= 2914.81752

The damage after rounding would be 2915.

Suppose this card of Licht instead unleashed his CS in this situation. He has a CS multiplier of 4 (like most other cards of rarity ☆5). Lastly, suppose he has a Sacred Artifact Lv of 41. The calculation for the damage would then be as follows:

= 6544.667×0.45×2×1.056×0.34×4×(1 + 0.5×log1041) + 800
= 16080.7572

It can be calculated from the output of normal damage dealt; however, the flat damage from Spirit would have to be subtracted first before being added in after the CS term is multiplied.

= (2914.81752 - 800)×4×(1 + 0.5×log1041) + 800
= 16080.7572

The damage dealt by the charge attack after rounding would be 16081.

Damage outside of an attack

Certain skills and statuses damage cards, and this form of damage is not considered as part of an attack (and so would not influence the damage displayed during an attack). A card cannot leave the battle from damage done without an attack, and a card damaged in such a way will remain at 1 HP if such damage exceeds the remaining HP of that card. For the same reason, this sort of damage cannot trigger the exhaustion of Guts.

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